Do what makes you happy. For those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr Seuss
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Tagged > Mood sadness problems feelings restart
THREAD Moving on
5 Posts • 3471 Views
Talk Talk
The only thing that I would say to be careful of, is make sure that it is really over...if the marriage isn't completely all the way, I'm never going back to that poerson ever, then you shou...
THREAD People hate vegetarians
104 Posts • 27860 Views
Talk Talk
I think each to there own,id love to be a veggie two problems hate most veg an god i love my meat.
THREAD Rehab & AddictionDrugs- yes or no?
30 Posts • 7126 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Its a nope for me i dont like to be fair i think there shallow an you only tek dem cus you have nuthing better to do an sympthy an im glad i dont tek them:D:D:D but i dont have no hard feelings to...
THREAD Writing Advicecoming of the sun,who can expain it????
1 Posts • 3686 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
hi all can any of you help to explain this poetry Coming of the Sun by james berry The sun came out in England today- Faces cracked wanting to smile. Overcoats were guests overstayed Nakedne...
THREAD Drugson drinking
8 Posts • 2655 Views
Psychology Forum
When I was a teenager I had one plan with alcohol. Drink as much as you can as fast as you can. Ah... good times and some sick times. I would say that happened from ages 13-17 Now I have learned to...
THREAD SocietyA Liberal against immigration
12 Posts • 6310 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Because, remember, the divisions of nations are arbitrary anyway. So apart from linguistic problems, there's no reason a border-free area would work less well then a isolationist nation (isolatio...
THREAD God in Religionwhy do you believe in god?
253 Posts • 112412 Views
Religion Forum
Good job there is no evidence that God exists. Only some book writin by money hungry men. He was only created to be blamed for peoples problems and so it would never be anybody's fault when bad t...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyWhy won't they listen?
7 Posts • 2997 Views
Psychology Forum
That pretty much covered everything with me. probably more so with 2 and 5. Dull Material and problems with my focused attention is not a good combo. But I would add, as a whole, that the...
THREAD I lost the baby.
5 Posts • 2903 Views
Talk Talk
Really sad to hear that you misscarried...:( Don't know if there is anything I can do to ease your feelings of pain, but to just let ya know that I'm there for ya. I understand that losing...
THREAD As soon as I think I'm out th pull me back in
5 Posts • 3446 Views
Philosophy Forum
i agree with wyote here......why limit yourself by saying your done or that you're never going to do something the manner of forgiving and may forgive something but yo...
23 Posts • 24862 Views
Philosophy Forum
I feel that all my motives are feelings on towards my awareness of the world and that helps me to live in the world. Where does the 'self' and 'world' meet?
THREAD Gender PsychologyJeans and heels are painful
39 Posts • 13533 Views
Psychology Forum
People just get told what to think because they lack proper social interaction. But if we spent less time listening to media and more time with eachother we could solve a lot of problems
THREAD Nature & GeographyglOBaL waRMInG
69 Posts • 16087 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Thank God! In the first place the creaters of Kyoto admit that it will not accomplish the very thing they are worried about. Secondly, the economic problems created by Kyoto could actually make pol...
THREAD Vegetarian or No?
58 Posts • 11467 Views
Talk Talk
people who push and advertise vegetarianism should really make sure that the people they sell it to know that. otherwise they are singlehandedly responsible for health problems and dietary disorders a...
THREAD Help Me!!!!!!!
2 Posts • 1685 Views
Talk Talk
I feel lost right now my friends want me to do one thing but i know its wrong my mother gets on my last nerve she gets mad at the most stupidest thing and it gets me mad and i have major anger problem...
THREAD TechnologyAdvances in cold fusion
14 Posts • 12481 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Yeah, it would. We could still use the gas for cars and such. Unless they find a way cold fussion would fix that. I hope they allow it. It would mean our earth might become a better place and also wou...
2 Posts • 2401 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A MESS OF HEART-BREAK by Robert Davidson Her passing took his last spark of life Left him bereft with only his grief to bear The last bit of his heart's dream was taken - A love por...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyInescapable Human Emotion
27 Posts • 5501 Views
Psychology Forum
You have yet to listen to me. You missed my point in my example. This is not about my relationship with my father this is about the the subconcious and a fun idea I had about that I thought migh...
THREAD Theory of the Man-Machine
12 Posts • 8855 Views
Philosophy Forum
I have to say i'm quite bewildered that no-one has mentioned feelings here. A machine becomes a man (well...perhaps) when it can fell: Hope, Love, Honour, Fear. Without emotions they are robots w...
THREAD Law & GovernmentCivilization and government
26 Posts • 6670 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think problems like the abortion issue should be solved with real ideas, rather than back and forth partisonship. When a male child is around 12, he must get a tetonis shot to be allowed to cont...
THREAD SocietyWhat one quality would make the world better?
51 Posts • 18162 Views
Philosophy Forum
I wouldn't say religion itself is the root of all problems in society. Anything, whether it's religion or government or what, that either tells people that they're better than other peo...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 29918 Views
Psychology Forum
Ironwood? You have real problems with English grammar. I suggest that you begin your grammatical recovery by learning the definition of "complete sentence."
THREAD ConsciousnessI Got A New Theory on the Human Mind
31 Posts • 8443 Views
Philosophy Forum
From a relative point of view jacker, the human mind cannot fully escape "problems". We aren't omnicenient... or whatever the hell that word is.
THREAD IslamWhat's Wrong With Islams Leaders?
85 Posts • 19488 Views
Religion Forum
Ah yes, I forgot about those French and British colonizations. I definitely agree with you, DumbTeen. They ruined the futures of many regions by colonizing a people and then abandoning them in poverty...
THREAD SocietyIs America playing with fire ?
141 Posts • 28274 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
We've all been playing with fire since we were born.. and i have to ask you leftwood, are you ever happy? i mean if all you do is worry about this stuff then why do you even want to live.. it&...
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