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Tagged > Boyfriend getting fat
THREAD Weird ThingsHistorical curiosities
33 Posts • 11762 Views
Talk Talk
- Eminem is left-handed - Someday, the mathematician Karl F. Gauss was so concentratd on his work that when he was told that her wife was about to die, he anwered: 'Yes, yes, but ask her to wait a...
THREAD How Do I Tell Him I Need A Break?
9 Posts • 7856 Views
Talk Talk
i don't know what top say but i have a problem of my own.......i have a boyfriend that i've been witih for two years now and i no longer want to be. I am so mean to him and i have been for s...
THREAD Cool Lyrics
0 Posts • 8454 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Oh well, it happened again She walks away with her boyfriend ~At The Library Juliet's crying 'cause now she's realizing what love can be ~One For The Razorbacks I am one of...
THREAD Inter-racial dating
9 Posts • 2694 Views
Talk Talk
i was in an inter racial relationship too and my family was very against it and now i have a little mulato girl. she is just beautiful. our relationship didn't end all that well, but if your fami...
51 Posts • 17298 Views
Philosophy Forum
if your talking about a boyfriend girlfriend situation then maybe thats good.. now you can be open with him or her and accept each other for who you really are.. not to sound like a preacher but i&...
THREAD What is our relationship? Is he my boyfriend?
5 Posts • 9472 Views
Talk Talk
(sigh) You boys are dumb. The term 'boyfirend' isn't used as a simple label. If a boy says he wants to be a 'boyfriend', it means that he wants to be commited to someone and h...
THREAD Gender Psychologywhy do guys lie???
21 Posts • 9422 Views
Psychology Forum
Hey i totally understand where your coming from. now guys i'm not saying that all of you lie, but boys do lie. My ex boyfriend was cheating on me for a month. I found out, and confronted him infr...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsWorship 101?
5 Posts • 2256 Views
Religion Forum
My boyfriend and I are of different religious belief systems. He's is a Sufi worships his god by doing daily prayers. I'm starting my path in polytheism and I mainly worship the goddess Aphr...
THREAD Avoid strangers glances and smiles
15 Posts • 3211 Views
Talk Talk
i dont know, i find it kind of strange how some people are...there have been times when i smile or even say hello to a stranger and they completely ignore me, like i did something wrong.......people d...
THREAD i love him...i think
7 Posts • 2209 Views
Talk Talk
My advice may seem a little crazy but sometimes being crazy in a crazy situation works out. It is assumed that the reason you don't just leave him is because you think you might love him. Ther...
THREAD Relationships & LoveI met my boyfriend on the internet..so what!
63 Posts • 40643 Views
Psychology Forum
I actually met my boyfriend online, however- my situation is difficult seeing he doesn't live in the usa- I'm in florida, usa.. He's in Australia- Just like you we have the greatest con...
THREAD suicide with heartbreak?
16 Posts • 10749 Views
Talk Talk
:( I can't say I have been in your place with the whole 3 1/2 year boyfriend thing! But I was close! I dnt kno if this will mean much to you but dnt hurt yourself to get back at him. Just give hi...
THREAD Relationships & LoveMy friend has dreams of being raped by me
5 Posts • 3128 Views
Psychology Forum
English is not my mother tongue, I apologize for my grammer mistakes. I meet a girl about six month ago and I really liked her from then. During these six months I always tried to become a boy frei...
THREAD DreamsDreams
9 Posts • 2711 Views
Psychology Forum
Ive been having the strangest dreams lately. I cry for hours about each one. Anyone analyze dreams? They are things that really happened , i guess thats why they upset me so bad. The first one i had a...
THREAD DreamsDream Telepathy?
9 Posts • 4702 Views
Psychology Forum
I've had several dreams that lead me to believe that maybe there is a connection with others while dreaming or asleep. One night i dreamt that i saw my friend walking down the hall of our high sc...
THREAD Gender PsychologyChicks and Fake Phone numbers
64 Posts • 40945 Views
Psychology Forum
Alright so i know this is a few years late but i was reading this and felt like i needed to share a few of my stories. OK so where i work i'm moving around a lot inside interacting with various...
THREAD What is Love
25 Posts • 5860 Views
Talk Talk
Would die for them if I absolutely needed to...??? Very survivalistic of you, smart, but just that attitude assure's me that you know nothing about love and have no business giving someone else a...
THREAD Kahlil Gibran Discussion on one writing of his pro favor? (No it is not in espanol)
17 Posts • 8067 Views
Philosophy Forum
Thanks for the response. Ive figured alot more out now. Unfortunately I did not know him as I thought. He is not as smart as I once believed....he is MASK. I spoke with someone who was a good frien...
THREAD How Do I Tell Him I Need A Break?
9 Posts • 7856 Views
Talk Talk
Hi girls! {and guys too!} I just wanted to say hi to everyone and see that everyone is doing okay. Secondly, I would like to get some advice from all of you here. Okay so like I had talked about awh...
THREAD Forgiveness
16 Posts • 5959 Views
Talk Talk
I cheated on my boyfriend after about 3 years of a relationship. We were having serious issues and I was unhappy with my life in general. I kept all my feelings inside. I moved for him and about a mon...
THREAD Freinds With Benefits, I Think Not
16 Posts • 5470 Views
Talk Talk
i would agree with awakened on this, a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner is a friend with which you interact sexually (on whatever level, doesnt have to be actual sex). i also agree that a friend with &quo...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyStepmother issue
5 Posts • 2959 Views
Psychology Forum
I am wondering if I should confront my stepmother about something that's bothering me, or if I should just let it go. My parents got divorced before my first birthday and my dad remarried soon...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 16148 Views
Religion Forum
quote: Is it right or wrong to bring a baby into this world given the circumstances? This question tends to justifies people who want abortions. It is an excuse for poor parenting. If people ac...
THREAD Society & SociologyRevenge
15 Posts • 4218 Views
Psychology Forum
OK so i was at the mall with a couple of friends and we met this girl we knew from school that was working in a store. I barley know her, but somehow, my friends do. So we're talking for a while,...
THREAD Army of Darkness(I R ME)
6 Posts • 3575 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Hey I R ME, my boyfriend just brought Army of Darkness on DVD and we watched it last night, I love that movie Ive seen it like 10 times when I was little. We want to get the others on DVD soon. My fav...
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