In reality the universe has no geometry. (The NSTP Theory as a Philosophical/Scientific Masterkey) - Kedar Joshi
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Tagged > Cannabis side effects
THREAD SocietyYour Veiw on Society
6 Posts • 2606 Views
Philosophy Forum
I hate and love society. I understand how it is create and how it is almost necessary. We strive towards a goal (as foolish as that goal may be) to distract ourself and give ourself purpose. We can&...
THREAD The Bridge to Terabithia
3 Posts • 1448 Views
Talk Talk
To get things started I'll go first. I thought the movie portrayed the original fantasy genre fairly accurately. Anyone who has read The Lord of the Rings (the original fantasy novel) will recogn...
THREAD Language/Subject Manner
38 Posts • 11444 Views
Philosophy Forum
Forget trying to please everyone, but at least do not abuse the words that you KNOW are fucking offensive you ignorant assholes. If you are trying to offend, then go ahead (hence the "ignorant as...
THREAD Society & SociologyLabeling
17 Posts • 5568 Views
Psychology Forum
We label everything else, music, movies, and styles to name a few, why not people? Biology has a very specific classification system, but who really wants to class people into seven categories of Lati...
THREAD Marijuana Legalized In Canada?
52 Posts • 17823 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
DumbTeen, as our age difference shows we were brought up with very different social peers and values. My generation looked at cigarettes and alcohol as signs of maturity, imitating the adults among yo...
THREAD DrugsDo you smoke?
47 Posts • 12876 Views
Psychology Forum
I just started to smoke a few cigarettes recently...bought my first pack for friends who smoke constantly... Really, I don't intend on smoking long term. My parents smoke, and I d...
THREAD SocietyWhy Do They Hate Us
53 Posts • 10253 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
well put etherealmeekle i am not a fan of george bush, but i don't hate him. i hate the position he holds and what he does with his power....most of the time. i really can't stand him, b...
THREAD To have children or not to have children..that is
16 Posts • 5900 Views
Philosophy Forum
on the bright side of overpopulation, we will destroy ourselves long before we do any lasting, permenant damage to the planet. so have youre kids, the human race is only here for a minute, and we will...
THREAD EconomyMetric system.
10 Posts • 3362 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
exactally, you wouldnt have to do that if our stupid goverment switched. Feel sorry for you guys having to put up with Americans asking what a gram is. Side note, the CBC did a good job showing the ol...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionMarijuana,weed,pot,mary-jane...etc
35 Posts • 17390 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
God Bless Canada... cuz I AM CANADIAN gotta luv my weed....the best natural high out there...! But.. when dont occasionally.. not chronically... or abused by many. There is good and bad to e...
THREAD Weight LossAmazing Weight Loss
5 Posts • 3058 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
If these are real, good for them. I was always the other way, trying to gain weight, then I went on the high side, peaking around 245lbs, but I was hitting the weights really hard. I managed to dr...
THREAD DrugsDo you smoke?
47 Posts • 12876 Views
Psychology Forum
I've been smoking since I was eighteen years old. At the time it was due to peer pressure and wanting to be cool. My stress levels have also never been normal so the first time I felt an outside...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 57563 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
i was by no means trying to say that pedophilia is in any way "normal." i just find it interesting that there is so much animosity around the subject. rather than put forth so much hate and...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsUniversity life not going as I would like it to go...
6 Posts • 2108 Views
Psychology Forum
Ive just started my first year of university and sometimes I want to crawl into a hole and just cry. Ive wanted to go university for nearly three years now but cancer got in the way so it was delayed...
THREAD War & TerrorismExcerp: Truth of War
124 Posts • 23756 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum /suez.ram Documentary: The Other Side of Suez Just watch the intro if nothing else.
THREAD Scottish weather
5 Posts • 2764 Views
Talk Talk
yes, unusal weather here on the pacific side as well cold and windy one week hot the next and raining the next, unusal indeed.
THREAD Weight LossIs it really useful to use medical treatment or medicines to loss my weight?
3 Posts • 1621 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Use of medical gives side effect or it is good to use?
THREAD GamesInteractive buddy
100 Posts • 82321 Views
Jokes & Games
a nother side note.... if you want to stop a script.... click run every frame... and then run once....thats how i stop it...*lol*
THREAD Too much deep thought.
32 Posts • 11795 Views
Philosophy Forum
Experiancing emotions is very important. If u try to have 'as little emotions as possible', u'll miss the lighter side of life.
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 33145 Views
Philosophy Forum
The great equalizer: It balances life's good and bad events by adding or taking away from either side of said scale scale. It is an extenral force that responds to the scale tipping too far to on...
THREAD Movie ReviewThe Fountain by Darren Aronofsky
0 Posts • 2169 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
To be honest, I don't think major battle scenes would have made the movie any better. Aside from that, I think wolverine (don't know the actors name) did a better job than Brad Pitt could ha...
THREAD Charlie and The Choclate factory
10 Posts • 8019 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
alright i saw this movie. it was a lot of fun, the dialogue was well made and updated for this generation. the back story of Willie Wonka was great. the little mini story about the oompa loompas was g...
THREAD PhotographyTribute to Life
16 Posts • 7345 Views
Art Forum
Strange isn't it with all those bullet holes through fence, walls etc. coming from the back. Here we see one from the side, coming from the neighbor's yard?
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 34583 Views
Religion Forum
I stopped believing in any specific religion when I started believing in God. On a side note, my daughters and husband are Catholic.
THREAD Alternative BeliefsGod = The Universe
72 Posts • 17517 Views
Religion Forum
Thanks for the welcome. I've never before found myself on the religious side of a "discussion," but something about being over 60 has led me down paths I would never have trodden in...
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