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Tagged > Question
15 Posts • 8323 Views
Talk Talk
its not exactly a question of how old you are. it is more a question of how well you really know the other person. and in order to know the other person well enough, you have to know yourself well eno...
THREAD If u were going to be americas next top model.......
6 Posts • 1602 Views
Talk Talk
If u were going to be americas next top model wood u show ur chest or genital area? i no it sounds weird that a girl is asking that but some guy just ask me n i think thats an interseting question....
THREAD Time and Absolute Zero
52 Posts • 10712 Views
Philosophy Forum
Before one attempts to question whether 'time' stops or is continuous, one should instead question how you define 'time' as, and how you value 'time'. What is 'time&...
THREAD Life & DeathLife, Already Planned?
62 Posts • 19879 Views
Philosophy Forum
question angel of death ur whole answer is based apon ya common sense line and evolution but ask ya self this question who or what created the common sense or in the evolution thoeory where did the fi...
THREAD The Illusion of the Question
2 Posts • 1379 Views
Philosophy Forum
There is no real question merely a statement asking for more direction and information to be given. Meaning that, when you ask a question you are really just calling for assistance. There is doubt,...
THREAD SocietySocial Engineering
15 Posts • 2629 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Look, first you wouldn't be wading through bullshit if you had answered the question when it was asked, now would you? The personal criticism is well earned by your failure to properly partici...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsA few question, interested in everybody's opinions
9 Posts • 2359 Views
Philosophy Forum
Have you seen one two many episodes of the matrix lol no but seriously I think we all wonder that some time and the truth is these are question that don't have answers and you'll drive your...
THREAD SpiritualityI'm think I'm losing faith in God.
48 Posts • 13381 Views
Religion Forum
I think Ironwood wins the argument with this point. Do you know, as fact, that the biblically described and defined god physically exists? I know Wittgensteins, you have decided to retire from t...
THREAD Chicken or the Egg
64 Posts • 12783 Views
Philosophy Forum
Why taunt yourself with such a pointless question? One who feebly advocates themself as rather an ignoramus, isn't exactly going to understand, are they. Your question is the very nature of an i...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsWhat do you believe?
67 Posts • 12634 Views
Religion Forum
No. You're not answering my question. I mean anything (as in not just something that's sentient but something unsentient or inanimate as well). So, the question is: does purpose=worth? Does...
THREAD Homosexualityborn gay
182 Posts • 33901 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
i didnt say anything about there look you could ask someone out to a date and they could say no cuz there gay/a lesbian. so how can you tell? First of all use spell check because your grammar is te...
THREAD ChristianityA New Church
30 Posts • 7191 Views
Religion Forum
i think you guys have blown this way outta proportion and turned a simple question like where can i find a church that will except that i am only human and not shove rules down my throat in to a humug...
THREAD Random QuestionsLittle annoying things
42 Posts • 14447 Views
Talk Talk
A person who always woke you up ask you many the middle of your dream!!! ..>>>now that's annoying!!!! >>>> my brother alwaays do that,,asking non-sense questio...
THREAD University Students
3 Posts • 1362 Views
Talk Talk
This is more aimed at science students - but it applies universally. I'm going to give you a series of logic that I learned from a univesity lecture. The question was: How do we solve the p...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsTime, existence, and reality
25 Posts • 6349 Views
Philosophy Forum
I really should not just babble on, but your question got me to search for a better explanation. Not all of these were even from scientists. My favorite came from an author, H. G. Wells: "Any...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismThe last leg for Atheism
185 Posts • 30038 Views
Religion Forum
The question of God's existence is irrelevant in life. For it is not the question of God's existence but it is the question of the existence of reasons. Those that believe in God will tell y...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 32349 Views
Religion Forum
CyberAngel, Have you considered the fact that virtually every holy text that exists today has been translated, interpreted and re-interpreted by man? And my feeling is that perhaps how man interpr...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 31580 Views
Philosophy Forum
What piece of information does my soul have? Was that the question? If so my soul has many pieces of information, you'll have to be more specific. You still didn't answer my question. Do...
THREAD GodWhy Question God's Existence
45 Posts • 9793 Views
Philosophy Forum
Why question God's existence?? We have always had a thirst for knowledge. If we didn't then how else would millions of us be linked together on something called the world wide web. Its ju...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsQuestioning Reality: Are we for "Real"?
118 Posts • 30143 Views
Philosophy Forum
:D Big Grin from Big Gem..... Are we for real? first of all observing all the responses to this question, what do you think? Second of all..... what do you think? What I, or anyone else thinks doesnt...
THREAD End Of The Universe?
12 Posts • 3650 Views
Philosophy Forum
what started the big bang? Simple question-difficult answer! There's also a question of when did the big bang take place, or why didn't it take place earlier. Well, the thing is that as tim...
THREAD Is attachment weakness?
0 Posts • 6864 Views
Philosophy Forum
This is just a question of scale. If you wanna procreate the 'right' reasons will always have a 'bad' side. Same problem in government. The supposed values of true America are free...
THREAD The Question
1 Posts • 1397 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The Sparkle in your Eyes I can hear the Pain of their Cries The Felicity of your Smiles Drawing me to the Resonating Light I can see the Struggle of all your Might The Rapture of your Embrace...
THREAD Free Speech
0 Posts • 8800 Views
Philosophy Forum
If not for the reason of beliving in inalienable rights. Then how about the fact that without their ability to speak freely than some of the people who make us question this issue would not even be kn...
THREAD Life & DeathLife is becoming a bore
13 Posts • 3867 Views
Philosophy Forum
Having people to care about/people to care about you is what it's all about. If you have this, you have everything. If you do not, you might make posts about a boring life. BUT if you DO have...
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