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reality!! - Page 2

User Thread
 31yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Angel Of Death is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
The thing is, most people take pleasure in the problems of others. If I was also experiancing bad terms wid my girlfriend because she cheated on me, then I wouldn't think that jerry springer was fun.

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"I'll heal ur woundz I'll set u free, I m jesus christ on xtacy"
 33yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Jacker_Jones is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I don't enjoy watching tv. I just find real life more interesting. Everytime i watch tv i always ask why am i watching someone else's life when i have my own life to play with. For example when i'm watching a comedy on tv i find it's funny but, i'm often dissappointed because something funny happening in real life is just so much more hilarious. I think people beileave this they just haven't discovered it yet. This is why i think there is such a craze about reality tv shows. People enjoy the fact that there watching people acting naturally. No fixed lines and people being people not perfect. i think this is a good start to better tv entertainment

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"I love to see people struggling for their purpose in life..."
 45yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that jennyabs is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
reality t.v. must end sometime. i hope its run its course. i always feel like my intelligence is being insulted simply by the commercials. has anyone been on one, or auditioned? i'm curious about the motivation to put yourself out there like that.
this is a sincere question.

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 38yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that for the better is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
'putting yourself out there' has a lot to do with money. everyone has a price i suppose. i guess they figure hey yeah illmake out with a stranger if it will stregthen my acting career. Hollywoods silent pressures make actors lose sight of who they really are and insert these fantasy personalities.

i dont really care about reality tv shows, i mean i have a remote, no ones saying i have to watch it. the only thing that worries me about it is that i think it might have a big influence on the public, especially teens. Tv is adding sooo much drama where there need not be drama. i mean come on the show - hells kitchen-? the man is screaming at someone for dropping a dish. insulting their appearance and their ability to cook in general.

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 45yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that jennyabs is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
True, money really does drive this country. The worst of them all has to be the mtv ones, (reality shows). The constant unnecessary drama just makes no sense. When the rich kids of this country with absolutely no specific drive or goals are highlighted and glamourized on "music" t.v., I actually get a little sick.

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 32yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Cynic-Al is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
proper reality tv, is a documentary. its study what happens in the real world. "reality" tbv such as the real world or big brother is just ridiculous, its the morons trying to 15 minutes of fame by doing the ost outrageous things they can its not reality, its responding to situations in a false way in the hope of making people like you. as for the celebrities created by it (jade goody in britain) what are they famous for? in her case wailing "am i minging?" while pissed out of her head. even worse are the reality shows with "celebrities" in. they dont have celebrities, they have peoples who used to be celebrities, and want to be again, or semi famous wannabees. it is disgusting, as it shows the ridiculous lengths these people will go to to try and increase their popularity and get famous (again).

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"So Schrodinger's Cat is not only neither dead nor alive, but might also be sexually aroused by elbows and peanut butter?"
 38yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that for the better is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
id say 'reality' very loosly. i know that if i was being on camera, brought to societys eyes, i definitly would not act the way i normally act. i dont think id stray too far from my normal personality, but id definitly be more dramatic,confrontational and outlandish. and i think quite a bit of people on these shows do this also, whether it be subconsciously or not. the only way to get 100% pure reality is if the cameras are unseen and the people are unaware theyre being taped. and that is probably illegal.

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reality!! - Page 2
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