If everything that happen's supposed to be and it's all predetermined -can't change your destiny- guess I'll just keep moving someday maybe, I"ll get to where I'm going. (Conor Oberst) - iSOUGHT|THOUGHT
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Tagged > Cannabis side effects
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 247764 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Ya Decius, you look pretty different from one pic to the next, I have that problem too, take that dragon pic, you would never think that by just parting my hair from the other side that thats what I w...
THREAD Art AppreciationHyperrealism by Ron Mueck
4 Posts • 6945 Views
Art Forum
Some insight into the construction side of these huge sculptures. This one is called 'Untitled (Big Man)'.
THREAD Motivation
12 Posts • 3915 Views
Philosophy Forum
having another person by my side to help me get started works for me. also you can think out loud without feeling crazy ^_^
THREAD Dream Theater Live at Budokan Clip(Progressive Rock)
5 Posts • 2241 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
you are a very fortunate person. i'm pretty sure they're not going to be coming around the Cincinnati side of Ohio....
THREAD Physics & CosmologyLunacy & Science
17 Posts • 6059 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I noted that there has been no responce but I also noted that there were a few views so I will try to remember what I started the thread & try to continue, may be some will find it useful? In gen...
THREAD War of the Worlds
16 Posts • 6119 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
For a possitive point, I'll say that one thing I really liked, and another that was almost classic Speilberg. The almost classic moment was when the wind stopped blew the other direction, it w...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 16012 Views
Religion Forum
Well, if someone thinks abortion is murder they're not very likely to get one don't you think? And yet we try to insist that abortion is not murder to justify the act. Tobacco is legal...
THREAD AliensMaybe aliens are from the future?
7 Posts • 3031 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Einstein didn't say you could go back in time. The theory of relativity says that at high speeds time slows down. So instead of having the effects of twenty years passed it'll be like 10 or...
THREAD War & TerrorismExcerp: Truth of War
124 Posts • 24285 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
http://www.captaincynic.com/th read.php3/thrdid=34018-u-frmid =1 I thought these videos were in this thread, guess not, they should be, just a link to a thread with very good video of lecture by Dr....
THREAD Nature & GeographyAre natural disasters more frequently nowadays?
28 Posts • 12051 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The first thing that needs to be understood about the planet earth and our effects on it, is that we are ruining nothing. The planet is not going to go beyond a point of its own stability before human...
THREAD Law & GovernmentShould drugs be legalised?
14 Posts • 3352 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think it's highly hypocritical of any government to legalize two drugs. Two drugs that are the highest killers among others.Yet make drugs that have positive and non-life threatening effects il...
THREAD Attempting to balance philosophy withother intrest
8 Posts • 2520 Views
Philosophy Forum
delving into other feats only strengthens your philosophical side. people should be, and are multi-faceted.
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismWelcome to "Atheist vs. God". Join the s
64 Posts • 19239 Views
Religion Forum
[Anyway it was confusion at best.] I know. The best I could do was to assume who was on what side of the issue. I couldn't find the original discussion.
THREAD School uniforms
47 Posts • 24167 Views
Talk Talk
Not necessarily sjmf, Dont you think those kids have or would have lives out side of school? What about on weekends?? :p
THREAD JokesKookie's Trivia
34 Posts • 11879 Views
Jokes & Games
On the reverse side of the $100 bill, time shown on the Independence Hall clock. 4:10
THREAD Convince Me To Die
5 Posts • 1919 Views
Philosophy Forum
I wanna explore the boundaries of life and take a little trip to the other side, but I can't make myself do it. Help me out please.
4 Posts • 2623 Views
Talk Talk
Get a study buddy, it always helps so you have some motivation and support. Of course the down side to that would be you don't actually get around to studying, but it's helped for me.
THREAD Mental IllnessI need sleepp
1 Posts • 1762 Views
Psychology Forum
soo, I haven't been able to sleep for the past 3 days... I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing. I just lay there and I try to go to sleep but nothing seems to...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyDark matter
6 Posts • 2876 Views
Science & Technology Forum
This film seems to question the scientific authority on how the universe was formed by the big bang because of the strange effects of dark matter and dark energy and the contradictions that this impli...
THREAD Music VideosAW's Music Thread
29 Posts • 4500 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
One of my favorite artists Ben Gibbard's side project, The Postal Service Nothing Better Styrofoam Remix
THREAD Best Friend=Nightmare
31 Posts • 7185 Views
Talk Talk
Just the side of their face, she doesn't do it all slow and sexual, but I just don' know how to explain to her that it makes me feel uncomfortable.
THREAD Life & DeathLife Accomplishments
18 Posts • 4340 Views
Philosophy Forum
I want an inner sanctum where I can neither be moved nor shattered by the out side world. And, if time allows I want to keep from going insane long enough for me to become a doctor.
15 Posts • 2453 Views
Talk Talk
Shit. I turn 25 in a few weeks. On the up side my life is about to become much better financially. Maybe I'll stop being such a weird dick wad..... nah.
THREAD Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
35 Posts • 9254 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
this was in the paper today so i decided to stick it on my wall. you cant really see Vader on the left side, but i assure you hes there.
THREAD Art AppreciationSo called "art"
13 Posts • 5259 Views
Art Forum
When I only heard what chained wings posted I was for that side but after hearing the guy's explanation, I think it's kind of genius.
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