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coming of the sun,who can expain it????

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coming of the sun,who can expain it????
hi all
can any of you help to explain this poetry
Coming of the Sun
by james berry

The sun came out in England today-
Faces cracked wanting to smile.
Overcoats were guests overstayed
Nakedness wanted to be the rage

The sun came out echoing in:
People yearned for distant coastilines
And yearned for all good news:
Neighbours stood at fences,asking>

The sun came out in England today.
Lambs leapt over each other on hillsides.
i want u to explain the metaphores, personifications,similes,symbols,images,paradoxes and these stuff

also plz also tell me about

your personal reaction to the poem
the speaker of the poem
the overall situation being described in the poem
summaries of the plot of each section
the tone(the speaker's or poet's attitude toward the subject)f
the mood(the feeling created in the reader)i
the overall main idea or theme of the poem

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coming of the sun,who can expain it????
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