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Gay Bishop = Gay Jesus? - Page 4

User Thread
 36yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that eliasan is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
First point, Please get YOUR facts straight. "If the Bible didnt say it it wasnt so! And If God wanted us to know things like that he would show us, not based on the believes of crazy scientists who dont even believe in God, and a divinci code that was manipulated and is not even true!
" Did you read the disclaimer sayiing that Dan Brown's Davinci Code was false and that the story was fake. It is hard core close minded people like you who just jump at any chance to proclaim that you are right and the rest of us are wrong.

Point number two. "DETESTABLE!! -_- ...and gays just lie to cover it up dont they? Born gay..HA crap!...gay is a choice! Gays dont love they LUST!! Gays just have lustful feelings towards their sex, so they make up excuses as to how they got that way. They chose to defy God" I am sorry if they are defeying YOUR god but last time I checked there is such a thing as freedom of religon from where I live. Also science is begining to prove that yes you can be born gay/lesbian. You are proclaiming that people who have feelings for each other even if they are the same sex cant feel love for each other. Can you prove that it is lust, I ask you to prove it for me and all that are reading this.

"Thats why American is suffering now! They let ppl get away with every kind of sin! Gay should be out lawed! Its going to be the ruin of nations!" First please use good grammer. That said, we are a free nation one that was free of tyrants untill our current president took over. Speaking of witch why dont you have a lovelly talk with him becouse he feels the same way you do about gays. We have no sin but for what we belive is sin. If you want to defeat sin go to some other country that has problems like drugs or illegal prostituion more rampant then us. Considering homosexuality is not one of the 7 deadlly sins id suggest you cool it.

"i bet AIDS was a curse from God for all ppl who are sexual IMORAL! LIKE GAYS!" Are you impling that AIDS is spread by homosexuals by the fucking universe you are a misguidied son of a bitch. Pardon the swearing their folks but im sorry sometimes I just have to swear at things like that. 1. AIDS is an STD, STD are transmited by anyone who has it and has sex, well not always but thats how it spreads. 2. AIDS is rampant in Africa but is Africa a gay continent NO. Last time I checked they were primarilly catholic. AIDS was spread becouse of loacal lore that said that if you raped a virgin you would get rid of the desiease, ha what good it did. Ok this is all thats needed that I can think of for now. At least on this particualar topic. Have fun proving to us that you are right oh and no saying that the bibble is truth cause you cant prove that either.

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"Fear nothing for fear is the mind killer."
 35yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that St. Jimmy is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
So, if I understand you correctly, you're telling me that homosexuals choose to be the way they are, but you can't give me even a single reason why. Give me a break. If you're going to give me a hard time about something I wrote six months ago, you should have a reason for doing so. Also I find it offensive that you refer to a genetic trait as a "disease". If you don't see skin color, height, eye color, voice, gender, etc... as diseases then you shouldn't call homosexuality that either, bigot.
Finally, jesus says in the bible:

quote: John 13.34,
"I [Jesus] give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another."

Your own god told you to love and accept these people for who they are, but all I see coming from you is bigotry and hate. You fucking make me sick. You see, you're not just going against the posts and posters in this forum, you're also going against your own religion. So why don't you take some of that rage you're directing at me for offending you're skewed version of the christian faith and direct it at yourself for sinning against half the commandments laid down by your own god.

"i bet AIDS was a curse from God for all ppl who are sexual IMORAL! LIKE GAYS!"

Again, I refer you to John 13.34. That aside, that sentence is the single most hatefull and ignorant thing I have ever read. And while I don't like to quote religious work, (especially the bilble) I refer you to Beatitudes 7 through 9. but just in case you don't recall them, I'll post them here.

7: Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

You don't seem to be showing these people anything more than hate, which can hardly be considered mercy. I don't think I need to explain the second part to you.

8: Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.

You're posts reflect your thoughts, and your posts contain nothing but ignorance, bigotry, and hate.

9: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

If you're making peace, it's not here.

So before you go formulating your angry reply, think long and hard as to wether or not you're actually right.

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"He who does not question is lost."
 37yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that isilomir is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Well now I didn't think it was possible... but here I am. Pardon me if I seem disjointed this time around, but you've succeeded in bringing me out of positing retirement and I haven't posted in around 6 months to a year. Congratulations.

That being said, let me begin. And just in case you don't know Taiyondae, I'm gonna go through your posts piece by piece.

