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Tagged > Cannabis side effects
THREAD The ultimate and first beginning
28 Posts • 5868 Views
Philosophy Forum
"There is a beginnig and an end to everything?" No there is only a beginning to all effects - to all things caused - to all things temporal. "what was GOD created from?" G...
THREAD Desire...
13 Posts • 6185 Views
Philosophy Forum
weltanschauung> 'the desire to have no desire is a desire in itself' you are absolutely right. Though is a 'goal' the same as 'desire'? epicrus> your attitude m...
THREAD Worst executed critical lines in a movie
0 Posts • 1570 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
He agreed to do everything Sidious asks before Sidious re-states that the dark side can help him save Padme. But his fall is not complete until he willingly submits to the dark side which he does a...
THREAD Society & SociologyOver population and the effects it has on the human psyche.
8 Posts • 11506 Views
Psychology Forum
What is every one's take on what overpopulation does to the mind of man. Do over populated areas trully have more suicides, more bisexual behavior, etc?
THREAD Christianityjesus finishing our sins
43 Posts • 8442 Views
Religion Forum
WOAH unless i didnt see the other threads.. can i please be offered an explanation to why my HUGE post was deleted? i tought angel of death might have been intrested in the other side as well.. can i...
THREAD Christianityjesus finishing our sins
43 Posts • 8442 Views
Religion Forum
WOAH unless i didnt see the other threads.. can i please be offered an explanation to why my HUGE post was deleted? i tought angel of death might have been intrested in the other side as well.. can i...
THREAD AstronomyAstronomy Picture Of The Day
216 Posts • 68176 Views
Science & Technology Forum
5 November 2012 Saturn's Moon Dione in Slight Color Image Credit: NASA, JPL, SSI, ESA; Post Processing: Marc Canale Why does one half of Dione have more craters than the other? Start with t...
THREAD Constantine
6 Posts • 2980 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
several people seem to be very over critical of this movie. whether it is the fact that they still cant accept that Keanu is a relatively decent actor or the fact that the special effects werent exact...
THREAD Freinds With Benefits, I Think Not
16 Posts • 5243 Views
Talk Talk
ok...a little off topic but you know it's ok to be wrong. A good example of someone who has tolerance towards adrenalin is an athlete. As an athlete trains he or she becomes able to calm down and...
THREAD SocietyNewsweek's latest cover, by geographical region
3 Posts • 1431 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
International Cover story Excerpt: The Rise of Jihadistan Five years after the Afghan invasion, the Taliban are fighting back hard, carving out a sanctuary where they-and Al Qaeda's leaders-c...
THREAD ArtworkWorks in Progress
19 Posts • 6340 Views
Art Forum
photo tip: texture is enhanced with side lighting. Use a couple of lights (incandescent lamps) slightly in front but to the side. The light being more parallel to the surface (art work) produces highl...
THREAD God in ReligionDid God really make us in his image?
10 Posts • 6174 Views
Religion Forum
When I go to the zoo I notice that the primates on one side of the cage look pretty much like the primates on the other side of the cage. We come from gorillas. That's why people look like gorill...
THREAD killer website
6 Posts • 3077 Views
Jokes & Games
awesome scripts, effects, design, layout, content http://banners.thegridwebmaste r.com/click.jsp?image=2740
THREAD Drugsthe cannabis connoisseur
13 Posts • 3738 Views
Psychology Forum
yes, definately the kind you use will have different effects. but it also depends on your surroundings, for example, you may feel relaxed and happy if your by your self in your room, and paranoid if y...
THREAD Movie ReviewGI Joe: Rise of the Cobra
0 Posts • 345 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
It was cool, like Decius said, good effects. I probably was like this in the part where Snake eyes the ninja was on the enemies car and he jumped over a car *eek*. I was probably like that too when th...
THREAD God in ReligionIf god exist why doesn't he show himself to the world?
145 Posts • 25666 Views
Religion Forum
Who's to say there is even going to be a Judgment Day? You speak as if you're so sure? Allimar is speaking of the same thing you've just displayed for us all. With empty threats,...
THREAD Blackholes spawn new universes?
1 Posts • 1634 Views
Philosophy Forum
What if a black hole filled and filled and filled and filled unitl the other side violently explodes creating a big bang for another universe. we couldn't see it, cuz the universe would be on the...
THREAD Women are scared sexy...
24 Posts • 13538 Views
Philosophy Forum
okay, you are too fast for me... to edit your post...before I could finish mine... dingleberry...~smil es~ I agree with you about the fact that some women do claim to be... "bi", mer...
THREAD GodMy theory(s)
8 Posts • 3713 Views
Philosophy Forum
Let's divide this up and take things by segments...you started with this: "Allow me to start off by saying this is a lot to explain so, please, if you will excuse my jumping around. First a...
THREAD Right or wrong....
300 Posts • 46137 Views
Philosophy Forum
i suppose i am wrong in thinking that just because we can imagine something, somehow means it exsists. i tend to put myself in holes when i ramble on enough... being the cynic that i am :p the poi...
THREAD Free Speech
0 Posts • 8800 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yes Decius, I'm not sure wether its good thing or a bad thing but I am one of those annoying people that can almost always see both sides of an argument. Trouble is I often have problems deciding...
THREAD Business Ideas
6 Posts • 2727 Views
Talk Talk
In the trades it is not unusual to find side work but generally in the field you are working in so the boss tends not to like the competition or fear they will steal material , etc. for their work....
THREAD luck??
16 Posts • 6147 Views
Philosophy Forum
ok well i wanted to get a discussion going but alright let me set it up this way: 1) All actions are subject to cause and effect. 2) Not all the causes or effects of actions can be known by a single...
THREAD LawRacism and reverse discrimination
18 Posts • 19454 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The human species will lose its humanity, and all that entails, if it's not given a chance to sort out its problems through understanding at the individual level. In my view, the legislation of t...
THREAD SocietyParty bash thread
1 Posts • 1369 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
From some advice from someone on this site I suppose it would indeed be more efficient as well as benificial to make one thread about how we feel about either party and their politicians, if you have...
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