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Tagged > Cannabis side effects
THREAD Sound Effects and Overdramatics
5 Posts • 4541 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Sound Effects and Overdramatics is about boysex. "When your pants came off and I turned you over " "Get it up in time There's a space between valleys and try and catch a vibe...
THREAD After effects of Grieving
4 Posts • 2392 Views
Talk Talk
i belive that everything that happens in life effects or scars you in some way...for me, i have to not worry about and allow my scars to make me stronger,to teach me something,allways allow yourself t...
THREAD Life & DeathDid Einstein unknowingly prove life beyond death?!?! This is a theory of everything
25 Posts • 60578 Views
Philosophy Forum
The Light Bulb is an interesting analogy. As you may know, if your power is on, but the light-switch is off, there is still background electricity flowing to the bulb. I have this theory that, at...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyLunacy & Science
17 Posts • 5916 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Speaking of crazy science I watched some history channel science program that based advances in science to a fictional spacecraft? then they used this base as a sounding board for their theoritical pr...
THREAD GamesInteractive buddy
100 Posts • 82235 Views
Jokes & Games
for major $ buy the script engine and type this in to it: x = getBuddyX(); y = getBuddyY(); power = 165; explode(x,y,power); cli ck run once and don't click run every frame because that wil...
THREAD GamesInteractive buddy
100 Posts • 82235 Views
Jokes & Games
for major $ buy the script engine and type this in to it: x = getBuddyX(); y = getBuddyY(); power = 165; explode(x,y,power); cli ck run once and don't click run every frame because that wil...
THREAD LawMedicinal Marijuana
30 Posts • 10941 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Here: http://www.stopthedru gwar.org/chronicle/303/bccourt .shtml Funny how alchohol can be legal while marijuana isn't, when the effects of alchohol causes more trouble (in my opinion, anywa...
THREAD PerceptionWhat constitutes as alive?
19 Posts • 4760 Views
Psychology Forum
In all honesty, I think LSD can help us pinpoint this 'me' if you will. What is it that makes us 'us'? The miniscule amounts needed (and I mean miniscule) for a complete change in...
4 Posts • 5206 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
The film was pretty good - I liked the effects it was a bit cheesy but well worth seeing- I really liked the Lovecraft influence on the bad guys they were really nasty looking especially the crazy l...
THREAD Electric Thoughts...
1 Posts • 1300 Views
Philosophy Forum
This is something I'm sure most of us have thought about... That the brain works much like an electric circuit, with magnetic effects and so on... Some of us, I'm sure, have taken this id...
THREAD PerceptionTypes of Perception…
6 Posts • 5630 Views
Psychology Forum
Responding more to Chiron, I do believe perception is related to our mind set. Again it requires the the internal and the stimuli. Change either one and there is a different perception. Also, the ever...
THREAD Speed Of Time
64 Posts • 13717 Views
Philosophy Forum
rschulz, how does final cause get wrapped in the interpretation of a "cause." In most cases, I would think that it is just the efficient cause that always gets construed as being "the c...
THREAD Relationships & Loveboyfriends that lie
17 Posts • 4623 Views
Psychology Forum
uhm no i dont hate myself and i feel like if i didnt cheat in my last relationship i would have been more curious to in this one. maybe not for YOU wyote but i did need to cheat to realize the effects...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyDark matter
6 Posts • 2801 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Interesting link http://www.sciencedaily.com/re leases/2007/10/071001112906.ht m Just like stars get together in galaxies, the galaxies get together in clusters of galaxies of up to several thousand ga...
THREAD To not exist
20 Posts • 4977 Views
Philosophy Forum
i can see both sides but for some reasons i stick to one side..
THREAD Who has a sick sense of humor?
6 Posts • 2493 Views
Talk Talk
i can see the funny side to most things in day to day life
THREAD Society & SociologyGOD and goofy belief systems.
210 Posts • 31018 Views
Psychology Forum
If you saw a person dying on the side of the road would you help him?
THREAD Life & Deathwhat defines life
63 Posts • 14866 Views
Philosophy Forum
Making the left side equal the right...
THREAD LawEvolution vs Creationism
19 Posts • 4774 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Okay...before we post other stuff...whos on what side?
THREAD Rant OnMy rant, my life.
13 Posts • 2934 Views
Talk Talk
That's it kid.... Start looking at the positive side of life. :)
THREAD Time and Absolute Zero
52 Posts • 11142 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think the thing about absolute zero and time, is the idea behind cryogenic freezing, if u could freeze something down to absolute zero, it would not be affected by time to the extent that it would n...
THREAD Governmentbut I fear that he sleeps soundly
0 Posts • 1873 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Irak was not a threat. There was not enough proof before the war tok call Irak a threat. And even AFTER the war is over, there is still no proof he was a threat. Damn Bush for lying/being incredibly...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhat is existence?
29 Posts • 13388 Views
Philosophy Forum
Here's my shot at defining existence. Feel free to rip this definition to shreds. Existence is the system made up of the sum total of all matter, information, perceptions, energy, events, tim...
THREAD ChristianityCatholic Churches feel grim
18 Posts • 5129 Views
Religion Forum
On a side note. We have a son and I don't know if we can comprimise about going to a non-denominational church.
THREAD Movie Trailers & ClipsMovie Trailers
41 Posts • 11415 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Spandex overload, ya, that seems a common side effect. *lol*
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