The person who has no opinion will seldom be wrong. - Unknown
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Tagged > Meditating at home
THREAD War & TerrorismFear of deployment
12 Posts • 3141 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I would miss the CRAP out of my kids, and fear that I would never come home. :(
THREAD JokesYo' Mama Jokes?
163 Posts • 93607 Views
Jokes & Games
Im not sure if this is one or not but here goes, Yo mama so fat when an earthquack happened she said HONEY YOUR HOME!!!!
THREAD Hide it!
4 Posts • 13094 Views
Jokes & Games
oh my god! they got my life perfect, its like that at home!!!...oh my god! dam thats freaky even down to the guy hiding in my bed! ;)
THREAD BooksFavs
29 Posts • 8416 Views
Talk Talk
Favorite author: Roald Dahl Favorite book: LOTR trilogy and Roald Dahl's books. Though I don't feel like putting these books on pedestals. I've adored Roald Dahl's books since...
THREAD Random QuestionsWhere were you?
6 Posts • 3521 Views
Talk Talk
I was at school, didn't even know about it until my dad told me about it on the way home. We're in France so that figures.
THREAD What did you do today?
31 Posts • 7607 Views
Talk Talk
Got up, Lived, Got dumped by my gf, died, came home, logged on.*cool* :(
THREAD Chemistryions and atoms
6 Posts • 8409 Views
Science & Technology Forum layturtle/maza_1.html
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 125592 Views
Talk Talk
I love the smell of home depot's wood area
149 Posts • 31983 Views
Talk Talk
I have two: a 96 Camaro here in Hawaii and a 67 Mustang Fastback back home in So Cal.
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 66323 Views
Psychology Forum ardprzydzial/ So you never where a photographer for kiss?
THREAD PoetryRandom Haiku
21 Posts • 4302 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A wonderfully Succinct and saturated life absorbs our home
3 Posts • 1257 Views
Talk Talk
Way to break my heart. He reminds me of the kuwaits back home.
THREAD EconomyLudicrously Cheap Real Estate in USA
5 Posts • 5015 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I may be moronic... but what are taxes doing there? Like... property tax or what? and if it is 500+ dollars for a 20k home? what the fuck...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 113651 Views
Philosophy Forum
It is easy for you to say that war is good and your a supporter if you don't actually have to go anywhere... You're sat at home on your nice computer, you don't know what its like out t...
THREAD Differential Rebirth
1 Posts • 1979 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Coming out, nine days in Agressive futility Reaching out, falling back No days in This warmth that comforts me Will no longer be my home Restlessly I'll embrace the cold Shattered my dre...
THREAD Calls For Visual Artists - Exhibition Opportunitie
1 Posts • 2689 Views
Jokes & Games
Exhibition Dates - Calls For Artist Entries 2003 -2004 Establish Artists Emerging Artists Art Graduates Art Groups Review our notice board for Exhibition Opportunites Exhibition Infor...
THREAD Why live if you're just going to die?
74 Posts • 53322 Views
Philosophy Forum
I'll agree, at times, sitting at home, in a pair of sweats, watching a movie, or eating ice cream, rules. It just rules. Or sitting at home, pondering things, being on this board and having a dis...
THREAD What makes you Happy?
13 Posts • 2277 Views
Talk Talk
I love the way life looks from the back of a horse, and the feeling of camaraderie you get when riding. At times like these I can become so very happy all because of a simple natural event, like no...
THREAD Coincidence is dead
17 Posts • 4858 Views
Philosophy Forum
a few things about a girl i know... both our mothers names are the same. both our fathers have the same shave. she once bought a drink, took it home, drank it and then looked at the label and...
THREAD Pimp My ...
32 Posts • 10183 Views
Jokes & Games
then the ultimate in trashy home makeover shows, pimp my house
THREAD Uncross the lines
39 Posts • 25793 Views
Jokes & Games
i can only make it to lvl5 before my teacher catches me and makes me log off. maybe i'll play this at home some day...
THREAD GamesThe drunk guy game
44 Posts • 72778 Views
Jokes & Games
crap 93, why do i need to break a hundred you ask, I gotta make it home and theres no way i'm drivin
THREAD story teller
29 Posts • 5248 Views
Talk Talk
the land of the free and the home of the brave, which, nowadays, is what most people call...
THREAD Anything weird in this pic?
12 Posts • 4421 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I knew what was going to happen because I saw it on America's Funniest Home Videos, but it creeped me out anyway.
THREAD Free Hugs
8 Posts • 1392 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
*lol* This gave me a really warm glo, sent it on to my hubby at work and my mum at home. It brought a tear to my eye!
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