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Tagged > Meditating at home
 31yrs • M
i want to die
THREAD Remembering The Moon
27 Posts • 5357 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
:DI'm glad you are enjoying it but I'm afraid that's all I've got for the moment - I'll try and write some more when the kids give me some time - I'd do it tonight but I&...
THREAD O.k. who works at home?
5 Posts • 2386 Views
Talk Talk
Can't you somehow contract yourself out....and work at home as a consultant??? One of the strangest things I see....is many very educated people in who have the knowledge to head out on their...
THREAD What did you do today?
31 Posts • 7588 Views
Talk Talk
Slept in after a big night, at friends beachhouse. Went for job interview with a hangover (not a good idea). Got the job. Did some renovations. Went to see harry potter at the movies (it only just cam...
THREAD A Real 30 Year Old Virgin
19 Posts • 6411 Views
Talk Talk
i dont think most parents are that extreme, but i would agree with the fact that people who stay living at home for no real reason are seen as sad. those who are at a local university or who are disab...
 45yrs • M
THREAD O.k. who works at home?
5 Posts • 2386 Views
Talk Talk
Would you agree....... Me and my husband work at home....we get up when we want to.....we stay up as late as you want..... And we have the best boss....US! I feel sorry for those 9-5 r's ....
 58yrs • M
Live Life
 31yrs • F
Here i come
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainOn a Wavelength…
2 Posts • 1209 Views
Psychology Forum
I suppose to recieve a signal of somesort we must have the right equipment, hardware and soft. I believe that some people can tune their minds in to recieve different things, isn't it called bein...
THREAD Workout RoutinesWhat do you do to keep fit?
9 Posts • 4243 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Jillian Michael's 30 day shred is available on youtube if you're looking for a structured work out. You can also pick ten different exercises and do circuit training in your home...doing eac...
THREAD A Short History of Medicine
13 Posts • 2077 Views
Jokes & Games
Two guys were walking home from a bar, slightly tipsy. One of them groans, "Man, as soon as I get home I'm gonna rip my wife's knickers off so fast..." The other looks at him an...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyHave you ever wanted to kill your mom?
136 Posts • 154951 Views
Psychology Forum
Yes. Tonight is Christmas Eve and i come home for the holdays and see my whole family. Ya' kno, i usually would love to see my mom and dad but when i came home, my mom already went straight throw...
 68yrs • M
 57yrs • F
Let go and Let god.
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyAbusive Mothers
2 Posts • 4243 Views
Psychology Forum
The only way I can describe the absolute hell I've gone through at the hands of my mother is to relate a sharp memory that came up during meditation. I was 7 years old and my mother was scream...
 72yrs • F
< no additional information provided >
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsMeditation vs daydreaming.
5 Posts • 3199 Views
Psychology Forum
*confused* If a daydreamer uses positive thoughts in meditation one is trying to stop the brain chatter and become more open to the quiet. In daydreaming one cannot accept their present reality, so t...
THREAD What happend to 3rd Base?
4 Posts • 1514 Views
Talk Talk
Ok I was thinking about this and started to get annoyed. 1st base is making out. 2nd is boob action (under shirt). And Home or scoring is having sex (oh yeah :D). So what is 3rd base? Did some one ste...
THREAD Creative MusingsContinuous story 2
5 Posts • 1789 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Tim watched as the bullies sauntered off along the sidewalk, wondering how on earth he had gotten himself into all of this mess. "at least it's hometime" he thought, relieved. It had be...
THREAD Child & Family Psychologyholidays..
4 Posts • 3112 Views
Psychology Forum
I know exactly what you mean Emerald. My mom is the same way, I pretty much sleep and live ware ever I am at the time, right now I am staying at my dads house, but still my mom calls me all the time a...
THREAD IslamThe Qur'an
110 Posts • 21120 Views
Religion Forum
Surah 4:100: "He who forsakes his home in the cause of Allah, finds in the earth many a refuge, wide and spacious: should he die as a refugee from home for Allah and His Messenger, his reward bec...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsSomething Missing
5 Posts • 2261 Views
Talk Talk
Ok, I think I understand. Just got home. Those people, shallow as it may be, are attempting, and succeeding, to feel love. See, even if they have great loving parents, they aren't around. So they...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 32996 Views
Religion Forum
"What, God only reveals himself to those who lie to themselves?" You don't have to lie to yourself. You just have to perceive beyond logic. There is more to you than your brain and y...
THREAD Worst hours.
11 Posts • 1590 Views
Talk Talk
When I was Just married I got a job as a daily Nanny and the hours were 7.30am - 6pm with an hour to cycle there and back - so I was getting up at 6am to leave for 6.30, cycling for an hour (which in...
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