Morality is the herd-instinct of the individual - Nietzsche
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Tagged > Hate people
THREAD ChristianityCellphone VS Bible
41 Posts • 12075 Views
Religion Forum
Oh my gosh .......u people are getting soooo technical on me...I am only 12....Gosh
THREAD Society & SociologyWhy must intelligent people be so sarcastic?
64 Posts • 85182 Views
Psychology Forum
Question: Why do most people refer to God as "Him", then? Aye, that's the rub.
THREAD ChristianityGive up sin?
22 Posts • 5029 Views
Religion Forum
I think this topic is very close to my thread and question a little while back: What is heaven like? m/thread/69828/what-is-heaven- like.htm What really amazes me about...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsFears with Aging
5 Posts • 2434 Views
Psychology Forum
Hitting 25 has been one of the toughest ages for me personally. I think I have been on some level preparing for it since I was about 20, but that doesn't mean it's gone without difficulty....
19 Posts • 7229 Views
Philosophy Forum
i'm still not sure if everything happens for a reason. i don't know if fate exists. because think about it... life would be so planned out. you really wouldn't have a choice. because th...
THREAD Society & SociologyDealing with egoistic people
4 Posts • 5587 Views
Psychology Forum
Hi guys! This is my first post(I guess :D ) in this forum and I've really enjoyed reading things here. I would really like to thank all the people who have been posting here and made a difference...
THREAD Elections2004 Presidential Election
7 Posts • 3053 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Kerry has an interesting past, just real quick, Viet Nam vet, 2 tours I think, Had to have his discharge uprgraded many years after the fact, was a war protestor to an extent after his tour(s) and dur...
THREAD September 11
16 Posts • 5081 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
If this is a memorial thread, I choose to remember and remind that no justice has come of this. That one of the largest mass murders of innocent people occurred in my back yard and no one has been...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyAbusive Mothers
2 Posts • 4844 Views
Psychology Forum
The 'kill mom' thread is pretty extensive and I wanted to read more stories about people with abusive mothers and what forms of abuse they encounter. I came across this yahoo answers page ti...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 37618 Views
Religion Forum
If i were god i cud not have stop 9/11 cus it will go against the freewill of the terrorist who chose to perform them horrible acts but i will be there with open arms welcoming all the new believers t...
THREAD SocietyDefine the word "American"
72 Posts • 16725 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think its important to see that eventhough America portrays itself as the most democratic and free country in the world, this county cause 70% of the world pollution yet it only posseses around 5% o...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsWyote
0 Posts • 715 Views
Talk Talk
lol wow! I hope I don't develope a huge ego from all this attention I've been getting lately. I didn't intend to discredit other people's opinions with my previous post. “A s...
THREAD Religion & HumanityIs it wrong to be multi-religious?
40 Posts • 8081 Views
Religion Forum
Thanks Pete, you're right it is, except that some christians believe that some people will go to hell for not believing the correct things and my wires tell me that this is not true and apperantl...
THREAD New Year's resolutions
11 Posts • 2701 Views
Talk Talk
get a little more focused in school meditate more, get to know my faith treat everyone with respect learn to talk about personal things with people get 10 women pregnant in 10 small town, unde rth...
20 Posts • 6268 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
In Biology, we were talking about different diseases, and about mosquitos giving people sickle cell anemia, When the teacher questioned the class about what the biggest killer is these days, i couldn&...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 56967 Views
Religion Forum
pigments seem to develope to filter ultraviolet radition, fair skinned people seem to be indigenous to higher altitudes. We had an albino horse in Montana, we painted the area around his eyes with bo...
THREAD we only have what we will
30 Posts • 5173 Views
Philosophy Forum
Crime will always be there. There is no peace to war. Someone will always be richer than another. Politicians get corrupted with power. Religion imposes questionable beliefs on people. Societies as a...
THREAD Random QuestionsObservations Thread
48 Posts • 9384 Views
Talk Talk
I was at a hellogoodbye concert in the park on MSU's campus and I just noticed as people get in to larger crowds they stop acting like human and behave like animals. ex. I had two girls in front...
15 Posts • 8839 Views
Talk Talk
Ya know what, I agree with you. Many people today end up in divorce, no metter how long they've been together. It's worse if they have kids, because it doesn't exactly create the best h...
THREAD Motorbikes!
13 Posts • 11463 Views
Talk Talk
Hmm, I can see why some people dont like harleys, but in the end, who is gonna look cooler ? A big guy with a beard chugging along on a very loud cruiser, or a random Power-Ranger on an overly fas...
THREAD Life....
5 Posts • 3232 Views
Talk Talk
I like to explore things on the net. I love libraries as well as talking with people. For my I usually have no problems in finding interesting it sometimes can be a question of motivation which can f...
23 Posts • 25384 Views
Philosophy Forum
Altruism ends up being a desirable state of mind because irrespective of it being selfish, it is inherently good for the whole. It is therefore in society's programming to look positively at peop...
70 Posts • 19303 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
awwww not fair! *throws a tantrum* *lol* ive gotten a lot of flak over the years for being a Green Day fan, im not sure what the problem is.... im glad people on here are more umm whats the word.....
THREAD ConspiracyExcerp: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
214 Posts • 56622 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Hijack 'suspects' alive and well 1/hi/world/middle_east/1559151 .stm In case people hadn't seen any videos or heard much about this. (Not to mention how an...
THREAD Democrat Alternative to the President
3 Posts • 2611 Views
Talk Talk
I won't be making the choice as I'm not a registered Democrat - But I like Wesley Clark. Only because he is a decorated Vietnam Vet. He's been there and won't take chances and will...
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