Most people go through the world with their eyes shut and their brains set to 'simmer'. - Evilia
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Tagged > Alternative books
THREAD Paranormal & PseudoscienceIf you had a time machine...
11 Posts • 3465 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Imagine what world we would live in, depending on your views. You could go back with history books, help Hitler take over the world. We could all be speaking German...Achtung! What if somebody kill...
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 35691 Views
Religion Forum
ya but - :D Ann Rice writes fiction. But others have told me the same. I will probebly never read it. My wife doesn't like Ann Rice. She's nuts about Ann McCaffrey. But I haven't got...
99 Posts • 17913 Views
Philosophy Forum
i am speaking of the way things are- the normally accepted function of our world as a whole (our world as it is perceived the can's and the can not's also but mainly the way things are ha...
THREAD Movie ReviewHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
0 Posts • 498 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
They will. In fact, because of all of the money that has been made off of the first 6 movies, they will be splitting the last into 2 movies. I agree with vigil. The first two movies were the best....
THREAD Bookseffected by reading
8 Posts • 2630 Views
Talk Talk
you have to be able to put yourself inside the book. its easier to empathize with real people than just words. all you have to do though, is find a story that is in tune with your thought process....
THREAD IslamDo YOU hate muslims?
11 Posts • 3016 Views
Religion Forum
doom123: Gerin Oil isn't real. It's actually an anagram for religion. Same letters. Religion = Gerin Oil or Geriniol. And what you said is exactly what he did - he created a fictional name f...
THREAD Choose Your Own Adventure: NYC!
3 Posts • 2987 Views
Jokes & Games
Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from back when you were a kid? Check it out... http://www.chooseyou
4 Posts • 1646 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum chive_police_state.html#concen tration Oh, it has come up, for some of us. This harkens back at least as early as Reagan and the Iran Contra scandal with the famous, to...
112 Posts • 22355 Views
Talk Talk
Hey I R Me, easy on. I guess Tolkein has his unjust reasons? Anyway I love the fact that you watch a show on Buddism, my dad is a Budhist and Im actually concidering becoming one because Ive read a f...
14 Posts • 3185 Views
Talk Talk
Thanks for the responses. :) Cynic-Al: I enjoy computers, and spend a lot of time on them. So I guess I lied when I said I didn't want anything, because I do want to do something involving com...
THREAD Science vs ReligionScience is prooving the Bible
142 Posts • 30468 Views
Religion Forum
I'm not sure but thats the thing no one knows Unless one has some sort of faith one cannot logically believe in any event that happened out of one's life time. For example I was not prese...
THREAD BooksEragon
6 Posts • 2486 Views
Talk Talk
That was the biggest problem I had too. They just screwed up a lot of important elements that make the books so great. Saphira is such an interesting character, full of personality. In the movie she&#...
THREAD BooksThis Book Will Change Your Life
62 Posts • 14663 Views
Talk Talk
the mailbox was the closest thing and i figured it would really confuse people... i mean, how could a mailbox be out of order? *lol* Day 10 - Meet Jonas Day you can look him up at the books websi...
THREAD BooksHarry Potter #6
23 Posts • 9449 Views
Talk Talk
My problem with Harry Potter is that it's too predictable. Whenever a problem occurs, wow there's a new spell, potion, or Harry's mysterious power that solves it. And you know nothing&#...
THREAD BooksFavs
29 Posts • 8850 Views
Talk Talk
author: Darren Shan i love all of the cirque du freak books,by Darren Shan
THREAD Would You Tell?
21 Posts • 5549 Views
Philosophy Forum
Last night, while lying in bed, I thought of something. I've been looking through these threads of us (I guess you could say premature) philosophers attempting to uncover things such as the meani...
THREAD Christianityjesus finishing our sins
43 Posts • 8890 Views
Religion Forum
peopel applied it more in that religion ummm, lol something else u'd like to add apart from pure opinions? so, let me get this straight, literally no matter how much sin a person does, if h...
THREAD me and men
14 Posts • 4117 Views
Talk Talk
I wonder why we generalize! We watch men doing and say the same stupid shit no matter where we look. In real life, online, on tv, in books, EVERYWHERE. Men just prove that they will say and do ANYTHIN...
THREAD DepressionI hate people and feel better alone
33 Posts • 136598 Views
Psychology Forum
My advice: live your life like the way you want to be & you don't have to change yourself for others.. You're not different, you're just CLASS APART.. And if you want to get over th...
THREAD Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
8 Posts • 2005 Views
Talk Talk
The final chapter is over. Why is this book being so highly praised? I thought it was depressing and very anticlimactic. Entertaining just like all the previous books, but nothing I would consider a &...
THREAD Government Cover-up
6 Posts • 2938 Views
Talk Talk
Meh, you might be interested in reading ILLUMINATUS! it or search'll have to order it, most book stores don't carry it....actually barns and nobel will on occa...
THREAD SocietyPolitics in Books
17 Posts • 4926 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Intelligent Design or Global Warming are as big scientific issues as politicans make it? Do these theories need a lot of time in science books? So its important that we teach these things in school...
THREAD ChristianityHow the Catholic Church evolved.
40 Posts • 16288 Views
Religion Forum
the below link takes biblical translation back to the original greek and hebrew text... GR/GR_Gematria.asp again- copy and paste, but i'm not sure you would searc...
THREAD The Impression That I Get
44 Posts • 9545 Views
Talk Talk
my impression of Attolia is that she is a party girl. She's the life of the party not because she has to, to be accepted but because it's fun to be with the people she's with. More than...
THREAD 91Pontiac Firebird
1 Posts • 2454 Views
Talk Talk
I am here to try to sell my old car in order to have money to buy books for college in the fall. If someone is interested in helping me out and buy my 1991 Pontiac firebird - cherry red, V-8, 5.0 L en...
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