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Tagged > Books
THREAD Life & Deathwhat is your theory on life?
270 Posts • 49504 Views
Philosophy Forum
At the time im exetremely confused. Im confused because i dont understand why people still believe that there is some super natural thing creating us all. Its confusing because they believe and model...
THREAD General HealthHealth Tips
12 Posts • 5711 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Probably because its not common, since most people who meditate don't do it 10 hours a day for 10 years and even replace sleep with it. Also, dont forget that not ALL information is on the int...
THREAD School uniforms
47 Posts • 25223 Views
Talk Talk
shade: but alot of people DO "read books by there covers" not that thats a good thing but hey it happens. but you do have a good point there is a little thing called personality which is mos...
19 Posts • 6055 Views
Philosophy Forum
What would happen if: Something happened in the past, and one person killed all those who witnessed it and then gave false information and it made the history books. Once he dies, there is no one who...
5 Posts • 2175 Views
Talk Talk
Okay help.... I have exams coming up soon.. in May.. and the problem is i am so crap at revsing.. im sure everyone on this site has sat some kind of exams.. so can anybody tell me their methods an...
THREAD Charlie and The Choclate factory
10 Posts • 8327 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Im with you with on seeing batman, looks pretty darn cool. Odd to see that Dahl would think the second one is a tiny bit better then the first when this one looks like crap. I haven't read the bo...
THREAD What IS existance?
59 Posts • 13999 Views
Philosophy Forum
That is wisdom. Nicely put, like war, there are somethings that can only be experienced to truely understand. Movies or books can give a feeling like it but the emotion which twist you inside is in th...
THREAD ChristianityA question for a devoted Christian.
235 Posts • 37826 Views
Religion Forum
If we followed the rule of 'homosexuality=sin' then we would be able to kill our neighbors if they worked on the Sabbath, stone adulterers, and make sure our daughters never had a window tha...
THREAD FuturologyThe end of the universe
40 Posts • 17214 Views
Philosophy Forum
Ya, think 4you, & I had a little discussion in the 4-d thread http://www.captaincynic.com/th read.php3/thrdid=13596-u-frmid =21 about this very thing. Actually the 2 books 'Alice in Wonder Land...
THREAD BooksCount of Monte Cristo
5 Posts • 4189 Views
Talk Talk
i read this book about a year ago, and i have to say it was a really good story. i was interested in how dante's character changes so that in the end he is living just for revenge. i will say tha...
THREAD God in ReligionIf god exist why doesn't he show himself to the world?
145 Posts • 29908 Views
Religion Forum
You know how religion is discovered? Word of mouth and the religious books/ teachings, word of mouth, by other people. You know how science is discovered? Observation and intelligence.
THREAD BooksNovels - what are some good novels?
5 Posts • 4800 Views
Talk Talk
what are some good novels? I'm looking for an entirely new concept, a thriller with interesting characters that i will not be able to put down. any ideas?:p
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 57559 Views
Religion Forum
Concerning the religious thing. Thanks for calling evolution religion rather than call it science. I like that. But the book of Genesis. If you try not to make it an historical document and just re...
THREAD GovernmentBush and God's will...
28 Posts • 7215 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Hey DT, its safe to say in your books that USA can be easily be replaced or added upon with the initials CIA when referring to American illegal overthrows, is it not? And yes, I do realize there ar...
THREAD Reality & Metaphysicsdeluded reality
7 Posts • 3439 Views
Philosophy Forum
Books, multimedia can you really believe any of it sure I agree it helps you form perspective view points on life and everything else, but if those views are based on fallacies is it really worth it?...
THREAD Independent Realization V.S. Absract Teaching
5 Posts • 2248 Views
Philosophy Forum
Not another Decius related thread. Everything I know I learn from books. My idea of education is self-education. Some people have a more oral, "proactive" style of learning. As Decius quite...
THREAD Audio/video converter for protected files
10 Posts • 3286 Views
Talk Talk
There are a lot of new functions in TuneCab: you may download YouTube video and convert it to desired format, extract sound from video files and create ringtones for you mobile, convert audio books wi...
THREAD SpiritualityWe didn't exist before we got here
48 Posts • 12277 Views
Religion Forum
summit, 'experiance of the divine' doesn't have to mean religion or a christian, muslim or jewish God. If you have pre conceived notions about God, then replace divine with experiancing...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsExpressing And Experiencing Spirituality
7 Posts • 3392 Views
Psychology Forum
I think our age has a lot to do with our experience of spirituality. When I was young, it seems like I felt the most spiritual during my monthly cycle. It was as if every nerve of my body extended far...
THREAD God in Religionwhy do you believe in god?
253 Posts • 115944 Views
Religion Forum
the real amaising thing about all of this is that no one has found the time to write a real good book on the absoulute countless documents that are out their But i remembered Jesus christ is unpop...
27 Posts • 9127 Views
Religion Forum
re-animated, i think ur on the right track. One of the things that I found inconsistent with Christianity (primarily) at first was the remarkable way in which it seemed to celebrate many pagan festiva...
THREAD IslamContradictions in the Quran
62 Posts • 15446 Views
Religion Forum
I've seen a few other sites about contradictions in the Qu'r'an. I have yet to come upon a person who has done proper research. They take the text as is and don't look into the act...
THREAD Life & DeathLife, Already Planned?
62 Posts • 22371 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well, suess, by infinite i did not mean eternal.Infinite means never ending. It is thought that the Universe is infinite, but withougth edges or boundaries, like the earth for instanse, you can keep o...
THREAD Christianityis the bible CONTRADICTORY?
47 Posts • 12921 Views
Religion Forum
thank you for the sign of respect for the beliefs of others. the new testament was written by the Catholic Church during the crusades to give a written scripture to their teachings of hate and racism...
THREAD Movie ReviewHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
0 Posts • 498 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Yeah, I've heard they'll be doing that also. desmo, I think they'll cut it in half where Harry is on his quest for Horcruxes. I haven't read the books in a long while and only r...
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