Time is infinite, yet we never seem to have enough of it. - 68 firebird
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Tagged > Feelings
THREAD Awakendwraith's Apology
5 Posts • 2197 Views
Talk Talk
I was involved in a court case a few months back. This is the letter of apology I sent to my girlfriends parents. What do you think about it? Dear Carothers Family, I'd like to start this...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 61014 Views
Religion Forum
WARNING!!! THIS IS LONG!!! Like I said before, Aura, I'm definitely not scholarly on the subject of evolution. So I'm sorry if I don't know what I'm talking about and add opinions here and there fr...
THREAD StoriesShort story on vampires: Part 1
25 Posts • 6795 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Anton looked at his Rolex for the third time and sighed. 12.01 They were late. It wasn't enough his boss, Darwin, took on people who were totally unsatisfactory for this line of work but t...
THREAD Astral Travel/ Projection
10 Posts • 5383 Views
Philosophy Forum
O.B.E. (astral projection) Recent events have affected all of us but the death of a friend has drawn out the feelings of helplessness. As we observed his passing, the desire to comfort and to be com...
THREAD Feral Children
6 Posts • 8824 Views
Talk Talk
Excerp: A review of 'wild children' was recently on a 60minutes program. Heres the transcript:wild child August 6, 2006 It's an extraordinary story. A little girl, neglected, rej...
THREAD Who needs friends when you can write bad poetry?
17 Posts • 8699 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Are we allowed to put short stories up here? I hope so. Well, this story here won second place in a short story contest. The guy who beat me and I are thinking of starting our own mini-zine. Fun times...
THREAD Society & SociologySolution to the Bushit. Well. Social bushit I enco
8 Posts • 3421 Views
Psychology Forum
So I'm sick and tired of these people around me that like free love and think sex is more of a physical relief than what I think of it to be, something quite emotional. I present to you, being...
THREAD Anatomy of Death
7 Posts • 3191 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Anatomy of Death Jeff Caudy opened his eyes after what felt like a very long nap. He stared blankly at, what he thought was the ceiling. Funny, he thought, I don't remember sleeping in Will's bed....
THREAD Anatomy of Death
7 Posts • 3191 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Anatomy of Death Jeff Caudy opened his eyes after what felt like a very long nap. He stared blankly at, what he thought was the ceiling. Funny, he thought, I don't remember sleeping in Will's bed. H...
THREAD Religion & HumanityUnhealthy Confrontations
12 Posts • 5649 Views
Religion Forum
OK, here is the "Carbon Copy." Theists versus atheists: are conflicts necessary? Ludwik Kowalski, Professor Emeritus Montclair State University New Jersey, USA Abstract Mathe...
THREAD Passion -need help!
5 Posts • 14892 Views
Talk Talk
Macbeth was one of Shakespeare's last plays that he wrote in Elizabethan times somewhere between 1606 and 1611, but the actual play was set in Medieval Scotland. The play as the title suggests wa...
THREAD Dawn's Greeting
9 Posts • 3534 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Before you read chapter five i just want to say that even though this is a completed manuscript and I may post it all on as it currently is, it is still a work in progress and I am currently re-writin...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityThe five fingers of ethics
2 Posts • 9417 Views
Philosophy Forum
A more elaborate description... With five ethical principles, it is possible to construct a coherent ethical system that best matches the strongest basic moral intuitions that I share with a lot of...
THREAD ChristianityGay Bishop = Gay Jesus?
48 Posts • 14449 Views
Religion Forum
Well now I didn't think it was possible... but here I am. Pardon me if I seem disjointed this time around, but you've succeeded in bringing me out of positing retirement and I haven't p...
THREAD Too Early Is Too Late - My First Seven Fortunate Y
4 Posts • 3240 Views
Philosophy Forum
God, thank you for giving us daytime, but more importantly, thank you even more for the essential and powerful nighttime. Who and what is time? Very often God, time and love come to my mind, and I ask...
THREAD ConsciousnessThe prince
7 Posts • 5314 Views
Philosophy Forum
the spiritual feel of an environment. Natural reaction of the presence, due to sense of energy. It’s necessary in relation to conduce, but whenceforth does one conduce? Normalcy is habitual w...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityAnti-morality: a new, justifiable theory to live b
15 Posts • 5817 Views
Philosophy Forum
Title: Anti-Morality, Truth And Peace: Beyond Kant And Others - A New Theory. (Replacing Moral Philosophy, And Morality Or Ethics, With An Epistemic, Science-Based Theory.) Key Words: Moral, Phi...
THREAD ConsciousnessThe prince
7 Posts • 5314 Views
Philosophy Forum
becomes so extreme that one is inhabited in the moment. Routine is the method that is opted for monotonously. Rigorous is different fhan virgorous in the sense that rigourous is repeated acts; vigor...
THREAD StoriesPostcards from Purgatory
1 Posts • 2827 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
1st Postcard Kiss it all goodbye; remnants of childhood imaginings evaporating off crumpled pillowcases and vibrant dream worlds overshadowed by monochromatic reality. There was a boy back there;...
THREAD Life & DeathLife: Is it now? Is it then? Is it to come?
7 Posts • 3626 Views
Philosophy Forum
The Word ¡§In the beginning was the word and the word was with Jah and the word was Jah.¡¨ ¡V The Bible There are two major things we need to notice here that seems to be so open but yet...
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