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Sharing Knowledge

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 39yrs • F •
Sharing Knowledge
I don't come from a wealthy family. Neither of my parents went through university and during most of my youth, the clothes my siblings and I wore were usually hand me downs.

I always did pretty good in school. And by my senior year in high school I was determined to get good grades simply because I saw it as my only way out of the sub standard living conditions that we were in. I hated the house we lived in and my anger drove me to study. My efforts succeeded and I gained entry into a reputable university. And then completed my degree and was successful immediately as getting a good job. I was the first child in my fathers side of the family to become university qualified.

But throughout my ascension in gaining knowledge and learning about the workings of the world and what works best and what is most efficient to leading a happier life, I always had a innate sense where whatever I gained, I was naturally inclined to share that knowledge with my family. A natural predisposition to sharing knowledge so that my parents and siblings could benefit from that knowledge - I didn't view that knowledge to be exclusive to me, just because I was the one accessing it. I saw my access to information as something that was an extension for the whole family. I would share what I learnt when I saw that what I knew could benefit them.

This was a natural part of me. I saw my worldly education as an expansion not just for my benefit, but for everyone close to me.

But unfortunately, it turns out that my family don't think and feel the way I do about sharing information and knowledge. And in fact, their view of me doing so is very different and negatively skewed. They don't view my sharing knowledge with them as something that is for their betterment. They view it along the lines of me flaunting what I know, as though to show that I am somehow better than them. And rather than absorb what I share with them to improve their lives, they don't actually pay attention to information I present.

This behavior by my family has caused me deep hurt and grief. For a long time I though that perhaps I was not delivering information in a way where they could understand it easily. And this had adverse effects on my belief of my ability to help people I love. But I have realised that it was not me that was failing to explain knowledge to them

They simply did not want to know because they prefer to live a life where they feel less advantaged, like victims, in order to feel sorry for themselves.

Many people are like this. They would rather suffer a substandard life, than improve because being enlightened means letting go of the things that are bad for you, which includes people who they like to fool themselves in to believing are family to them.

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Sharing Knowledge
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