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Tagged > What is pain
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 16028 Views
Psychology Forum
Spicesoup- It warms my heart to hear you have found the ability to forgive and move on. You can now continue on your search for happiness within your life. I am so happy myself that you are now able t...
THREAD Life & Deathwhy is death so scary for ppl
48 Posts • 20348 Views
Philosophy Forum
(Note I stopped reading the thread after the first page, sorry if I'm repeating what has been said) I don't believe anyone is truly afraid of death in itself. More the manner in which the...
THREAD ChristianityHands up if you're a Christian
54 Posts • 9425 Views
Religion Forum
"I do think I can rationalize the scale because now there is a scale where before there was none. And we have all experienced this ourselves through pain and the relief of pain. The scale is i...
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 32157 Views
Religion Forum
in the simplest of terms- because of choice for "evidence", try to disassociate yourself with a belief against god and see if what's said in the previous posts make sense from that p...
THREAD Uncross the lines
39 Posts • 25800 Views
Jokes & Games
BRAVO!!!! But now who's the freak??? That looks like it would hurt, and yes, I noticed the feedback on the screens was slowing at level 11 so imagine it was a pain up in the higher teens....
THREAD What makes you cry?
44 Posts • 7852 Views
Talk Talk
i geuss i like the pain. 'cause im real objective (see right and wrong thread) and i enjoy crying. and it really helps me learn, about myself and other people, and who cars if someone thinks of y...
THREAD Deserving?
33 Posts • 7356 Views
Philosophy Forum
To feel you've been cheated is to give yourself your own pain. One can choose to flow with it or dwell in the unfairness. I guess the question is do you determine what you deserve or not? If n...
THREAD Famous PhilosophersLocke vs. Hobbes
11 Posts • 16907 Views
Philosophy Forum
Wyote - Lots of people want suicide. I would argue instead that man is partially guided by what he thinks will give him pleasure (or end pain) but mostly his actions are basically arbitrary.
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhat Is Wrong With Being A Slut
37 Posts • 12577 Views
Psychology Forum
*LOL* Sorry, Awakenedwrath about stealing the spot-light and pouring water over your parade. I certainly did not intentionally want to do it on purpose. Well, going back to your subject... on noth...
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 32157 Views
Religion Forum
it is mans fault that we see evil and suffering in this world "the wages of sin is death". Bullshit. Man did not create pain, suffering, tragedy and death. Secondly: God gave us a fre...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 16028 Views
Psychology Forum
its a hard stage right now. i know that he is my final destination. and i think also that i am not his. my love for him remains. for things that he stood for. for things that i fell in love wit...
99 Posts • 16824 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yeah, it's like, if I punch you a 1000 times, and everytime you feel pain, then consequently I'l presume that on the 1001th time, the same result will follow. But keeping on philosphising o...
THREAD Writing AdviceCan you guys please write me a song about being...
60 Posts • 22933 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Hey can you guys write me a song? About hurt, pain, and a broken heart? i love to sing and hopefully make it to the top someday i just have a really hard time writing songs.
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 22849 Views
Religion Forum
Well I can understand how God will, for whatever pain an innocent suffers, 'make it up to them' by a better heaven. However, you can't both believe in Original Sin (the sin of our an...
THREAD abortion
26 Posts • 6590 Views
Philosophy Forum
i don't think an embryo becomes a person until it has developed a central nervous system, or the ability to feel pleasure or pain. therefore i am pro choice during the first trimester, and that&#...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 33057 Views
Religion Forum
Devilry anew. I am keeping this kinda short, because the one I put alot of effort into did not go through. Kay, first, from what I have read, God had children without number and worlds without numb...
THREAD Death Penalty
54 Posts • 9764 Views
Talk Talk
Torture: the infliction of severe physical or psychological pain as an expression of cruelty, a means of intimidation, deterrent or punishment, or as a tool for the extraction of information or confes...
THREAD Next Gen Conundrum
20 Posts • 4566 Views
Talk Talk
i cant really saqy id buy either, im not a great fan of console gaming. but id prob be more likely to go for the ps3, purely out of annoyance at the X-box. the X-box was a pain in the backside for PC...
THREAD Paradise Hotel
24 Posts • 11269 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Is there anyone who has been keeping up with this reality show? I'm hooked but, it is getting on my nerves. Toni is the biggest pain in the butt, she acts soo big and bad but, cries all the time....
THREAD PoetrySecret poems
21 Posts • 12861 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I don't know if my poetry is good or ot so plz tell me how you think of my poetry.....here it goes.... I am war I am pain I am all you ever slain I am tears in your eye's i am guilt i am...
THREAD Weird ThingsThree weird things you're grateful for.
33 Posts • 8086 Views
Talk Talk
I can't so much call it weird itself, but more weird that I'm thankufll for it, them, though understandible from many philosophic perspectives. Pain and sufferiring.
THREAD Speed Of Time
64 Posts • 13466 Views
Philosophy Forum
Hey man, I'm sorry to hear that, I feel your pain. I'm sure it will come back to you. I'm anxious to read what you have thought up. Have you ever read any Nietzsche?
THREAD Martial arts
29 Posts • 13430 Views
Talk Talk
Boxing....i am an amatuer level boxer with a record of 8-0, with 5 KOs....i love boxing, pain is only in your mind....
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionHappiness
58 Posts • 11109 Views
Philosophy Forum
the ones who really know pain can find joy in things others dont... this is why it's said that they can "fully grasp" happiness.
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsA few question, interested in everybody's opinions
9 Posts • 2427 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think everything is real because the only real thing I know is that i can touch and feel things like pain and pleasure. i think everything comes from that. everything you can and can't do comes...
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