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Tagged > Cannabis side effects
THREAD Best Friend=Nightmare
31 Posts • 7185 Views
Talk Talk
Just the side of their face, she doesn't do it all slow and sexual, but I just don' know how to explain to her that it makes me feel uncomfortable.
THREAD Game Reviews!!
10 Posts • 3140 Views
Talk Talk
Game: Guild wars System: PC This game is wicked, this is a mmorpg not to miss, its up there with such games as world of wacraft and so on but guess what ITS FREE!!!!. YAY, its an awsome rpg that i...
THREAD Religion & HumanityPoints on Religion
75 Posts • 12656 Views
Religion Forum
organizations, religious, political or otherwise are crucial aspects of society. they are quick and productive and often have very positive effects. however, an individual is more wise than the masses...
THREAD Michael Moore
14 Posts • 4560 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
http://www.michaelmoore.com/wo rds/message/index.php?messageD ate=2004-07-04 People should read this who are skeptic about Fahrenheit 9/11's effects and truth. I finally saw the movie and though...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyAntigravity
4 Posts • 2503 Views
Science & Technology Forum
very interesting. I don't know if it is theoretically and practically possible, who knows. time will tell with more and more experiments taking place. However the website claims that: "Lift...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDoes Time Even Exist?
85 Posts • 26001 Views
Philosophy Forum
Interestingcarbon 14 one of three carbon isotopes to have radioactive properties, brought about by the effects of cosmic rays on the atmosphere.yet both biblical & science maitain that the erath h...
THREAD Tickets
6 Posts • 2677 Views
Talk Talk
maybe we should have different speed limits in different lanes ? like a 15 mile higher limit in the left lane, than in the right ? btw i ususally see them on the right side around here .....
THREAD American Idiot
3 Posts • 3558 Views
Jokes & Games
several interviews i have seen in the past have demonstrated their political side, but this is their first album to portray an inkling of their politcal views.
THREAD happy birthday aliyah
5 Posts • 1684 Views
Talk Talk
sorry 2 botha u lot with religion in this side of the forums, but thats a sign of the nearin of the day of judgement, when ur friends are more dear than your family.
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 131028 Views
Talk Talk
i like rice-chex with chocolet milk, sugar and a side of brot wurst. thats some gooooooddd eatin'
THREAD The Curse of Superman
4 Posts • 1623 Views
Philosophy Forum
He is a producer, but I've only met him a couple of times when I was a teenager and he came over with his parents to visit an aunt. I've never been to America so that side of the family is n...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyHave you ever wanted to kill your mom?
136 Posts • 157601 Views
Psychology Forum
wow... u make me feel betta.. im going to college in a month and 20 days.. so i'm still luking at the brighter side of life....
THREAD Elections2004 Election
0 Posts • 6604 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
well im angry... reminds me of four years ago, i was up at about this time of night, mad as hell. on the up side, Pete Coors lost.
THREAD ChristianityHoly Trinity
15 Posts • 3118 Views
Religion Forum
"I am not familiar with those passages. But the apostles seemed to go to great length to insure they were not received in such a manner> as they were taught by Jesus?" That's corr...
THREAD BooksNarnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
14 Posts • 3273 Views
Talk Talk
i thought it was a great flick. im a huge fan of mythological creatures, so just seeing minotuars, centuars, cyclops, mermaids, giants ect. all in one movie was a big enough treat for me. the books we...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionDual diagnosis treatment centers
9 Posts • 4959 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
After reading a few articles, what I understand about dual diagnosis is that it's a condition that can occur as a result of an untreated mental condition. A person has a psychological condition,...
THREAD Right or wrong....
300 Posts • 48056 Views
Philosophy Forum
Right 1. Conforming with or conformable to justice, law, or morality: do the right thing and confess. 2. In accordance with fact, reason, or truth; correct: the right answer. 3. Fitting, proper...
THREAD spiders
42 Posts • 8638 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Shiny Pain As you sit there and type how you feel it reflect others You make me tell you deep dark secrets of my world, I share with them with the world, as you are mine. I share my talent of un...
THREAD Law & GovernmentShould drugs be legalised?
14 Posts • 3352 Views
Philosophy Forum
(Dancid) You speak a lot about the effects of drugs on a governed state being negative but rarely touch upon any actual personal experiences with drugs. You seem to judge drugs from an outside view...
THREAD Biotechnology Activists: ias in activism and forum
15 Posts • 4473 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Watched a scifi the other night the plot was based on the government (military cover up) actions relating to police investiagating a young woman's murder, because she had taken moives of patients...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyMagnetospheric Substorm: Earth's Magnetosphere Releasing Energy
2 Posts • 5220 Views
Science & Technology Forum
To understand what a magnetospheric substorm is, it's important to know a little about the shape of Earth's magnetoshpere. There are magnetic field lines surrounding Earth, created by electr...
THREAD BiologyCloning
93 Posts • 20884 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The title speaks for itself people, what do you think? good? bad? I'm particularly interested in the Stem Cell research side of things.
THREAD Women are scared sexy...
24 Posts • 13768 Views
Philosophy Forum
MG, that is perfectly fine. Everyone has there own sexual minds and it doesn't bother me at all. I am glad that you are comfortable with that side of you. Besides, I have missed you also and as y...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismA case for atheism
34 Posts • 8567 Views
Religion Forum
Reality my friend is not what you can see but what you belive the mind is not the brain you who take pride in no God have no real reason to no matter how much you tell yourself why do i s...
THREAD The "Void"
66 Posts • 15559 Views
Philosophy Forum
i am speaking more about the emotional side of things MiA, but i suppose free time does play a part in it as well... hadnt really thought about that actually :)
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