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Tagged > Molyneux problem
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhat kind of guys do chicks like?
55 Posts • 20158 Views
Psychology Forum
Ok so im intelluctually ok(i like philosophy), and i work out alot at gold's gym. But the only problem is my cockyness, maybe i should change that. Thanks for the help, i didnt know that chic...
THREAD Gender PsychologyThe right to dress provocatively?
80 Posts • 33104 Views
Psychology Forum
I agree with alot of what you said, but there's one problem with it I think. What about the predators who set their sights on a particular person, a person they may have known for awhile, stalk h...
THREAD Movie Trailers & ClipsRandom Video Thread
147 Posts • 19516 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
When you tell us you are being sarcastic we can understand what you're on about, just the problem that everyone comes across it that there is no way of telling when looking at what is written whe...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorShort Men
59 Posts • 28110 Views
Psychology Forum
there are guys that suffer from small man syndrome, but everyone has their "issues" to work through. generalizing and assuming that all short men are this way is where i have a problem with...
THREAD Spoon bending.
11 Posts • 3342 Views
Philosophy Forum
I don't want to learn a life lesson or anything like that perhaps that is the problem
THREAD SpiritualityCan the Supernatural be taken seriously?
32 Posts • 7547 Views
Religion Forum
If we deny your 'individual truth', why is that a problem. From what you have said it only applys to the individual anyway!
THREAD Gender PsychologyIncursions in to girl space
22 Posts • 5006 Views
Psychology Forum
That's kind of the hard part. My female friends at the moment kind of fall in to 2 and a half categories. 1st there's the quiet / prim, ones, a lot of my oriental and christian friend fall i...
THREAD Law & GovernmentCivilization and government
26 Posts • 6248 Views
Philosophy Forum
In terms of human creation, I don't think over population is really a problem. I read a paper stating that we could fit 4.5 billion people in the state of texas and that each person would have ab...
THREAD PedophiliaChild Predators
46 Posts • 15223 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Have to agree, I believe that they need treatment. However, I don't think that they deserve a slap on the wrist and told to not do that again. But then again, I suppose they don't have t...
49 Posts • 10629 Views
Philosophy Forum
for meditation, the easiest one is just sit nice and comfortably, and count to 21 repeatedly. your mind goes blank, and you can sit there for ages without getting bored. though admitedly the last time...
THREAD Why be polite?
39 Posts • 25069 Views
Philosophy Forum
True, but battling is also a form of competition which breeds new ideas and thoughts in order to best your opponent. I have no problem with the idea of keeping the peace but i think a useful argument...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionDrunken
27 Posts • 8248 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
The problem with most laws and regulations is that they deal with an issue after it gets out of hand (ie- giving more attention to AIDS treatment vs. better saf-sex education.) Alcohol is the same thi...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsHow to manage mood
2 Posts • 2365 Views
Psychology Forum
if this happens frequently you could have a depression problem. if not, then i suggest you exercise. go for a jog, a walk, dance, swim, anything physical. those feel good endorphins will get active...
THREAD Society & SociologyGOD and goofy belief systems.
210 Posts • 30716 Views
Psychology Forum
Won't Christ forgive them if they can't help it? But they can help it. Yes they will be forgiven but that is no excuse to sin. if you believe in and put your faith in Christ, he'...
THREAD ChristianityExcerp: America is not a Christian Nation
155 Posts • 35991 Views
Religion Forum
"If the Founding Fathers were Christians and they wanted to establish a Christian nation, then why didn't they mention Jesus Christ even once in a document that they knew would be the corner...
THREAD Time, what the f*ck??
3 Posts • 2178 Views
Philosophy Forum
well....i think the drugs have helped, in my case anyway......i remember quite a lot actually and some of it is in order but some of it problem is short term memory....i might not remem...
49 Posts • 10629 Views
Philosophy Forum
question: "all beings strive for entertainment, do they not?" Yes, we do.. that is a problem.. we can't just sit for an hour and allow ourselves to do nothing.. if we could over...
THREAD Random QuestionsQuestion for all with an open mind!
5 Posts • 3252 Views
Talk Talk
You said:" Hello everyone, I am very new to this site and I wish I joined a long time ago. I have a question that's been on my chest for a while and I really need to get it off my chest. Eve...
THREAD Spiritualitycoincidence or what?
9 Posts • 3046 Views
Religion Forum
but the problem is that hurricanes happen a lot there anyway, its not wierd that they happen. and there has been more violent weather in earth's past anyways. if God wanted to reveal Himself, he...
THREAD God in ReligionLoving, Kind, Forgiving, Blessing God?
35 Posts • 7792 Views
Religion Forum
Oh, and take a look at the problem with evil thread, and let me ask you, do you prescribe to the notion that god created evil, and please explain how any other possibility exists under a bible's...
THREAD DepressionDepression
11 Posts • 8422 Views
Psychology Forum
I dont think depression is that big of a problem. Many intellectuals have it. Darwin, Edvard Munch, Beethoven, etc. All of them stated that it help fuel their creativity and progress. So i say embrace...
THREAD How Do I Tell Him I Need A Break?
9 Posts • 7746 Views
Talk Talk
wouldnt it be better if he was there by your side during this transition... i guess i really shouldnt be trying to answer this because i dont believe in "breaks" ... either you can stick it...
THREAD I'm Stuck In a Rut, and I Can't Move On...
23 Posts • 6908 Views
Talk Talk
I'm interested in anything that will give me my success, confidence, sense of belonging and the sense of being wanted back. I will take any advice dealing with why I feel like this, but I want to...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 33467 Views
Religion Forum
Yep, I think that's where part of my problem lies. I have trouble thinking an all good God would decide it was right to make us suffer for our ancestor's mistakes. Making us suffer in the...
THREAD Philosophical books
10 Posts • 6114 Views
Talk Talk
well im writing a book and going to try to get it publshed at the end of my senior year so please read it its about the utter idiocy of the humans and human nature cause i propose if someone murders a...
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