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Tagged > Cannabis side effects
THREAD Rehab & Addictionshould marijuana be ligalized?
15 Posts • 4586 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Not trying to swing the argument with the picture are you? :P Nah im totally on ur side. People dont seem to understand that Marijuana is less harmful than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. I d...
THREAD Democrat Alternative to the President
3 Posts • 2387 Views
Talk Talk
I won't be making the choice as I'm not a registered Democrat - But I like Wesley Clark. Only because he is a decorated Vietnam Vet. He's been there and won't take chances and will...
THREAD Mental IllnessMental Disorders and Psychology
14 Posts • 7209 Views
Psychology Forum
And a phrase I have heard from you that has a burning question for as long I can remember is not just why am I, but why am I the way I am, the nature nurture debate, genetics over how you are raised,...
THREAD Nature & GeographyglOBaL waRMInG
69 Posts • 15270 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Isn't a lot of that left in this world - maybe we deserve what we are getting. The seeds we have planted with our guttony with fossil fuel, etc. I have not heard of this. One theory of the ice a...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionArtificial Intelligence
15 Posts • 3961 Views
Philosophy Forum
i dont see a machine being able to add new data into itself either, like if one traveled to the other side of the universe and found a new material what/how would it name that new material? im not try...
THREAD Religion & HumanityYou cant handle the truth
51 Posts • 9667 Views
Religion Forum
No-one is trying to convince you that your crazy to believe in god. Mainly its just that debate is the easiest way to sort fact from fiction, it is largely unlikely that any one side is going to chang...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 33855 Views
Religion Forum
"...including the Mulisms...I live them to leave...a debate is not about the best argument(?) I as wel told by side of the story..." Stella, your posts are some of the most painful...
THREAD HomosexualityGay Marriage
9 Posts • 5593 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
It would have never became an issue if married people didn't get special treatment and such. This becoming an issue I'm sure our for fathers did not count on. But the argument is weak, we ar...
35 Posts • 11947 Views
Philosophy Forum
Not to be contrary :p but I would have to see the other side of it. Would you send someone to jail without a trial or arrest them beecause they planned to something? An Omnipotence of GOD is that kn...
57 Posts • 7798 Views
Talk Talk
thankyou and lol to do the quote thing you see on the side were it has like bold link italic...ect... well highlight what you want to quote and click quote and it'll do it for you :) noodl...
THREAD War & TerrorismAmerican warmongers
72 Posts • 20276 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
1. But I disagree with what the LON did. They sat back and watched Germany basically do what they want. (ok so maybe they did that because they had no military at the time, but there was like over 10...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologySharing Knowledge
1 Posts • 4869 Views
Psychology Forum
I don't come from a wealthy family. Neither of my parents went through university and during most of my youth, the clothes my siblings and I wore were usually hand me downs. I always did prett...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismA case for atheism
34 Posts • 8395 Views
Religion Forum
logic! logic! *lol* you sir have no proof and if you do (which i know you dont) state it acceptance of what.... no God No God accept one thing you and i will die and if you are right ok...
THREAD SpiritualityWe didn't exist before we got here
48 Posts • 10914 Views
Religion Forum
your brain is basical a lump of body tissue that will end up in the ground when you are dead you cant live in a body with out it but here we are talking about living out side a body
THREAD I'm New..How to upload photos?
3 Posts • 1262 Views
Talk Talk
look under the sign in/inbox button at the top right of the forum and click on the link that says control panel. that takes you to your profile, scroll down and look at the left hand side and you shou...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 128505 Views
Talk Talk
Haha, here's one: My 10pm snack consists of peeled cucumbers, sliced , and a cup of ranch dressing to dip them in..with a side of Pepsi. It's actually pretty damn good. Nutritiously self...
THREAD Bad Drivers
6 Posts • 2051 Views
Talk Talk
first of all i live in michigan and i am right with you all. How in the hell do some people even get their license . so last week i almost got rear ened but i avioded that amost got side swiped by an...
THREAD GovernmentKatrina and Bush
0 Posts • 3964 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
i think micheal moore is the type of person that you think has a good head on his shoulders and finally someone who see's things for what they are. but really he's just the anti-bush. not hi...
112 Posts • 21482 Views
Talk Talk
i was in the hospital the past few days and couldnt get a hold of any Dew and it was driving me crazy. if it werent for the drugs they had me on i dont think i would have survived. but alas i have my...
THREAD Shrooms
11 Posts • 4820 Views
Philosophy Forum
I totally agree with you disenchented. I feel like I can see right through people's motives, and often times I'm right. Maybe its a sixth sense? But more importantly I wanted to inform anyon...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsColours and the Mind
10 Posts • 2095 Views
Psychology Forum
A lot of New age philosophies that talk about crystals and numerology and various divination techniques talk about such a colourology if you like. Wiccans use different coloured candles and plants and...
THREAD Religion & HumanityDoing good: Universal Religion
24 Posts • 6416 Views
Religion Forum
Suffering and joy huh? People's joy is not much counted or reported now is it? Human population and evironmental influence is in a state of imbalance as it has been for some time now, hundreds...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionMarijuana,weed,pot,mary-jane...etc
35 Posts • 17395 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Like to smoke sometimes, it chills you out expands the mind, helps you see things and think differently BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tooo many friends that have become worthless potheads =( Doing noth...
67 Posts • 12592 Views
Philosophy Forum
WHEN AN ACTION IS TAKEN THERE IS A CHANCE THAT SEVERAL EFFECTS WITHIN REASON MAY OUTCOME. When an action is taken is there a possibility of there not being an outcome? But since when does chance ha...
THREAD GovernmentPlans for George W. Bush Presidential Library
29 Posts • 7319 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
And again, that is why it becomes fairly contradictory when trying to generalize or profile and should be stopped as well, we only manage to sound like an assumptive ass and end up causing arguments t...
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