In public, I never cry, in private, I try my best not to, in my mind, I never stop. - Vortex271
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Tagged > Cannabis side effects
THREAD BooksA book like no other
10 Posts • 2649 Views
Talk Talk
Why is it that you think it's ban-worthy? Is it that you think it explains the dynamics of evil so well and so realistically that it will bring awareness or even awaken this side in the people wh...
THREAD God in ReligionWake up and discover that God never existed
48 Posts • 10283 Views
Religion Forum
if one is close minded they can't be certain that there is such a time. although there is a compulsion for us to search for the truth and take a mainstream side, it is possible to avoid this....
THREAD ChristianityGimme that Christian side hug
8 Posts • 2422 Views
Religion Forum
Ya know what I thought was odd, the music had the Darth Vader Empire theme in it. But you have to watch side hug part 2 by theatarcrew, I would link but...
THREAD BiologyCloning
93 Posts • 20277 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The title speaks for itself people, what do you think? good? bad? I'm particularly interested in the Stem Cell research side of things.
THREAD Women are scared sexy...
24 Posts • 13583 Views
Philosophy Forum
MG, that is perfectly fine. Everyone has there own sexual minds and it doesn't bother me at all. I am glad that you are comfortable with that side of you. Besides, I have missed you also and as y...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismA case for atheism
34 Posts • 8293 Views
Religion Forum
Reality my friend is not what you can see but what you belive the mind is not the brain you who take pride in no God have no real reason to no matter how much you tell yourself why do i s...
THREAD Could there be a pill for that?...
17 Posts • 4489 Views
Philosophy Forum
To me, a man is a man. A woman is a woman. Those who say they're "a man trapped in a woman's body." or vice versa, I believe, are self-consious. They don't like who they a...
THREAD Religion & HumanityWhat defines good or evil?
33 Posts • 8203 Views
Religion Forum
reply to curtle on axcridnder (forget exact name).. if your saying things balance out in a cycle which i believe they do in the big picture (dif scales) "life to death" "death births li...
THREAD ChristianityCellphone VS Bible
41 Posts • 10667 Views
Religion Forum
Sounds like the regurgitation well said from a pasture, however... Religion requires people to be ignorant and faithful to an imaginary being. If you think I'm Joking, look at history. Back in the da...
THREAD God in ReligionIf God exisit...why there is so much evil in the world?
24 Posts • 5830 Views
Religion Forum
If there is an entity called "god," it must necessarily have a dual nature combined as one. Ancient mystical philosophies have always recognized this fact. The Yin-Yang is one example of thi...
THREAD Music ReviewTop 8 reasons why Superman's Bryan Singer should be beaten
0 Posts • 1916 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Well, I pretty much agree with what all is being said here. Saw this a while back, and I will say that in general I didn't leave the theatre hating the movie but I was a bit sad and confused. It...
THREAD Society & SociologyNot all Muslims are terrorists,so end your hatred!
68 Posts • 31078 Views
Psychology Forum
i agree with your theme and would like to expand on it. religion does breed extremist sects periodicaly even buhdism is no exception to the rule. Infact all Ideology when it takes the place of general...
THREAD SocietyArguments for the prohibition of drugs
22 Posts • 6895 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I think that drugs should be legalized. For me, it mostly boils down to having autonomy over one's body. I don't think the government should have the authority to lock somebody in a cage bec...
THREAD Society & SociologyMusic
77 Posts • 18073 Views
Psychology Forum
Check out Idiot Pilot. Download their song "to buy a gun". I don't know if you will like it, but check it out. Try broadening your horizons a bit, you may find things you like. But hey...
THREAD Relationships & LoveThe best way to apologise to a girl
19 Posts • 66041 Views
Psychology Forum
All girls want is for you to be conscious of them and their 'feelings' no matter how stupid they may be. Listen to her side of the story and agree to disagree helps *cool*
THREAD Religion & HumanityHow come the transition for polytheism to monotheism?
16 Posts • 8022 Views
Religion Forum
People are also quite Homo sapien centric. We want to believe that we are the reason for the existence of the universe. It is hard for us to accept that we are just a temporary side effect.
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeThe Price of Wisdom
36 Posts • 8083 Views
Philosophy Forum
In depth can also be extensive singular perspective, one that can only be derived from any one's self, there again allowing anyone to be a deep thinker on any subject and how it pertains to them...
THREAD Famous PhilosophersSocratic and Platonic philosophies
34 Posts • 7986 Views
Philosophy Forum
I've scanned very briefly the papers. I have a better idea than reading them. I've got a general vague guess of what your getting at so I'm going to state what I think, purely speculati...
THREAD When It's Black And White
1 Posts • 2487 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A STORY OF TWO WORLDS A small planet in the vastness of space Upon this planet were two worlds One on the south The other on the north The world on the north said The stars on the south side...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionAlcohol vs. Marijuana
72 Posts • 102625 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Marijuana is still illegal for many illogical reasons due to government policy. Part of the reason is due to the restrictions that the Congress places on medical marijuana research, which makes resche...
2 Posts • 2429 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
this seems to be a highly under rated film. the theatre was empty and im not sure why. i suppose the adds make it seem as if this is just another stupid horror flick, but actually it has a lot of susp...
THREAD ChristianityHappy in heaven... alone?
20 Posts • 6274 Views
Religion Forum
Ultimately it doesn't matter if heaven exists or not, if rebirth exists or not, what matters is how does that beleif effects us. If beleiving in heaven/hell or rebirth makes you a better person,...
THREAD Taste in Movies
14 Posts • 2810 Views
Talk Talk
There is a difference in quality of films, scripts, actors, effects, cinematography etc all make huge differences. But of the two films listed by Zach neither is a bad film with regards to it's t...
THREAD interesting viewpoint about dating
3 Posts • 2506 Views
Talk Talk
The plus side of dating someone much older is that statistically they will die first giving you more chances later. The 'til death do us part' thing is kinda the safety feature in one such r...
THREAD RelationshipsThe name of your first love
6 Posts • 2613 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Cheryl. Her kindness and personality was one that attracted me easily, she would always take my side, no matter what the dispute, and she was the only girl at the time that resisted this one guy that...
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