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Tagged > What is pain
THREAD Ethics & MoralityCan revenge ever be justified?
18 Posts • 31256 Views
Philosophy Forum
The law is revenge except that it is meted out to extend suffering of the perpetrator for tens of years instead of one quick burst of pain in an eye-for-an-eye killing.
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 52464 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Honestsong I wish to you vengance my dear one, my dear one. And memories for you to soar with. I wish to pleasure my child my child. I pray you don't grow up too fast. Understand pain my dea...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 38666 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The life has left my eyes. the light is gone, as I stare into my reflection only to notice the glimmer is lost. Black coal surrounded by red veins of frustration, no hope, no life. Marks, which...
THREAD Smokin for pain
5 Posts • 1758 Views
Talk Talk
I have been in physical therapy for about a year now. I first started my lower back was broken at the sacrum, and @ T-4. My neck was just cracked and there has been nothing done to it. At that point I...
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 33622 Views
Religion Forum
*cool* Life is suffering and joy. We try to increase joy and decrease suffering, hopefully for others as well as ourselves. If you could chose between pain and pleasure, you would likely always ch...
THREAD Pictures of Ourselves
281 Posts • 57571 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
She's lovely, you look like a really nice couple. I tried to put a picture of me and my gorgeous hunk of a hubby on but it was too large! Most of my photos are over 350 kilobytes, it's a rea...
141 Posts • 23213 Views
Talk Talk
I'm cynical of Human Birth. It's like a kick to your groin, PAINFUL. As is the ongoing (70+ years) excruciating PAIN of this futile existence.
THREAD ComedyCry-Funny Videos
0 Posts • 1647 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I, have never, laughed, that hard, in my life. I had to pause the video twice and ease the pain just so i could get through the damn thing. And what really got me was the dude on the right laughing. T...
25 Posts • 7676 Views
Philosophy Forum
The answer is DNA. And this body in which you are sitting and thinking, wants to live, wants to reproduce, wants to eat, sleep, avoid pain, pursue pleasure... And whether you like it or not, it...
THREAD 3 Types Of People
29 Posts • 8496 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yes. That is the dictonary definition. I have taken a broader meaning of the word in this explenation. What I mean is someone who likes to be in pain/controled. And patape, I think you are right, this...
THREAD Perfect Mate
17 Posts • 7624 Views
Talk Talk
Although I have my perfect mate. To me he/she would be funny, best friend, there when you need them and even when you don't. They feel your pain, and understand. Shares in happiness and sorrows....
THREAD RelationshipsWhen will the pain of heartache go away?
17 Posts • 24265 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Last night he flat out told me it's over and he wants a divorce, it killed me inside. I really felt like i was going to die right then and there. It's amazing how much pain we can take witho...
THREAD I am saddened by the situation in the courts
30 Posts • 6035 Views
Talk Talk
EVEN the 'definition' of a complete persistent vegetative state says that the person can feel pain, and will wince away from it. SO, Doc...whats your medical degree?
THREAD i broke up with my 7 years boyfriend
5 Posts • 3691 Views
Talk Talk
I feel your pain. I broke up with my 3 year girlfriend less then a month ago. Everything I look at reminds me of her. So far I've dealt with it by burying my nose in a few good books.
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsYour Own Insecurities
22 Posts • 6708 Views
Psychology Forum
Tell about your own insecureities and how you think you got them and then talk about the others and help each other with them. I just noticed one of mine. I have a need for attention and get hur...
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 19553 Views
Religion Forum
Jesus was God, but also human. Trust me, I've tried the whole "Pain is just neurons firing and doesn't matter" thing myself, but just because you know it doesn't matter doesn&...
THREAD child abuse
7 Posts • 3305 Views
Talk Talk
lol i can agree with that but when i was young i was kicked across the driveway which was about 6 feet wide cuz i tried to help work on a car n i guess i did more gettin on dad's nerves than help...
1 Posts • 2509 Views
Talk Talk
JESUSLAND by Max Gordon November 23, 2004 There is a thirteen-year-old boy in America who walks to school this morning. He believes he is a pervert because he is sexually attracted to a boy in h...
THREAD Rules To Live By
29 Posts • 5809 Views
Philosophy Forum
New Rule A tampered mind is one that cannot be considered fully guilty. This means that if someone has endured great emmotional pain, and they act a little fucked up because of that, it is not the...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 54793 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Lady Tazman is right, how can you comepare two distinct thiings. when smoking pot you only hurt yourself; again only if your by your self, not around others :D. But pedopihiles inflict pain/suffering...
THREAD God in ReligionProblems with God
55 Posts • 8690 Views
Religion Forum
Beautifully put KGB. God seems like the only answer. When pain is way too tough God makes sense. I'm a rebel by nature. Everyone at times seems against me. Myself and God are the only true fr...
THREAD Writing AdviceCan I get an opinion?
4 Posts • 2696 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Wow, very nice! I especially loved this: Darkness is absence, We left ourselves more- The pain and the burden, Of what happened before. Undoing means nothing, Must start over again....
THREAD Deserving?
33 Posts • 7269 Views
Philosophy Forum
Hopefully no one deserves a kick to the groin. Personally I feel Im owed and owe nothing. So I guess thats what I would have, and what I already have. If you step on your own toe 42 times do you...
THREAD Comforting an atheist on their deathbed
11 Posts • 5465 Views
Talk Talk
You can either remind him of the good time, or if he is in pain, tell him it will be over soon enough. But really, it doesn't boil down to words I think. Just need to be there, hold his hand a...
THREAD Gender PsychologyJeans and heels are painful
39 Posts • 12889 Views
Psychology Forum
But do you think women choose pain purely because it makes them personally more content with themselves, or possibly they feel that they need to do it in order to attract certain attention or respect?
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