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interesting viewpoint about dating

User Thread
 36yrs • M •
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interesting viewpoint about dating

Roland (has a girlfriend half his age) wrote:

"What can't you understand, barman? That there are people that are more open minded than you and that they can look deeper into a person than just the number of years they have lived? that there are people that are younger looking than their actual age? That having a 20 yr gap in a relationship is more common now than ever ? There are many cultures in the world and in some countries, it is not unusual to see even a bride as young a 13 marry a much older man in his 30's. I just know that a lot of people who can't accept this is because some of them may have thoughts of envy, maybe some feeling of inadequacy because he or she could not do the same? or maybe just outright prejudice because of a different cultural upbringing. Whatever it is, Barman, get over it. We're in the 21st century. No one is raping or molesting anyone or is keeping anyone against their will. People make their own choices in life and some make better choices than others. I agree that there may be some incompatibilities like you mentioned but like all people, not everyone who is young likes the kind of activities like you mentioned. Some prefer to live differently than others. Some people who are older are more established and can afford many things that younger people can't like own their own homes, have money for retirement , leisure and travel. So if you see a younger male or female with a somewhat older person say old enough to be an older brother or sister, then chances are they may be a couple. And couples like that with money tend to enjoy the finer things in life like travelling, shopping, dining out a lot, going on cruises, going to spas, playing golf, etc. Pls do not base a list of activities as an excuse for not being compatible with someone base on his or her age....Some old people like to lift weights, some young people hate lifting weights, some old people like to pratice martial arts, a lot of young people dont pratice martial arts, some old people like to jog and run the marathon once a year, a lot of young people dont like to jog or even run a 10k run. some young people like to play bowling.... some old people find bowling boring and tasteless. It depends on the person and the kind of activities they pursue. Just because you are young, and I am older, does not mean, I can't beat you in running 10 km. and just because you are young does not mean you have more stamina than me....Modern science has come a long way to solve that thing which used to be a problem. There are many things now that can even the score between genarations. what matters really is choice. Freedom of choice that is without being persecuted for their choices. Isn't that what it's all about?"

See people. Plenty of people agree with me on the subject of both genders and you can see young girls in various dad daughter roleplaying or older men younger women groups, and forums. If its mutual it doesnt matter how old they are.

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 35yrs • M •
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The plus side of dating someone much older is that statistically they will die first giving you more chances later. The 'til death do us part' thing is kinda the safety feature in one such relationship.

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"Speak out, even if what you have to say is unpopular"
 33yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Jacker_Jones is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I can tell he's put a lot of effort into convincing himself that dating someone 20 years younger is ok.

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"I love to see people struggling for their purpose in life..."
interesting viewpoint about dating
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