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Tagged > Feelings
THREAD to hate a parent
18 Posts • 5172 Views
Talk Talk
I would say you are wrong to think that you hate him you may feel have no positive feelings for him but in my experience it is hard to truly hate (or love) someone without knowing why they do what the...
THREAD MMMmmmm...Position.
19 Posts • 9228 Views
Talk Talk
Im sorry to be the boring one, and I hate saying this, but for me good sex isn't about the position. Or where its done. To me it is all about focus. All about being in the exact same place mental...
THREAD ChristianityThe time is NOW! IT is your choice.
50 Posts • 11499 Views
Religion Forum
It hurts? It doesn't hurt if both partners participate consensually. You do not know if it is consensual for alterior motives, do you? Perhaps a woman will sleep with a man in hopes he will...
THREAD Unchained Melodies
24 Posts • 5863 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
OMG! I've been searching for this song for over a decade. It is possibly the most touching, moving, immaculate piece of music I have ever heard. Words will never describe the feelings this son...
THREAD Creative MusingsIt was better left in the dark.
35 Posts • 8806 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Love Is this what love is? It was like ice against warm skin. Extreme pain, white jealousy, feelings of pure pleasure, physical joy, mental freedom, bravery.
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionWhat's love?
7 Posts • 3623 Views
Philosophy Forum
Let me focus on one question. Let's say there's a cute member of the opposite sex. Let's say you have feelings for them. Let's say you've spent time with them and you think yo...
THREAD EconomyIt's a great day in America!
34 Posts • 8976 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Now then as far as the Iraq war I don't share your feelings that the only reason we're over there is for the (God Almighty dollar) sake of maintaining a lifestyle of riches & rewards of...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhy I hate women
32 Posts • 81430 Views
Psychology Forum
I find it interesting that humans tend to project their emotions outward .. assuming that when we feel upset about something, it means there is something wrong "out there", with another pers...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 126400 Views
Philosophy Forum
Hello everyone, I wanted to chime in and see what everyone thinks.... What about the happiness that young children bring to their parents? What about when we are old? I sure don't want t...
THREAD ChristianityCatholic Churches feel grim
18 Posts • 6002 Views
Religion Forum
If they cannot understand your non religiousness, then perhaps you should let them know that while you are not a devout follower, you still beleive in the basic principles, such as one God etc. Howeve...
THREAD Girl Problem
11 Posts • 3496 Views
Talk Talk
You're 14 dawg, let it go. I respect your feelings, but you are quite young for love, let alone a relationship. And hell if that guy wants to fight, straight nail him in the balls and tell him th...
48 Posts • 11769 Views
Talk Talk
Society seems to make the lie a necessary invention. We give pretense for our intentions or the lack there of, to keep from hurting the feelings of others, etc. I try to be honest, at least as honest...
11 Posts • 5606 Views
Talk Talk
Hi there guys, how are all of you? Anyways here's my problem I have been around these boards looking at the different topics and I have found some very interesting insights and information. Wel...
THREAD Movie ReviewThe Butterfly Effect
19 Posts • 31106 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
no.. the reason y he was an asshole was bcoz he knew that he messed everythin up. him killin himself, and him being horrible 2 her ended up doin the same thing, which was not messin dat girls life up....
THREAD DepressionDepression and Suicide
6 Posts • 4067 Views
Psychology Forum
Na, you had it right, you said talk to a therapist, that's actually my natural born instinctive profession, but my secret is I've had therapy, so this is just stuff they would tell and or yo...
THREAD cheating
6 Posts • 3845 Views
Talk Talk
As a teen speaking, work it out. Don't keep all your feelings bottled up or sooner or later, boom....that's alll, folks. Just be honest, and hopefully, if he knows what's good for him,...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 39315 Views
Religion Forum
DT said something earlier that I feel is a basis of a great point, is belief a choice? Think about it. Belief is often described as believing something in the face of lacking evidence, I don...
THREAD Relationships & LoveWhy am I developing feelings for my fiance's best friend?
6 Posts • 3764 Views
Psychology Forum
Your fiancee gets the same feelings when he sees a hot babe in a bikini on a beach. Men are attracted to sight. Women are attracted to a man's presence. Neither one of one have to act on them. Bu...
THREAD Gender PsychologyGirls Suck
16 Posts • 34264 Views
Psychology Forum
The reason most people suck (in the eyes of men) is because most of them after they turn 16 or so, they become a lot more dependent on feelings to make decisions not logic. This causes them to cause e...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional correspondance
8 Posts • 2247 Views
Psychology Forum
My thought: I cannot understand (by that I mean feel rather than have knowledge of) someone else's feelings unless I remember the emotion that I have also encountered. My question: Is it...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsScared of death
6 Posts • 2777 Views
Psychology Forum
I have read you post 10 times over the last week and I either dont understand or I am missing something... Wjats odd is that my fears are either very subtle and it barly botherts me..... then it is...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionDrugs- yes or no?
30 Posts • 7742 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Its a nope for me i dont like to be fair i think there shallow an you only tek dem cus you have nuthing better to do an sympthy an im glad i dont tek them:D:D:D but i dont have no hard feelings to...
THREAD As soon as I think I'm out th pull me back in
5 Posts • 3727 Views
Philosophy Forum
i agree with wyote here......why limit yourself by saying your done or that you're never going to do something the manner of forgiving and may forgive something but yo...
THREAD I lost the baby.
5 Posts • 3119 Views
Talk Talk
Really sad to hear that you misscarried...:( Don't know if there is anything I can do to ease your feelings of pain, but to just let ya know that I'm there for ya. I understand that losing...
23 Posts • 25766 Views
Philosophy Forum
I feel that all my motives are feelings on towards my awareness of the world and that helps me to live in the world. Where does the 'self' and 'world' meet?
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