A man talks dirty to a woman and its sexual harassment. A woman talks dirty to a man and its $3.95 a minute. - Attolia
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Tagged > Cannabis side effects
THREAD Intimacypain and the first time
28 Posts • 7039 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
will i have been worried about the pain ivolved in haveing sex the first time. i know that i ll have a problem because of how big my boyfriend seem. i dont think he will be able to fit in side of me.
THREAD Dreamsdreams
2 Posts • 2740 Views
Psychology Forum
Somewhere in the world there is a child Whom like us desires many things But unlike you and I This boy has different dreams When he sleeps at night He dreams of having enough food and water He...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 115262 Views
Philosophy Forum
TO: pupa ria The following is my evaluation of your May 7, 2009 (5:15 PM) post: [ind][ind]'Time is the coin of life, be wise how you spend it, or others will spend it for you.' You st...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 115262 Views
Philosophy Forum
TO: fireangel The following is my evaluation of your May 4, 2009 post: [ind][ind]'Time is the coin of life, be wise how you spend it, or others will spend it for you.' You stand on one...
THREAD Christianitysecond coming
53 Posts • 12361 Views
Religion Forum
True it's not the best site out there. Try searching for Snorri Sturluson, The Prose Edda, or The Poetic Edda. I'd post the excerpt from my myth textbook, but it's a bit on the long...
99 Posts • 17195 Views
Philosophy Forum
are you sure im wrong? whatever is stolen, even though it wont be witnessed, will still be gone whenever somebody returns to look for it. same with the tree, it will be on its side instead of s...
THREAD ChristianityMisrepresentation
81 Posts • 17553 Views
Religion Forum
I'm sorry - I should be more specific. Is it an historical fact that Adam and Eve is the first man and women? You might say yes, someone else will say no. I think there is enough proof to sway...
THREAD ChristianityIs anyone here...
60 Posts • 10301 Views
Religion Forum
It makes sense to me. I think what he is saying is: We still have needs and fears and psychological aspects of our minds that are at worst unevolved. At best vestigial. And that at this point i...
THREAD God in ReligionDefining God
61 Posts • 11434 Views
Religion Forum
You tell me there is science, but you cannot explain why the earth continues to live, but animals and ppl die. You can tel us there is no God, but you cannot explain the situations God works in....
THREAD Psycadelic Ether Trip
17 Posts • 25333 Views
Philosophy Forum
Just SAY NO to ETHER Well, let me tell you fools, if any of you are still reading this thread. I did way too much of that shit, and I can still type 60 words per minute, and read, and write. and thin...
THREAD Random QuestionsFavorite Donuts or Pastries
12 Posts • 6533 Views
Talk Talk
Lately I have developed an affinity for those little powdered white donuts! Man those are good but they make a mess- (best eaten outdoors with a wind comming from the same side you are handed ie your...
THREAD Too much "love"
28 Posts • 5141 Views
Talk Talk
No, I think staying faithful, is a must. Being with one person, while you are with that person, does not make you a loser. I think that would actually be quite the accomplishment. But in ekimups case,...
THREAD Worst executed critical lines in a movie
0 Posts • 1570 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
He knew only that the Chancellor promised to help him. That line is the last line prior to his fall when he reaffirms that Darth Sidious will help him. After this is learned he then makes his fall com...
THREAD AstronomyOur Home
11 Posts • 6345 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Our Solar System alone spans billions of kilometers. And here is our Sun again, just as a spec to the side of the Galactic Equator. Again, a spec amidst our home the Milky Way Galaxy. The Mi...
THREAD SocietyDoes it strike you as funny...
5 Posts • 2648 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I'm not saying what he did was wrong or right. All i'm saying is that some positive has come out of it. We could talk about these things forever nothing would actually change it's out o...
THREAD God in ReligionGod in physical form in Africa(Bulawayo Zim)
15 Posts • 2738 Views
Religion Forum
Yep,I agree with you.God appears to us in ways in which we d understand him.Each nation should wait for its opportunity to get a visitation.While on the wait,each nation should use past expirience fro...
4 Posts • 2414 Views
Talk Talk
Look along the frame rail on the drivers side on to the inside of the frame rail in close proxcimity to the gas tank.
THREAD IslamDo you know what Islam means?
67 Posts • 13251 Views
Religion Forum
Oh yes, philosophically religions are very different. However, religions are all the same in what they do. They all can be used as an excuse to opress women. They all can be used as a reason to kil...
THREAD Comforting an atheist on their deathbed
11 Posts • 5535 Views
Talk Talk
I think many people misunderstand the meaning of 'atheist', I know I once did. People often think that atheists do not have a spiritual or moral side. The term 'atheist' is derived from the word '...
THREAD your job....
9 Posts • 3287 Views
Talk Talk
On the side I work with autistic children. Sometime I get into developing activity programs for groups of kids under 12. I love kids, I can stop being an adult and get silly with them. Other than t...
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 34544 Views
Religion Forum
yes but GOD gave us over to our waywardness because of our inability to trust HIM & do it HIS WAY (example: Jesus) In rereading the thread, I would say that it was a pretty good discussion althou...
THREAD Red Dead Revolver
2 Posts • 2755 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Good, but not great. The story is average, your same old western-style revenge plot. Still, you can tell the developers made an effort to turn your basic action video game into a game with a more w...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionAlcohol vs. Marijuana
72 Posts • 102798 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
smoked since 5th grade. im not addicted. i can go for months without smoking its really not a big deal. i remember in school when all these kids would be talking about it like it was some kind of soci...
THREAD Religion & Humanitypro-life v. pro-choice?
18 Posts • 4537 Views
Religion Forum
One thing that is important to remember is that although the speciman is insignificant we all came from that insignificant speciman. However the other side of the issue has interesting points. In all...
THREAD Random QuestionsGirls with Tattoos
36 Posts • 62880 Views
Talk Talk
I think that the lower back tatoo and the lower tummy tatoo attract your attention the same way that a sexy bra and pantie would. You don't see anything, but your eyes are drawn to that area....
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