Existence is waking up to the very thought of existence - Michael van Antwerpen
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Tagged > Feelings
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionMy Happiness Equilibrium Theory..What Do You Guys
22 Posts • 11820 Views
Philosophy Forum
I mean, not a life without sad or anger or "bad feelings", but that you can say: I'M COMPLETELLY HAPPY AND I LOVE MY LIFE
THREAD Best Friend=Nightmare
31 Posts • 8570 Views
Talk Talk
lookim the same age as you and i know that chicks can be weird. but i do drama and well have for the past three years and we arnt weird. she sounds as thogh she is just insecure and that she is a cool...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorCodependency Rocks...
2 Posts • 3072 Views
Psychology Forum
:p My first post here - so Hi y'all. Codependency is one of the subjects that I see myself as an expert at. Feelings come into the person, then emotions come out. And everybody ever on t...
THREAD Please someone tell me I'm wrong?!
7 Posts • 2112 Views
Talk Talk
OK. Its been OVER a month since she dumped me... Her reason was "I don't love you like that anymore..." WTF KIND OF REASON IS THAT?!?! Am I the only person who doesn't believe her!...
THREAD Intimacypain and the first time
28 Posts • 8636 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I hate to sound like a prude - but here is a fine example of why love is important. If its going to hurt for her on that first time - well then - she better love the guy, otherwise, there is nothin...
THREAD Video GamesDecius and his Wii
0 Posts • 935 Views
Talk Talk
I wanted to make this picture almost immediately after seeing Decius, but I just now got around to doing it. I related to the picture so much at the time, recreating it brought back all of those feeli...
THREAD Relationships & LoveSimple Question
10 Posts • 2558 Views
Psychology Forum
I feel like my answer is relevant enough so sorry if it's not a direct answer to your question. I think the quote you presented is more of an approach to relationships. In the sense that if in...
THREAD Blah, Blog, Blohhhhh!, = healing
1 Posts • 1709 Views
Talk Talk
You know with all this technology and more avenues to express personal opinion, of only the fortunate whom have access, it seems rather silly that the focus of the connected at places like YouTube, co...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThought and Reality
26 Posts • 7422 Views
Philosophy Forum
i believe that... we can brainwash ourselves about a certain subject.. to a point that we aren't living the way we were destined to. which would lead to questions of reality. are we real? or were...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsGUILT - is it a correct emotion?
9 Posts • 4861 Views
Psychology Forum
Jacker_Jones>> I mean if you never feel guilt your probably a sociopath. Would it be good to be a sociopath? It would probably be pretty empty to not feel remorse or to have no morals Or, if...
THREAD I still need help I may have post this up be4...
1 Posts • 2627 Views
Talk Talk
Hey there ya'll I need some help here if I have post this up before I am sorry but, I need some more advice I don't know what to do still... I just met this guy in November then all of a sud...
THREAD God in Religionwhich God do i follow?
31 Posts • 9720 Views
Religion Forum
Never act on a feeling. Feelings are unstable and change from day to day, you must test things for yourself. Actively search for the true God and you will find Him with no mistake. But be warned the l...
THREAD Habits & Behaviorbottled up
11 Posts • 3164 Views
Psychology Forum
I used to be like that a lot when I was little, but I didn't really have a choice in the matter. About 6-10 years later, now that I'm out on my own, I've finally be able to introduce my...
THREAD Right or wrong....
300 Posts • 57515 Views
Philosophy Forum
If you had feelings for other people then you would not want them to feel bad also, or do you think you are so unique that it would only make you feel bad and therefore other people should experience...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainWhat is effective communication?
18 Posts • 8107 Views
Psychology Forum
From witnessing certain topics being handled and discussed on the forum, and of course through my own experiences with trying to discuss topics with certain people on CC and in my own life, it is inte...
THREAD Religion & Humanityreligion in schools
9 Posts • 3586 Views
Religion Forum
Hmm . . . mixed feelings ? Consensus, note said statements first then at some time after having logged these incidents, like on a weekend when you are not in your normal student mode look through the...
THREAD After effects of Grieving
4 Posts • 3067 Views
Talk Talk
i belive that everything that happens in life effects or scars you in some way...for me, i have to not worry about and allow my scars to make me stronger,to teach me something,allways allow yourself t...
THREAD What's wrong with the world? How do we change
93 Posts • 43391 Views
Philosophy Forum
only the insane can reach enlightenment, the sane will always say it's impossible. Do not try to pry into every concept for too long such as honor because just like everything else you will find...
THREAD Video GamesLeague of Legends
0 Posts • 234 Views
Talk Talk
Now, I respect your attempt here at trying to make a friend, its commendable, and I empathize with any fear you MAY feel while expressing your desires, and I'm not trying to hurt your feelings wi...
THREAD Seeking Advice About an Online Friend
7 Posts • 2731 Views
Talk Talk
I would say she does not look at me as "just some online girl"... I mean, she is a fantastic knitter and she even made me something and mailed it to me. And I know she is always there to hel...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 15777 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
It's not that good but i think its so-so What I'll Never Be I'll never completely show my intellect. I'll never acknowledge what i project Never stand for what i am Never ap...
THREAD Why be polite?
39 Posts • 27018 Views
Philosophy Forum
otherwise i do not care if i hurt their feelings I seriously doubt you would follow this philosophy if it were someone your trying to impress, like for instance your boss, bitches or even police...
11 Posts • 5739 Views
Talk Talk
Welcome Kind_Heart! I'll try to answer some of your questions honestly. Bear with me though.... I tend to ramble. :D First off.... I totally know how you feel. I first had sex the summer...
THREAD Religion & HumanityWhy I don't preach anymore
28 Posts • 7279 Views
Religion Forum
you can give advice even lead them to their feelings but you cant know what they feel it lies within thmself you cant learn every little thing about a person so you shouldnt judge them.. dont ever...
THREAD Relationships & LoveAdvice would be nice
19 Posts • 4673 Views
Psychology Forum
Being the ambassador of young love(hahaha), I have to put my two-cents worth in. I agree with Wyote. Nuff said. Whether he realizes it or not, he is the bad guy here. Are you being fool? Maybe....
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