First of all I don't claim to be an expert on the bible, but for all this raging going on, will someone please give me an exact location of this fabled "Homosexuality is evil and wrong" line? Book, Chapter:Verse format should do the trick... assuming you have it memorized. I don't want you to quote me the line, I want the information so I can look it up myself.

Also before I start, I will get this out of the way. I'm not a Christian. I do not pretend to be a Christian. Nor am I an atheist. Without going into an entire post about my belief system, think of me as having druidic beliefs. That'll at least get you close.

Now then...

Gay Bishops are just more corrupt gay ppl trying to spread the gayness

Major point: Gay does not equal corrupt. If that were true, every lawyer would be gay because at some point lawyers have to be sleezeballs and if you're a sleezeball because of who you sleep with or date why not apply it to your job? Also, homosexuality is not a disease. It can not be transmitted through the air, bodily contact, or through any other means. Hell it may not even be able to be transmitted genetically but just as the bible is not my area of expertise, neither is the latest in genetic engineering research.

READ THE BIBLE...stop taking it for a joke, EVERYTHING it says is and it is happening!

I'm fairly certain no one here was making fun of the bible. They were just having a friendly discussion about the possible events and circumstances of one man's life and relationships. It just so happens that this man lived 2006 years ago or so and there are far too many accounts of his life to keep track of. As for the bible happening right now? I think I'll ask you to explain this one, because unless I've gone blind nothing from Revelations has happened quite yet. At the rate we're going, Nostradamus has been more accurate than the bible, but that's a whole different conspiracy theory.

there are rules about being gay for a reason!!! The be fruitful and multiply thing cant happen between gays!! In the Bible God said that having sex with another man is DETESTABLE!!

As far as I am able to understand, the rules put in place in the Old Testament were written down by the Jewish people in order to ensure the health and continuing prosperity of their people. Well that's all well and good but I'm going to shoot two holes in it, and would you believe that one bullet comes from scripture?
Bullet #1: The world is currently faced with a problem that's not unheard of throughout history, just now it's on a different scale. Global Over-population. The sad reality is that some countries now have had to enact legislation in order to keep their population small enough so that everyone can be fed. So in a world too full of people, is a rule designed to ensure the growth of the human race even more really necessary?
Bullet #2: Can't quote it because I'm not a biblical expert. However, Jesus threw out all the rules in the Old Testament short of The Ten Commandments. So that includes all of the Jewish rules about eating, sacrifice as penance, and other aspects of life.
As for the second sentence, I must say this in almost every thread I post in... God did not write the Bible. Therefore, you cannot factually claim that God actually said anything written in the Bible. In fact, most of the book, or all the books if you will, are written by an observer as hearsay. There's no guarantee that anything other than the letters included in the gospels is factual, simply because it is an account written by an observer and thus subject to their interpretation.

and gays just lie to cover it up dont they? Born gay..HA crap!...gay is a choice!

All right let's pretend we actually attend/attended some form of educational institution for a bit. Your first claim in this paragraph is completely unfounded. No where was it suggested that gays or lesbians were trying to hide the fact that what they do is wrong. It would be impossible for them to do this because they don't accept that what they do or how they feel is wrong. That is purely your interpretation of their actions based on your experience and has absolutely no logical claim to fact or rule. I could say the sun is blue and that everyone who says otherwise is wrong. However, this does not make me write, just color blind and/or mentally disturbed. For the second part, please post a documented research paper that definitively claims that people choose to be gay. Make sure the authors and sources used in the paper are credible. If you do that, I guarantee you I can come up with an essay written by credible people with credible sources that definitively claims people are born gay. So don't go getting all indignant when the people who research this stuff for a living don't even know the answer yet.

Gays dont love they LUST!! Gays just have lustful feelings towards their sex, so they make up excuses as to how they got that way.

First, please define your terms. What is Love? How does it differ from Lust? How can you tell from an outside perspective if a sexually active couple is just in it for the physical activity, or there because they are in love with their partner's entire being? When you figure out how to answer those questions, please let me know. Because you will have achieved two things I would very much like to patent. A formula for love, and mind control.

They chose to defy God. Thats why American is suffering now! They let ppl get away with every kind of sin! Gay should be out lawed!

