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Tagged > Meditating at home
THREAD view from july
1 Posts • 1985 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
late night the fair had been closed for about 20 minutes the last few people trickled out and went home the hottest month brought some sweaty nights she and i went running we ran laps around...
THREAD Relationships & LoveAdvice would be nice
19 Posts • 3527 Views
Psychology Forum
You guys are helping me a lot. Here's some more details. His situation is really tough, atleast, he says it is. Since he doesn't have a car, he has to ask his mom when he can use it, and...
13 Posts • 3160 Views
Talk Talk
Cowgirl, This will be #2, and 3 for me actually. I don't think being a grandparent at my age is bad at all. I will actually get to enjoy these more than most. Wes, I don't spoil t...
THREAD JokesClean fun...
24 Posts • 7269 Views
Jokes & Games
Pretty Fishy Pajamas! A man phones home from the office and tells his wife, "Something has just come up. I have the chance to go fishing for a week. It's the opportunity of a lifetime. W...
THREAD JokesCouple of dirty jokes
179 Posts • 52895 Views
Jokes & Games
Two women friends had gone for a Girls Night Out, but had been decidedly over-enthusiastic on the Bacardi Breezers. Incredibly drunk and walking home, they needed to pee. They were very near a grav...
THREAD SpiritualityWhat if.....
36 Posts • 8222 Views
Religion Forum
Just as you say the seeds of wisdom will grow its fruit, so would any seed if you bought it at home depot. In my world, free will would not plant any seeds, nor would home depot provide seeds that...
THREAD Scottish weather
5 Posts • 2698 Views
Talk Talk
Last thursday i was a bit impatient on the road to get home. It was very icy on the roads... So this person in front of me went 20 mile an hour!! Impatient as i was i overtook him at30 mile per hou...
THREAD There will never be a timemachine.
32 Posts • 7077 Views
Philosophy Forum
A time machine can exist if you want to go into the future. However a time machine to the past is impossible. If someone ventures into space and travels at moderately fast speeds they will age at a sl...
THREAD SocietyReform or Revolution?
10 Posts • 2922 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I can't say with any certainty how the future will unfold. We have to continue to help people see what is really going on. When we were children. Most mothers stayed home and took care of the...
 31yrs • M
m asif
THREAD Religion & HumanityHow Close is Male Chauvanism to Religon?
3 Posts • 1545 Views
Religion Forum
All religiion is male chauvanist, I've said this before, of course women were once upon a time respected and revered, in ancient pre history we see many sighns of Earth Mother goddess types of wo...
THREAD ArtworkThe Daydream Adventure Club
31 Posts • 9339 Views
Art Forum
Dancing in a wild land, under a cover of groves, we dreamed of fierce coyotes and watched pheasants in the dawn. Dancing under heaven's rows with clothes fit for Kings and Queens, we were a...
THREAD SpiritualityWe didn't exist before we got here
48 Posts • 10622 Views
Religion Forum
all spirituality teaches the same basic stuff, but in different ways.Buddhism says that you and the universe are eseentially one, that you have to let go of your personality which you mistake for who...
THREAD Christianitysecond coming
53 Posts • 12035 Views
Religion Forum
Judgment day huh? Well here goes... First sign is that the moon dissapears. Next the sun goes out. Then the Great Terror will re-enter the world and a great battle will ensue once more between the...
THREAD Child & Family Psychologyholidays..
4 Posts • 3121 Views
Psychology Forum
I know just what you mean, cute. When I left my ex last spring my parents started in on me about moving back in with them until I can get on my feet. What they don't realize is that I am doing ju...
THREAD Life & DeathThe meaning of life?
15 Posts • 3779 Views
Philosophy Forum
The meaning of Life...? AND what value would YOUR life have if LOST....? How dare I... My answers will be limited to my experiences and to my pleasure... or displeasure I have had the opp...
THREAD War & TerrorismWhat Are We Doing In Iraq?
14 Posts • 3633 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
(Originally posted on e-thepeople) I believe our troops need to come home. I don't want to throw stones at our conservative friends who believe are troops need to be there to make their dream co...
THREAD Society & SociologyHumility in Youth
0 Posts • 1300 Views
Psychology Forum
Decius i'm afraid that i see "no" difference in the younger population and the older. Look at the typical american family. Better looking than husband and very unappreciated mom who sit...
THREAD Get The Drunk Home
5 Posts • 35566 Views
Jokes & Games
This is hilarious. The farthest I can get him so far is 62 meters. My mom who sent it to me got him to 72! Get the Drunk Home - Hysterical........You just move your mouse left to right (no clicking...
 70yrs • M
Rewriting Complex Mathematics
THREAD Hello from the Middle East
18 Posts • 4968 Views
Talk Talk
Glad to hear that you are there and still safe. I hope that the good Lord keeps you safe so you can return home safely. I also want to thank you for being over there and keeping us here at home safe....
THREAD LawHomosexual Marriage
100 Posts • 23682 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
You guys erased the only heated argument in the thread? I was wondering why I hadn't heard much actual opposistion to anything, I know I don't know what happened or why, but I hope it wasn&#...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionTrue Love is not a Myth.
5 Posts • 3331 Views
Philosophy Forum
True love is non-dependence on the other. True love comes from the infinite within and flows into the infinite without. Dependence on the other is a love/hate,which is a constant battle for control...
THREAD Relationships & Lovehow to get out of an abusive relationship?
3 Posts • 3093 Views
Psychology Forum
You situation is a very complicated one but theres a way out somehow. The earlier you get out the better. U identified your problems, now lets try and find solutions to the majour ones.U said you don...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 38954 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A while ago I dug out my Creative Writing Seminar notebook and decided to try out some of the old styles I've forgotten. I started writing about a diamond (I just saw "Diamond Eye" so t...
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