You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel. - unknown
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Tagged > Books
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 72441 Views
Psychology Forum
my chemistry teacher first introduced me to them. there are several books out which document people killing themselves in various ways (due to their own stupidity). there is also a website... *looks f...
THREAD ChristianityBible: Fiction or Non-Fiction
40 Posts • 18766 Views
Religion Forum
Yeah I was thinking non-fiction because I'm sure there's a lot of books in the non-fiction section that aren't 100% accurate or 100% truthful. It's more an over embellished truth o...
9 Posts • 3214 Views
Talk Talk
That depends whether your a person who reads books or a person who realises nature. Note the word realise-it is different from belief. Its like saying you know India without being there.
THREAD BooksFavs
29 Posts • 9496 Views
Talk Talk
there are so many books i love, but my absolute favorite would have to be angela's ashes by frank mccourt. i read that book for school and it is still my favorite, so thats saying something
THREAD BooksBook dissection
20 Posts • 12100 Views
Talk Talk
I'm going to read the books you quoted from the last 2 posts. You have a very keen eye for important and interesting stuff! Just curious... how do you usually find out about a book to read?
THREAD BooksHarry Potter #6
23 Posts • 10068 Views
Talk Talk
the reason y harry will beat him, is because otherwise wat wud b the point of havin so many books, if in the end fred or george did it. thatd b sooooooooo lame. that may b a shit reason but there u go...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityWar - What The Hell Is It Good For
164 Posts • 29095 Views
Philosophy Forum
bahahahahahahaha.... history books? those things are retarded and so is history...
THREAD Movie Trailers & ClipsMovie Trailers
41 Posts • 12465 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum touchstone/hitchhikersguidetot hegalaxy/trailer_3/hh_trailer_ large.html Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy I think someone posted this but I like it and didn't see...
THREAD Movie Trailers & ClipsMovie Trailers II (YouTube)
110 Posts • 20709 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Does the movie live up to you expectations? Most movies made from games, books, TV series etc tend to water down thier content and leave their true fans depressed. Teenagers may like this. Bit I...
THREAD Bookseffected by reading
8 Posts • 2823 Views
Talk Talk
Yes books and literature have an astounding effect on people especially when they can relate to what they are reading. Usually emotion comes to me when I can relate a past experience to what's ha...
THREAD Society & SociologyThe Internets Rape Of Innocence
17 Posts • 5410 Views
Psychology Forum
Life rapes you of innocence. The internet just does it quicker. All forms of perversion (not just sexual) can be found in books and in people. The internet just makes it easier to get.
THREAD Bookswhat about books?
3 Posts • 2860 Views
Talk Talk
reading AND writing !!....tis a sad thing thats for sure. My son is graduating this year and if you read something he wrote on a piece of paper you would swear it was from a grade 3 student. He used...
THREAD Time and Absolute Zero
52 Posts • 12408 Views
Philosophy Forum
Google it. Trust me, you don't even need to buy text books these days, everything you need to know about physics is on the net these days, and you can get a sample of EVERY theory, not just the c...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
im very new to this thing...ventured on here in search of a poets corner. my food pyramid consists of cheesecake, sushi and halfcooked pancakes. my brain is a river of creativity and i hope not to dam...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityWar - What The Hell Is It Good For
164 Posts • 29095 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well this is captain cynic. What good is territory when its radioctive and poisoned. You need to reread your history books. Will we own Iraq, did we obtain Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Germany? Did...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 55276 Views
Religion Forum
I think that the divergence between Christian denominations is a pretty sad thing. As long as Christians hold faith in the main belief that Christ died for our sins and live a life repenting of their...
THREAD Bookscirque du freak by Darren Shan
10 Posts • 5857 Views
Talk Talk
I never did check out the Demonata series. I am kinda afraid of it disappointing me. I also don't really have time for books anymore. Between school and ROTC and my girlfriend. But if i do end up...
THREAD Spanish Problems
2 Posts • 1914 Views
Talk Talk
I have to take spanish classes for my college degree and I was wondering if anyone out there knew of any books, tapes, or tricks that would help me learn the language. Any help anyone can offer would...
THREAD Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
8 Posts • 2193 Views
Talk Talk
It's got to be anti-climatic and different from all the other books since it has to end. It was really weird because they were never in school, unbelievably depressing, and lacked a good conclusi...
64 Posts • 17395 Views
Philosophy Forum
science doesnt prove the existence of anything (not necceasilry from an extreme skeptic view).. but on a common sense level it gives reason to evolution i guess(i only pick up info like you do out of...
THREAD Booksr.l.stine
10 Posts • 6853 Views
Talk Talk
i am not a big reader. i find things hard to understand and comprehend even though i am intelligent. I remember reading r l stine books ( goosebumps ) when i was younger. they were freaking awesome. a...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 26193 Views
Religion Forum
cturtle - I find that you are a man of great faith. Often I don't reply to your posts because I don't always understand what you are saying. You are far more technical then I am. But I do be...
THREAD BooksFavs
29 Posts • 9496 Views
Talk Talk
Stephen King- his books make no sense until you read them out loud, but then when you do, they actually are good. "Dreamcatcher" is my favorite- deals with the structure of the human mind an...
THREAD StoriesA Short Story By Awakendwraith
12 Posts • 4071 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
u must form your own vision about the most fundamental things in life...religion,death,personal relationships...and ur vision must be solid.this (does not mean that it must not change but it can impro...
THREAD ChristianityWhy do teens find Chruch Boring?
50 Posts • 20072 Views
Religion Forum
Saying that a faith isn't based on facts is only an assumption if you've never looked for any facts, or taken them into account. What books have you read about Christian facts DumbTeen? :...
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