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Tagged > Mood sadness problems feelings restart
THREAD ChristianityFamily in Heaven...?
6 Posts • 2899 Views
Religion Forum
Ya, how does one explain or relate to another the feelings of love? Phyical perceptions may vary but being tangible objects, we accept there being but abstracts like emotional being, we are hard press...
THREAD IslamThe rights of black and white women in Islam
9 Posts • 2283 Views
Religion Forum
The man also Must possess integrity, trustworthiness And high morals But Women are the other half to the man For adornment and should not be blatant Her clothes and entice men because the man...
THREAD Biracial Children
18 Posts • 21264 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
The more i thought about it the more i realized it dosent matter what people think of my child--i love her regardless and will try my best to guide her through just being a kid and having fun instead...
THREAD Relationships & LoveIn love with two Men
10 Posts • 27364 Views
Psychology Forum
I do not think any less of you Sugar&Honey. People experince what you are going through every day. I do feel that you are abit confused about your true feelings for your friend. Riight now you are...
THREAD StoriesSimple Story
7 Posts • 3921 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Wow, I'm impressed at the response to my posting. Let's break it down. MIA-Nowhere in there do I actually step out of the role of an empathic friend. Anything you have read into that is i...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainWhat is effective communication?
18 Posts • 7114 Views
Psychology Forum
Decius, I'm not saying your way of dealing with this is wrong. As I said, I agree that if you are nice it may very well be he will blow it off. I was giving you some ideas on how to look at th...
THREAD Life & DeathLife
15 Posts • 3627 Views
Philosophy Forum
Leftwood as respectfully as i can possible say you sound as though you are in love with your sadness and the perceived image it gives you. I can't cry for myself, not that you are, because i can&...
THREAD Nature & GeographyglOBaL waRMInG
69 Posts • 16081 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Global warming is an unavoidable occurance, of the increaseing population of our world. I personaly do not see the problems with it, itts human nature to evolve with the problems we face and contin...
THREAD FuturologyWhat do you think the Future will be like?
43 Posts • 14392 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I believe that the future definetly lies with the merger of man and machine. But i believe that there will probably be 2 types of humans, those that rely solely on technology and will become very obes...
THREAD Society & SociologyThe mentality of a soldier
0 Posts • 7803 Views
Psychology Forum
I mean, I'd rather have Kerry in power. But to ramble about things which were problems before took office or to claim Bush's policies are unconstitutional is just Liberal bitterness at havin...
112 Posts • 22765 Views
Talk Talk
I R ME I have similar problems to Em but it dosent freeze, its just so darn slow. What stuff should or can I remove from start up menu without it affecting my laptop and how it runs?
THREAD Vegetarian or No?
58 Posts • 11462 Views
Talk Talk
There are bigger problems in the world than animal abuse. Eat meat or don't, the animals won't mind one way or the other. How would people here propose to correct the slaughterhouse syste...
THREAD Society & SociologySave us from puritanical soul-torturing 'Green' people.
25 Posts • 8814 Views
Psychology Forum
Principal post; first impression; So is this lowered mood you talk of, you, part of you, your puritanicle influence? meaning as you say deviod. How much of you is internal direction, and how much is...
THREAD Mental IllnessLosing Hope
6 Posts • 2502 Views
Psychology Forum
You did the best thing you could, you had compassion. You could do and say all of the right things and still be unaccepted so don't let it get to you. Be happy you're not void of feelings. I don't kno...
THREAD PoetryPoems by an Ancient
21 Posts • 5430 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
shes a prism rose like dew drop days burning in my heart an eternal blaze her feelings in the air intoxicating my respects tugging at my shirt wrapped up in her hair i cant go i cant go
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsI don't understand, at least look
6 Posts • 2173 Views
Psychology Forum
I think interpreting the real feelings and honesty in other people, is something we all try to deal with every single day. I believe that a lot of people appear to put up a certain facade and image...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityWar - What The Hell Is It Good For
164 Posts • 27118 Views
Philosophy Forum
"No I don't an I'm not going to drop this point. Saddam did not have the means to get WMDs, and he certainly did not have WMDs. Our casus belli vanishes, and although democratization is...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 42050 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I was told of a place I can call home with out prying eyes watching my every move, I've been looking for it sometime now. Side to side I move, Digging left and right without finding a way out....
THREAD i have boy problems
5 Posts • 2398 Views
Talk Talk
dump em both. recently the cool thing is to do is not care. so dnt care about their feelings, or ur own 4 dat matter.
THREAD PoetryDust in the Wind
41 Posts • 11490 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
You and Country I'm ridin' in the car On my way to Northwest Florida. Thats right, you guessed it. I'm still thinkin of ya. Drowning out the noises Of the child and the tunes....
THREAD Your sacred cow
8 Posts • 2137 Views
Talk Talk
My "Great War." The situation with the person I love most in the world. My feelings towards sex crime victims.
THREAD Emotions & Feelingsare emotions what define human beings?
42 Posts • 24080 Views
Psychology Forum
Humans are civilized, social animals. A cat, may became embarrassed, or a parrot may repeat dial tones, and a dolphin may create signals with other dolphins, but they do not have the ability to compre...
THREAD PoetryYou Said (An old poem i found again)
2 Posts • 1796 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
its an old poem..its how i felt:(..but and uh..enjoy enjoy i guess..comments welcome:D You Said You said you loved me, You said you cared, You said when I needed you, You'd...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhat If Everything Is Fake And You Are The Only Thing That Is Real?
46 Posts • 42275 Views
Philosophy Forum
What if everone beliefs in solipsism (i think therefore I am) and all of us solipisi(?) create a network that creates the universe we live in. I mean of course there will be flukes and other problems...
THREAD Somebody Else's Problem
3 Posts • 2066 Views
Psychology Forum
I think this concept was also covered in, 'A Beautiful Mind.' That's why, from my understanding, we form governments. So we can govern and take care of issues and problems not normally handled by a...
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