For the first sentence, please see my third paragraph. As for the second one, America is not a theocracy. How ever much these so called "family values" have seeped into our democratic process, America is not ruled by the church. George Bush is not a Pope, Bishop, Cardinal, Minister, Priest, or even a Monk to my knowledge. Thus religion should have no bearing on US Policy. So will America let people get away with sin, whatever the definition of that word is? Yes. Because sin isn't America's business. It's not the job of the government to make sure that people don't go home and lust after naked women with breast enhancements after they get off of work. So keep religion out of the American government, the government will stay out of your religion as much as possible.

Its going to be the ruin of nations! Low populations and wide spread AIDS! i bet AIDS was a curse from God for all ppl who are sexual IMORAL! LIKE GAYS!

Oh one of my favorites. I've had to deal with this one before. "Gay people are the sole cause for the epidemic known as AIDS." So that completely ignores the fact that you can pick up AIDS from random heterosexual intercourse at your local frat party. Or that you can get it from sharing a needle with someone while shooting yourself up. You can get it from an innocent goodnight kiss if for some odd reason you're bleeding in the mouth and the person you're kissing is also bleeding. Also last I heard, AIDS originated from inter-species intercourse, which is a whole different matter, not homosexual intercourse. If anything, AIDS is nature's way of putting another population control on a species that's gone way overboard in its reproduction. And I think that might be more frightening than it being a curse from God.


I know I quoted this above, but that was mostly so I didn't take it out of context. I'm still gonna tackle this separately. Gay people are not inherently immoral. Far from it. Many gay people are average middle or upper class citizens that enjoy well paying jobs, culture, comfort, and generally adhere to most of the morals that govern the rest of humanity. But as we are all entitled to our own set of morals, you're free to think of them as being immoral. But if you try to punish them based on your morals, then you come up against the society's morals, and in so far as history has progressed, societies repeatedly accept homosexuality. It's only in modern history that there has been a need to advocate gay rights. So you appear to be in the historical minority as far as civilization goes.

dont get me wrong, i dont hate gays, i have gay friends, love em to death. but the ACT OF BEING GAY is wrong!

This kind of thing always amuses me. This statement is hypocritical. You have gay friends. Sure I'll believe that. You may even honestly love them to death, but I'll still need a definition of that word. However, if all of that is true, there is no way you could judge them to be wrong. I can't imagine they like to hang around you if you're constantly telling them to change. On this point, let me share with you my own personal definition of the word love.
Love: The act of caring for and acknowledging someone unconditionally as being important to your existence.
If that's confusing, basically it means you accept everything about an individual, and you still care for them and feel that their continued relationship with you is part of the reason you wake up in the morning.

Before I dive into your second post, was it really necessary to double post it? I think your anger came through plenty clear the first time.

MY OPINION (even if its true) That married things is CRAP! Jesus did not come to earth for that and He loved Mary like a SISTER!! In those days kissing wasnt strictly sexual......-_- It was an act of love.

You are entitled to your own opinion. However, it's rude and somewhat uncalled for to address another's opinion as crap. Also, Jesus did not come to Earth. Period. He was a mortal man who was born to mortal parents, lived a mortal life, and died. The definition of the word mortal. The Bible written by the church, and revised after the initial Catholic/Orthodox split, is where Jesus became divine. Jesus was born like the rest of us. Lived for 27 years or so, and decided he would try to make a difference in the world. So he went around Israel teaching for three years, and ended up a martyr. Mortal. Not divine. Also it has been stated before, it was practically unheard of to be a Jewish man of 30 years and a bachelor. I'm sure it happened, but it was very, very rare.

This is just more people trying to manipulate the Bible, well the Bible spoke of people who will lie and try to turn things around to suit them. Bunch of evil false profits. WOE to those who believe the lies and BLASEPHEMY.

Well if we're going to talk about manipulating and misusing the Bible, we can't leave out some of the key players now can we? Find a history text book somewhere and review your Crusade era. The words of the Bible were manipulated to send European Knights off to the Holy Land in order to loot and pillage holy relics so that the Catholic Church could increase the size of its coffers. Also the goal of language in general is to manipulate words, and manipulate people using words. It is an exquisite art actually, and the Catholic Church is one of the oldest masters of that art. Even the other people posting in this thread are manipulating words, weather they are their own words or quotes from somewhere else, in order to make a point. This is the very essence of the public forum.

If the Bible didnt say it it wasnt so! And If God wanted us to know things like that he would show us, not based on the believes of crazy scientists who dont even believe in God, and a divinci code that was manipulated and is not even true!

