Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority. - Chilltime55
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Tagged > Alternative books
THREAD BooksHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
5 Posts • 2642 Views
Talk Talk
this was the first movie i saw after going through the book first. you know how it always goes, the book is better than the movie. with the Harry Potter series i think they have done a damn good job t...
THREAD Religion & HumanityRant
20 Posts • 5817 Views
Religion Forum
free will means we can choose to follow him or not. The only alternative to following God is following Satan. In the beginning God could have stopped Satan from rebelling, but then that would mean t...
THREAD i broke up with my 7 years boyfriend
5 Posts • 3863 Views
Talk Talk
I feel your pain. I broke up with my 3 year girlfriend less then a month ago. Everything I look at reminds me of her. So far I've dealt with it by burying my nose in a few good books.
THREAD HELP! Movie Search
5 Posts • 2589 Views
Talk Talk
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obi dos/ASIN/B00005N912/immaculate -books/103-1498502-2619827 ?????? Hope this works for you!!
THREAD Wearing your seatbelt
32 Posts • 10834 Views
Talk Talk
Sounds like an intersting collection Pubestic, Any chance of you sharing more of these with us? I used to collect images as well I still have a couple of scrap books kicking around here or there ....
THREAD ElectionsPolitical Primaries
6 Posts • 6518 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Voting in the primaries, I started to think about the process more. So I present an alternative, why not have a non-partasian party with the ability to vote for any parties candidate? Non-party voters...
THREAD ChristianityAdam...?
43 Posts • 9115 Views
Religion Forum
Sir Arthur Keith, a noted British evolutionist, had this to say: "Evolution is unproved and unprovable; we believe it only because the alternative is the belief in God and creation, and that is u...
THREAD The most important thing we've learned...
3 Posts • 6722 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
guess the author. The most important thing we've learned, So far as children are concerned, Is never, NEVER, NEVER let Them near your television set -- Or better still, just don&...
THREAD BooksFavs
29 Posts • 8850 Views
Talk Talk
author: Ayn Rand books: we the living, the fountainhead, what dreams may come, a clockwork orange, stranger in a strange land, the iliad and the odyssey....
THREAD ChristianityIs anyone here...
60 Posts • 10756 Views
Religion Forum
I'm a muslim but believe in all three holy books, so really the term is monotheist. I know some of you are not down with muslims (her), but anyways im totally fine with the judeo-christian angles...
THREAD ArtworkThe Daydream Adventure Club
31 Posts • 10060 Views
Art Forum
I've always wanted a tree house but I never had a proper one as a child. I'd love to have one still and am determined to, one day. It would be more of a mini house in a tree though, I'v...
THREAD populations in ecosystems
17 Posts • 5123 Views
Philosophy Forum
I would like to point out a hole in your theory if I may, the human animal does not populate all that much of the earth's surface, we tend to be a pack animal, and cluster in large groups. As oil pric...
THREAD Vegetarianism
30 Posts • 8196 Views
Talk Talk
As far as animals having emotions... I have a hard time believing that for the most part. Pets, because they are extensions of humans perhaps imitate us more than anything. But I think in the wild we...
THREAD SocietyPopculture glamourizing the Army
0 Posts • 1330 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Just because someone is taught to kill people doesn't mean that they should. Bottom line is the soldiers kill from government pressure. Really their just government goons. I find it interestin...
THREAD Does rap music insight violence amongst young peop
38 Posts • 32714 Views
Talk Talk
rap music is just another in the long line of scapegoats we choose to explain why we live in a violent culture. its rap, or its marilyn manson, or its quentin tarantino and oliver stone. kids today ar...
THREAD GodWhy say 'life doesnt matter' without god
19 Posts • 7376 Views
Philosophy Forum
im not denying a creator but there is an alternative to us being an "accident" if there is no 'god'... and rotting in the ground is not depressnig beacsue i remeber when i was youn...
THREAD God in ReligionGod?
88 Posts • 16986 Views
Religion Forum
But the world around us isnt, so how can something evil and imperfect come from a perfect creator. How can he make a mistake if he is perfect? There is no mistake, God has handed power of this wor...
THREAD Just For FunStories of true badasses
9 Posts • 2515 Views
Talk Talk
You should write a book about this stuff. One of my favourite books was called 'Watch My Back' and that was a collection of small but true stories about a bouncer getting into fights and he...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAll Religions are paths to god
99 Posts • 17670 Views
Religion Forum
Many froms everal different religions have died refusing to denounce their faith. Buddist, Muslim, Indian, Gnostic. History books tell the many stories.
THREAD Advice-Going on a Trip
5 Posts • 3024 Views
Talk Talk
this is a number 1 item TAKE YOUR CELL FONE that way if you need rescueing you can always rely on your friends to cheer you up.... or you could call pizza mmmm delicious!!!! it will go down well with...
THREAD BooksBattlefield Earth
5 Posts • 2234 Views
Talk Talk
Great book! Burn the movie. This is one of the few books I actually feel full after reading. I believe the ending was cut short, I wish it went on another thousand pages.
THREAD ChristianityMisrepresentation
81 Posts • 18190 Views
Religion Forum
wesdawgy said:the Catholics took plenty of stuff out, and changed alot of stuff. Not really. If you look at Catholic Bibles and compare them to Protestant Bibles, or even to their Hebrew/Greek parall...
THREAD SocietyThe Capitalism Debate!!!!
95 Posts • 25036 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Or at the very least, there is no alternative that we know about. Right - so we've gone around circle. A democratic government by the people for the people is best so far (vice) a government b...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat happens after death?
107 Posts • 85227 Views
Philosophy Forum
Thank you, I was just thinking one day and it hit me. You find good reason in reincarnation? I'd like for you to explain, if you don't mind. I never thought reincarnation through and just th...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 56032 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I have a question, do please answer, are these poems related to things that actual;y happen to you, or do you just make the situations up in your mind. like like a romantic day dream, a bit how people...
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