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Tagged > Origins
THREAD Science vs ReligionIntellagentdesign
82 Posts • 15851 Views
Religion Forum
As a parting word or two on this discussion... My wife is a science teacher, she says evolution is a theory and intelligentdesign is a theory and any teacher should be able to teach these theories. K...
THREAD Movie Trailers & ClipsMovie Trailers II (YouTube)
110 Posts • 18928 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
X:Men Origins: Wolverine
THREAD Mysterious Origins of Man - Forbidden Archaeology
1 Posts • 1850 Views
Science & Technology Forum
THREAD a question
21 Posts • 5675 Views
Philosophy Forum
be more specific regarding what you are confused by, perhaps it can be clarified; the origins made more stark
THREAD Christianitywhat's the logic in x dying for our sins?
128 Posts • 21769 Views
Religion Forum
Zato: your utterly confused with evolution and the foundations of the 'beginning'. Evolutionary science is a branch of science. The study of Evolution states and explains the beginning of Li...
THREAD Science vs ReligionDid Darwin Dethrone God?
29 Posts • 6420 Views
Religion Forum
No he didn't why whould he? I mean, the evolutionary fact, its that, a fact, you can't say you don't belive it, it just its, so evolutionary theory, wich is the scientific model d...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 34784 Views
Religion Forum
Wow leftwood... You sound like me *eek* thought - I haven't tried meditation, I honestly don't know where to start to have that. I'd be open, but I wouldn't expect much. Except...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyChildhood Memories
8 Posts • 3362 Views
Psychology Forum
the fact exists that each one of us were born into this world, but which one of us recalls from personal experience that birthing process? i believe that idea has Tibetan origins (or something of the...
THREAD Relationships & LoveI met my boyfriend on the what!
63 Posts • 40679 Views
Psychology Forum
*resurrects LadyTaz (by holding a fresh turd under her nose, a turd whose origins shall remain concealed to protect me, uh....., I mean, ........shit)*
THREAD Science vs ReligionEvolution vs. Creationism...Thoughts?
8 Posts • 3170 Views
Religion Forum
I think they need to stop portraying opinion as fact and just humbly admit that KNOW ONE KNOWS! I think that they should stop trying to lie to the children about the origins of man and just teach phy...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 132318 Views
Talk Talk
Yea final fantasy games kick ass. But they are going downhill... fast. FFX was alright, since it was the first one for ps2, but FFX-2 was just plain stupid, and for XI you have to pay to play it... I...
THREAD GodWhy did God create the universe
119 Posts • 34313 Views
Philosophy Forum
I'm not disagreeing with you because the Matrix and keanu reeves are high up on my top films top actors list and of course it has some great philasophical quotes, but I just think they've be...
THREAD GovernmentJesus for President?
45 Posts • 7924 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Jesus was human too, there is a claim that puts some speculation to his origins, but he was human. Many people take that kind of stance, but I don't see any of them as messiahs, just people with...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyThe Edge of the Universe
32 Posts • 7888 Views
Science & Technology Forum
It's one of the fundamental limits of science. It can only really help us discover truth with in certain limits. Once we move beyond the limits of what we've previously been able to observe...
THREAD AstronomySun Pictures
3 Posts • 4863 Views
Science & Technology Forum
When I look at pictures of the sun, it's not a casual experience. I surmise that it must innately be that way for all humans, but people just don't talk about it, or don't allow themsel...
THREAD Science vs ReligionDoes a grain of sand have a soul?
9 Posts • 1992 Views
Religion Forum
Of course if you think of the fact that a grain of sand comes from the same origins as everything else on the planet, I can't see why not. We all came from stardust and we will all return to star...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional Spreading
98 Posts • 16594 Views
Psychology Forum
this thread sort of went all over the place. dibs - your response is actually what i was expecting from people originally, ive been surprized at how much thought has gone in to it though. summ...
THREAD GodWhere do the ideas in religion come from?
42 Posts • 10143 Views
Philosophy Forum
I previously specified my focus to be on mainstream religion, as in Christiany, Catholosism and their branches, and those that deal with OT NT teachings, but let me clarify that I haven't been st...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 52681 Views
Religion Forum
Well that's an interesting twist on our origins :) Certainly the genetic comparison between us, modern apes and our potential ancestors don't show anything so different that needs explain...
THREAD God in Religionwhat made God?
32 Posts • 11565 Views
Religion Forum
No, not necessarily. If speculating on origins of life from an unguided perspective, life could be generated by all manner of crazy harshness as scientists have theorized, lightning, volcanoes etc. Sa...
THREAD Science vs ReligionIntellagentdesign
82 Posts • 15851 Views
Religion Forum
It is said that for 1 human enzyme to form by chance is a number with 40000 zeros. Funnily enough the number of atoms in the known universe is a number with 80 zeros. It is a mathematical improbabilit...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 24286 Views
Religion Forum
Rejoice as we simultaneously slaughter innocents elsewhere, yay for balance. Its funny sort of, I hear so much in life that people need to take responsibility for their actions, but God gets a free...
THREAD God in ReligionQuestioning his Behaviour
284 Posts • 39897 Views
Religion Forum
Fact and allegory is not so clear-cut in the Bible...the reason people though left-handed people were evil is because they would not sit on the right-hand of the father. You will find that nowhere I t...
THREAD God in Religionwhy do you believe in god?
253 Posts • 111056 Views
Religion Forum
let me start by saying that let the lord God jesus christ be praised that their are some who do want it "But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out...
THREAD GodWhy did God create the universe
119 Posts • 34313 Views
Philosophy Forum
'God' didn't create the universe. Peoples philosophical thoughts, theories, spiritual ideas of 'God' and or a 'creator' are natural by-products of your brain attempt...
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