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Tagged > Boyfriend getting fat
THREAD Human Nature & Emotionemotional voids.
9 Posts • 4488 Views
Philosophy Forum
so as i was driving home i was thinking about my recent breakup with my boyfriend of little over a year. and then i was thinking about voids… and what people do everyday to fill a void they have…...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsUniversity life not going as I would like it to go...
6 Posts • 2204 Views
Psychology Forum
Ive just started my first year of university and sometimes I want to crawl into a hole and just cry. Ive wanted to go university for nearly three years now but cancer got in the way so it was delayed...
THREAD Sexual PsychologySex and Emotions
4 Posts • 3885 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I have not lost my virginity yet, and am in no way ashamed of it. I always believed that I would wait till i was married but since I left my religion that does not seem so important to me anymore, esp...
THREAD Sexual BiologyI like sex but have trouble Orgasming
17 Posts • 15807 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
OKAY, HERE IS A FEMALE RESPONSE TO THE QUESTION: Chelsea, honey, you are so very young, your body is changing so fast. your mind is changing so fast. your body is very affected by the mind. ~Can yo...
11 Posts • 5288 Views
Talk Talk
Hi there guys, how are all of you? Anyways here's my problem I have been around these boards looking at the different topics and I have found some very interesting insights and information. Wel...
THREAD RelationshipsHow can someone make you so depressed?
3 Posts • 7318 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Hello everyone. This is my first post on here so here goes. Over the past six months my ex girlfriend and I have essentially been broken up. She was my first love and the break up was incredibly u...
THREAD Life & Deathdeath lives through us
3 Posts • 2292 Views
Philosophy Forum
i have a theory and id like to share it with you. last january i was walking with my boyfriend. we were crossing the street and i was walking a little farther ahead of him.well he was too slow and got...
THREAD guy trouble....
14 Posts • 5469 Views
Talk Talk
Oh, I date. But when I do it, it's part of my courtship ritual. Please understand, you are quite free to do anything you want concerning dating. I just do things in a different fashion. Relati...
THREAD DepressionLoss of Passion
9 Posts • 6396 Views
Psychology Forum
Heya Poser, I have been through many relationships myself lasting more or less 3+ years or more. I definetly know what you are talking about, and being a girl have been on the other end where if...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyHow Do You Cope?
3 Posts • 3209 Views
Psychology Forum
I have a son who was abused growning up...his special needs isn't aparent until you have been with him for awhile....his bid for attention makes him hard to handle and other kids are very uncomfo...
124 Posts • 27704 Views
Talk Talk
I just turn of legal drinking age and for some reason people think that I should experience more. Examples: A month before the big day my sister tells me "You want to talk to this guy? His your a...
THREAD DrugsDo you smoke?
47 Posts • 13359 Views
Psychology Forum
Yes I do. :( I am TOTALLY trying to cut it down to nothing though... and (patting myself on the back, I am doing a DAMN good job!) I started in the summer of seventh grade. A boyfriend named Ru...
THREAD I need help making a decision about a relationship
5 Posts • 3121 Views
Talk Talk
Welli it's a long story... thanks to anyone who takes the time to read it. 2 weeks ago me and my girlfriend (leah) were having problems, we have been arguing alot lately, mainly because i can&...
THREAD suicide with heartbreak?
16 Posts • 10749 Views
Talk Talk
so.. my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years tells me yesterday that it isnt working and he's tired of being locked down. He wants to know what the single life feels like again.. he doesnt even remember how...
THREAD StoriesHis Name was Henry
1 Posts • 1684 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
His Name was Henry a short story by Wolf Larsen His name was Henry. He was walking down the street to the bus stop. Henry had just finished a long day at work and now he was free. Free! Henry...
THREAD Random QuestionsFirst kiss.
37 Posts • 7332 Views
Talk Talk
my first kiss was something out of a dream. it all started on a cold winter night when a bunch of my friends and i went out sledding. And then we all went back to "his" house. It was so...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyDaughter and boyfriend don't get along...
1 Posts • 2314 Views
Psychology Forum
Hello, I hope I can get some input from you guys here, I'd really appreciate it. Last year I started a relationship with this guy from UK, (I'm mexican) and ever since he and my 6 yr old...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismFeelings of Guilt After Religious Disaffiliation (leaving a religion)
3 Posts • 11947 Views
Religion Forum
Are you someone who was indoctrinated as a child into a religious group and then as an adult realized that you didn't actually believe what was taught to you, so you stopped believing in/followin...
THREAD A big committment issue or am I going off men?
3 Posts • 2554 Views
Talk Talk
OK, I'm not sure where to begin but I can't decide whether I have some kind of weird committment issue or if I'm just losing faith that there are any men out there I want to be with. A...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorShort Men
59 Posts • 28631 Views
Psychology Forum
My views: (without actually reading all the posts reguarding this topic) I know many short guys. (Well I am 5'10" so lets say I know ALOT of short guyz) I also see and hear people comment...
THREAD suicide with heartbreak?
16 Posts • 10749 Views
Talk Talk
[ihi everyone ,im at a loose end really ,so just looking up about people who might be able to give advice!? I can relate to the girl who s finding it hard, My boyfriend has just walked out on me and...
THREAD SocietyExcerp: 13 Year old boyfriend gets nude pics of teacher
2 Posts • 7353 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
In Tennessee a school teacher is given an additional 7 years in prison for sending her 13 year old boy friend nude pictures of herself. She's pretty good looking, the 13 year old I'm sure is...
THREAD JokesR-Rated Riddles
3 Posts • 8689 Views
Jokes & Games
*R-RATED RIDDLES* Q. What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hooker? A. A hooker can wash her crack and sell it again. Q. What's a mixed feeling? A. When you see your mother-in...
THREAD Who is Imposing on Whom?
2 Posts • 1452 Views
Talk Talk
Dear all, I'd love to know what each and everyone of you think on this social dilemma. Recently, I may have stepped on my best-friend's toes due to differences in our ideas of how frien...
THREAD In The NewsOntario Canada, Lakes, Rivers And Dead Bodies
1 Posts • 2049 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Case 1) On Aug. 15 Liu's right foot was found in the Credit River in Mississauga, Ont., about 45 kilometres west of her home. Liu's head and hands were later discovered in the river in t...
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