Your lack of grammar in this paragraph makes my job really hard. I really should deal with this in two answers but in the attempt to leave your words in context, here I go. The Bible is not law. The Bible, as stated earlier, is a third party account of events that took place 2000 years ago, give or take a decade. There's a whole lot of history that the Bible doesn't cover. Roughly 4,000 years or so by the scholarly count, tens of thousands of years by my personal account. And that history happened as surely as the sun rose this morning. The Bible doesn't equate with God, nor should it. For the second sentence, very few scientists are truly crazy. In fact very few scientists work on the homosexuality research overall. The majority are inventing new products for sale on the virtual or real market. Those that do research put thousands of hours into their work, and it is unfair to discredit them out of hand with no basis to your claims. Many of them may actually believe in God, and that could be one reason they are researching the material in the first place. You referred to The DaVinci Code as well. Well I suppose if you're going to bring one book in that might possibly be fiction why not bring in a book that might actually turn out to be true? But no, Dan Brown was very clear in response to critics of his book that the story itself is a fabrication. The only claim to fact he makes is thus, "All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate." (The DaVinci Code. Brown. 1) I'm afraid your reference to the DaVinci Code is erroneous and completely irrelevant. The previous posters were not referencing this book to my knowledge, and if they were, they have now been corrected.

Jesus NEVER MARRIED> He was PURE! Pure from birth, death, and still to His resurrection! HOW CAN SENSIBLE PEOPLE BELIEVE LIES OF FALSE PROPHETS? -_- These ppl only wish to confuse you. JESUS PURPOSE WAS MUCH GREATER THAN MARRIAGE> HE SIMPLY HAD NO TIME> with all He did it would be practically impossible, Jesus came to save the sinners, not fall in love and get married and have children. Who ever believes such Blasephemy deserves whats coming to them.

It's awfully hard to argue with babbling, but I'll give it a shot. Being married doesn't make you impure. I know many people who would laugh outright at the suggestion. The rules in the Old Testament governing purity did not tell you to go out and sacrifice two doves for every day you were married. Part of the whole argument now is protecting the "purity" of marriage. So let's not go throwing dramatic terms around. As to your question, I feel the easiest way to respond is with another question. How can a sensible person believe in God? Or in any religion for that matter? Sensible people would take the world at face value. They would not look to a religion for an excuse as to why things happen. If anything, religion is an escape from harsh reality. A way of assuring ourselves that something better awaits us. Or the opposite, for instance the Norse religion. The afterlife is full of drinking and fighting. Some paradise.

I have to stop and make a grammar suggestion. When "shouting" in a forum post, use the caps lock key. It makes it easier to read AND write.


Jesus' purpose was to teach his interpretation of the Torah. If what my predecessors in this thread have said is factual, he would have been married long before he set out to teach. Thus his purpose may have been to teach, but that has no bearing on weather he married or not. Also he didn't do much of anything until he was 27 or so, other than raise a few eyebrows at his local temple. That's at least 11 years going by the medieval standard age of marriage in which he had time to marry, have kids, and support himself and his family. I'm fairly certain he wasn't sitting around twiddling his thums for nearly 3 decades.

Your last words there, I feel deserve their own paragraph. Maybe it's because I've been typing for so long now but who knows. So if I believe in my theology, which in its own way has roots in Christianity, that would mean I'm following a "false" prophet since it's not the original doctrine. Well so are you because of the first split but I won't get into that. There for I deserve what's coming to me right? All right, here goes.

According to my theology, I will live a life being mindful of the world around me and when and if I die (hey you never know who might be immortal) I get to go and spend the rest of eternity in a land of green beauty surrounded by music and laughter. With feasts every so often, and fine crafting of anything from furniture to spoons, and merry making every night. With a plethora of gods, angels, and other immortal beings, spending our days enjoying the finer things in this world. And then, way down at the other end of eternity, I get to take up sword, shield, and bow, and fight in this big glorious battle alongside ancient heroes and gods until the world is split in two and we all get to go to the halls of the Lord of Everything, where both friend and foe alike will come together in harmonious music and complete the symphony known as the life of the world.


Yeah I like that, seems like I have something good coming my way. Enjoy your gold on your streets and your pearly gates. Now where did I leave my sword...

Isilomir Thalionore

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"Balance comes to all things in time. Some make it their duty to tear it apart. It is my duty to balance it out once more."
Gay Bishop = Gay Jesus? - Page 4
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