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Tagged > Mood sadness problems feelings restart
THREAD Society & Sociologyreality!!
22 Posts • 5971 Views
Psychology Forum
The thing is, most people take pleasure in the problems of others. If I was also experiancing bad terms wid my girlfriend because she cheated on me, then I wouldn't think that jerry springer was...
THREAD Criticism Needed
4 Posts • 3243 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
i find it very difficult to give criticism to a song when i can't hear it.I don't see any problems or hold-ups with the lyrics, but the melody etc, may differ...
51 Posts • 69663 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
There is nothing wrong with you, but i would recommend that you go and see a sexologist just to learn more about sex and how to make it better. after my visit to one i feel much better about talking a...
THREAD Audio/video converter for protected files
10 Posts • 3121 Views
Talk Talk
I use SoundTaxi, but I'd like to change it cause it caused me some problems, it blocked my pc twice....I googled and I found many converters but I really didn't decide. So, can someone help...
THREAD Relationships & LoveI'm 14 and in love, so what?
26 Posts • 8101 Views
Psychology Forum
here i go again......changing the subject.....ready? ok. i think the reason why God doesn't want us to hae sex before marriage is because he doesn't want us to get hurt. cuz we 'bond&#...
THREAD Zootastic!
9 Posts • 2181 Views
Talk Talk
I went to the zoo on Friday with my friend and her kids. The children were excited, as was I. Yet that excitement soon turned to sadness and anger. Every exhibit I went to the animals looked like they...
THREAD As soon as I think I'm out th pull me back in
5 Posts • 3445 Views
Philosophy Forum
How come every time you think that your over something, done wasting time on it, it comes back.. When I "let it go" so to say.. it's gone.. poof.. not bothering me.. (for the time be...
THREAD Rules To Live By
29 Posts • 6258 Views
Philosophy Forum
Never disrespect life. (don't kill/harm for fun or any other reason) Never use people as a means to an end. (you completely disregard a person's feelings and reduce them to a stepping stone...
THREAD i love him...i think
7 Posts • 2282 Views
Talk Talk
love is never a cant doubt yourself..there is a reason why you have been on/off.....the feelings you have are the hoping that he will change and the fear of letting go you need to dump...
THREAD Please someone tell me I'm wrong?!
7 Posts • 1750 Views
Talk Talk
Not to sound entirely mean, and heartless - but, when I was 16 and dated my first boyfriend for 2.5yrs, I lost feelings for him too. He still had and felt very strongly for me when I told him that I w...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionHappiness
58 Posts • 11888 Views
Philosophy Forum
thanks analytical. It's good to know how you feel, and how to react to them also. I mean, I know it may sound corny, but being in touch with your feelings, knowing who you are. I think that evn t...
THREAD BooksMind Fields, anyone?
3 Posts • 3102 Views
Talk Talk
Anyone here read, or at least glanced at the book Mind Fields? It's sort of an anthology, for lack of a better word (its late..), of artwork by Jacek Yerka and fiction by Harlan Ellison. I found...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsGUILT - is it a correct emotion?
9 Posts • 4278 Views
Psychology Forum
Decius>>> I agree and believe in everything that you described. To consolidate what you're saying, what you're describing then is that my conscientious reactions were tricked...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhat Is Wrong With Being A Slut
37 Posts • 13326 Views
Psychology Forum
*LOL* Sorry, Awakenedwrath about stealing the spot-light and pouring water over your parade. I certainly did not intentionally want to do it on purpose. Well, going back to your subject... on noth...
THREAD RE: pumpkinlove
12 Posts • 2286 Views
Talk Talk
I think Awakened is pretty cool to have opened a dialogue asking for constructive criticism when somebody tells him his work is lame. And Decius is right. He did try to defend himself eventhough he...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionHaTe
8 Posts • 5020 Views
Philosophy Forum
You have two problems. 1. You've taken in the lie that life is meaningless for self-serving reasons. 2. You've likely encrypted the truth to therapists who were genuinely trying to hel...
THREAD PedophiliaPedophilia
27 Posts • 15616 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I think you can stand tall, look down and point fingers and thank God that you're not like that or you can look for solutions to ensure these things don't happen. One of the problems with...
THREAD GovernmentGovernment better than Democracy
3 Posts • 2520 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
it doesnt matter what type of govt you have because its the people who are corrupt. essentially if WE all go to vote on everything, every law, every case, etc. but you can already see the problems wit...
THREAD How far will you go for love?
22 Posts • 4632 Views
Talk Talk
Have you had problems in past relationships or do you just think about these things? because you sound as if you've had some experience with this sort of thing. Oh, and I seriously doubt that he&...
THREAD Sexual PsychologyA backlash against sexual attitudes?
25 Posts • 5745 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I want you all to sit back and think about what your saying. You want sex controlled. You're only viewing this in a half empty type scenario. What about the beauty in it. The passion, excitement...
9 Posts • 3060 Views
Talk Talk
good point. lol. okay so i have no idea why kids are like that. i guess the longer you have been alive, the more knowledge and experience you have had with the problems of the world. just guessing....
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainWhat is effective communication?
18 Posts • 7114 Views
Psychology Forum
Akmail has nothing to do with the miscommunication though. "You're asking me how you could have tried to harm me without harming me." By asking you that question, I was just seein...
THREAD Having Kids
49 Posts • 18361 Views
Philosophy Forum
I'm sorry to be a little rude here, but aren't we supposed to be discussing philosophy and theories about life, not people's personal problems? I'm probably more than a little bias...
THREAD Relationships & LoveIn love with two Men
10 Posts • 27364 Views
Psychology Forum
I do not think any less of you Sugar&Honey. People experince what you are going through every day. I do feel that you are abit confused about your true feelings for your friend. Riight now you are...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 24920 Views
Religion Forum
90% of God's definitions are meaningless drivel of word-worshipers. I'll give it a shot: God is when the sensations and feelings we receive are not arbitrary, that there is a point to the...
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