Being angry is the easy part. Being angry at the right person, at the right time, and in the right way. Thats the hard part. - fireflys
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Tagged > Alternative books
THREAD Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
8 Posts • 2005 Views
Talk Talk
Well, I did enjoy the book and thought good on her for managing to round it off and give the series an end , which must have been difficult to do. I did think it was a bit dark and depressing and the...
THREAD Coldplay: Clocks
14 Posts • 3304 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Tbh I've never really liked Coldplay they have one good song and thats Viva La Vivda the song its got an alright beat to it other than that I'll stick to my alternative and punk music thanks
THREAD BradleyTrevor Greive
1 Posts • 2278 Views
Talk Talk
I took my monthly trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday and stumbled upon an entire shelf dedicated to this mans books. they are very short and small in size. each page only has a sentence or two on it a...
THREAD Bookswhat about books?
3 Posts • 2674 Views
Talk Talk
I have noticed something that scared me. Not many people read anymore. My highschool, which is comprised of 2000 students, has about a 200 concentraiton of people who actually read for fun. Maybe once...
THREAD ChristianityBible: Fiction or Non-Fiction
40 Posts • 18045 Views
Religion Forum
sorry i dont think i explained my self properly but the bible is a book for the feeble minded, truth most people who read holy books have no inclination towards things like science or math, why becaus...
THREAD FuturologyPreparing for the worst....
4 Posts • 6846 Views
Philosophy Forum
Living in the country is the safest place. Cities will be deadly. Buy some inexpensive property on a dead end street. Slowly get to know your neighbors, make a large green house, get some goats. learn...
THREAD BooksHarry Potter #6
23 Posts • 9450 Views
Talk Talk
Sorceress, do not undermine children's' books. The underlying meanings in children's books are just as powerful as other forms of literature. It would be awesome if someone other th...
THREAD EconomyPeak Oil - Are we heading for a oil shortage
11 Posts • 3365 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
True, however we are chained to oil at the current moment. almost 100% of all the vehicles on the road, in the air, in the water, use oil to move. The internal combustion engine isn't good on the...
THREAD BooksFavs
29 Posts • 8850 Views
Talk Talk
I love books...where do I start??? Some of my favorite books are: Spindle's End, Drowning in Secrets, Troubling A Star, Troy: from Adele Geras, Looking at the moon, Hollow Tree, Feelin sorry for...
THREAD SocietyThe Capitalism Debate!!!!
95 Posts • 25036 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"Most indignous tribes lived in a harmonious relation to their environment. Depleting a resource by killing off of large mammal (any animal) would be inherently wrong to them." I'm not...
THREAD Why ask?
2 Posts • 2505 Views
Talk Talk
I find that most people(none on here that I can think of) ask questions because they expect answers that would further prove themselves and would make them look good, but when they get the wrong respo...
THREAD Nature & GeographyglOBaL waRMInG
69 Posts • 15824 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Actually it wont help because it will have negative effects in other areas that could actually make things much much worse. There is an alternative that claims that it would reduce pollutants to th...
THREAD Christianitywhat's the logic in x dying for our sins?
128 Posts • 21942 Views
Religion Forum
but if you say that the bible was inspired by "god" then you can argue that every book must have been inspired by god How are the two concepts related? If God inspired the Bible then you...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 48351 Views
Religion Forum
No, we are NOT held accountable for the sin of our ancestor's, we are held accountable for OUR sins. Whether you are Christian or Athiest, no one can deny we do wrong. Whether it be lying to our...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
i like books
THREAD Habits & BehaviorWhat Star Are YOU?
42 Posts • 15496 Views
Psychology Forum
I'm a sagittarius, and I most definately do believe in astrology. As a teenager i was initially cynical, then inintriqued by the zodiacs, so i spent much time reading books and whatever I could f...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsExtreme Optimism
5 Posts • 1717 Views
Psychology Forum
I'm optimistic for our next President so that he/she can continue to run the country into the ground. I'm optimistic that carmakers will come out with viable alternative fuel vehicles......
THREAD ChristianityA Little Quiz
34 Posts • 8780 Views
Religion Forum
not all books are equal
THREAD harry p.
5 Posts • 3059 Views
Talk Talk
the books all read the same to me now!
THREAD Charlie and The Choclate factory
10 Posts • 8126 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
The film industry has killed another move. I am sorry for all those people who like Johney Depp but staring him in the movie made him look really stupid. Also just by watching the traliers it looks li...
THREAD Kings Of Leon
3 Posts • 4417 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
My neighbor drives me to school. He likes Southern Rock and Alternative. This is his latest thing. He likes this band, but me.. I am not to fond of them. Not that they suck. It is just that I am not a...
THREAD @tax cuts
22 Posts • 4150 Views
Talk Talk
if you want harder evidence than what i have given you hit the books man
THREAD GodWhy say 'life doesnt matter' without god
19 Posts • 7376 Views
Philosophy Forum
Dear Patape You are right in a way dieing in a whole into nothingness, does have a certain appeal to it. But consider another idea were peace is just as much, but with this amazeing peace we have h...
THREAD GovernmentBush and Earth Day
8 Posts • 3292 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Who are these morons and why do they want to poison Americans? Anyone in their right mind would not re-elect Bush based on solely environmentals issues, Hate to bring this up, because it annoys me...
THREAD Law & GovernmentShould violent criminals be castrated?
18 Posts • 7906 Views
Philosophy Forum
All part of being a human, I suppose. There isn't any "humane" way to deal with mutated types, other than imprisonment. And that's become an expensive alternative. Remote penal col...
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