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Tagged > Mood sadness problems feelings restart
THREAD Somebody Else's Problem
3 Posts • 2067 Views
Psychology Forum
I think this concept was also covered in, 'A Beautiful Mind.' That's why, from my understanding, we form governments. So we can govern and take care of issues and problems not normally handled by a...
THREAD ChristianityHow the Catholic Church evolved.
40 Posts • 16470 Views
Religion Forum
Ahhhh, true, but let's consider that man is intrinsicly evil and good. And tho we all struggle...sometimes, we lose the battle. And tho men are as men will be....faults do exist. I can see...
THREAD LawAbortion
17 Posts • 5519 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
If you kill it, it doesn't even have a chance to have feelings and thought. That "blob" is a human-to-be and that in itself is a good enough reason it keep it.
THREAD how do i get a girl?
25 Posts • 6646 Views
Talk Talk
thanks.it turns out that she had feelings for me too.heh check in the Pictures of ourselves thread.i suppose that was the appropriate thread.lol.oh well
THREAD Why be polite?
39 Posts • 25667 Views
Philosophy Forum
But how respectful of someone's feelings are you if you have to be dishonest with them? I think we should say what we mean. That being said I believe that one should be tactful while doing so. No...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsI cry when forced to express something in words that has emotional connection
11 Posts • 5105 Views
Psychology Forum
Maybe you're right about the sensitive part.. But comforting doesn't usually help, I just push people away and yell at them if they try to get near me. If someone tries to comfort me and won...
THREAD ChristianityCellphone VS Bible
41 Posts • 11301 Views
Religion Forum
Ironwood, since you did not understand the meaning of my first post, I felt it only fair to give you the benefit of the doubt and add a second post but since you failed to understand me on either poin...
THREAD Relationships & LoveForgiveness
8 Posts • 2749 Views
Psychology Forum
heyjme1, there is wisdom in your words! :) awakendwraith, you seem to speak out of your raw feelings, which is helpful in a discussion such as this. It also sounds as though you are saying that, by f...
THREAD I hurt the person i love most
11 Posts • 3090 Views
Talk Talk
mjclone. r u saying im a player because i remain friends with my ex? hes like a brother to me. i just agreed to tell him when i got a bf because he said held have to make a choice whether he could sti...
49 Posts • 11328 Views
Philosophy Forum
to anyone who has any intrest of this thread about feelings/emotions, or anyone that wants to see a really good movie: Equilibrium staring Dominic Purcell an excellent movie
THREAD Is Recycling a joke?
10 Posts • 8911 Views
Philosophy Forum
The environmental movement left us with recyclying- I ask you is this some sort of pitiful joke? The late 80's and early 90's spawned a huge awarness of environmentalism- that movement is...
THREAD Mental IllnessBorderline Personality Disorder Advice
10 Posts • 2566 Views
Psychology Forum
Thx, You're too nice to be real. I am very self critical in the mirror unfortunately. I've convinced myself that I deserve being abused and hurt...even gone out of my way to find people w...
THREAD spiders
42 Posts • 8942 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
come inside and witness the path of life. witness the happiness and witness the sadness. broken like and animal you will obey. do you think you can break free of the webs slung over you? after al...
43 Posts • 7471 Views
Talk Talk
My psychological impression of emo is something akin to "wearing your feelings on your sleeve". These feelings generally seem expressive of (or at least desire to express) negative self-awar...
THREAD The Gerson Therapy
6 Posts • 2275 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Not only has this therapy proven to cure almost everything, yes, including cancer, it is illegal in the United States to be administered by medically licensed doctors. Only holistic clinics, if the...
THREAD BooksA gift for Mai
7 Posts • 4201 Views
Talk Talk
'I'm sure your feelings do you great credit,' said the Cardinal, 'but I wonder if your behaviour wouldn't be even more saintly - it would certainly be wiser - if you refrained...
THREAD If You Forgive Yourself - Are You Forgiven?
12 Posts • 3022 Views
Philosophy Forum
I can't give you anything logical, I can just tell you that the thought of punishing myself and rewarding my self just doesn't feel right, I couldn't make myself do it. Because I do...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 35044 Views
Philosophy Forum
Here is something,,,,,we take in air, we take in food, it processes, we take in thought, we take in light, we take in pleasure, we take in water, we take in sights sounds and all other tangible and in...
THREAD PoetryJust a poem i thought up last night
20 Posts • 5931 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The first part was posted in awakened's "im really tired" so ill remove it and place it here Why oh why do i even try Every time im about to die I get back up wipe my face Felt li...
18 Posts • 4728 Views
Talk Talk
I've taken your advice to heart for the last couple of days, Chiron. I actually realized that when it comes to relationships (of any sort), I pay way too much attention to other people's not...
THREAD Random PicturesRandom Pictures by vigil
30 Posts • 5545 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Your artwork is fascinating. I am left with daydreams, desires and slight feelings of inadequacy. lol For the past few minutes I have been wondering what it is about these pictures that I find so i...
THREAD GovernmentGaaaahhhhh!
13 Posts • 3972 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
If calling you a hypocrit hurts your feelings, I can't really help that. Hell, did you know that you being a women, not wearing a head covering, you would probably be offending the entire country...
THREAD SocietyWhats Happened To Us?
19 Posts • 6047 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
there is no news that is not bad news... or so it seems- I agree with what you have observed. I was thinking abou this the other day- I guess it comes down to who decides what is and is not "news...
THREAD Venting through my writing
5 Posts • 2129 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Thank you Vortex, that Idea has just been a seed for my own idea. hmm very intresting.. perhaps I will finish this tomorrow. I seem to write very well when My mind is completely scrambled with fe...
THREAD to hate a parent
18 Posts • 4738 Views
Talk Talk
I would say you are wrong to think that you hate him you may feel have no positive feelings for him but in my experience it is hard to truly hate (or love) someone without knowing why they do what the...
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