"Death solves all problems, no man, no problems" - Joseph Stalin
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Tagged > Space
THREAD Video GamesStar Trek Online
3 Posts • 1860 Views
Talk Talk
No server separation like in WoW. Space battles are fun, PvP is interesting. Leveling doesn't take too long, nor making friends. Economy is a bit shallow atm, makers are looking to take the S...
THREAD evolutýon????
83 Posts • 15713 Views
Philosophy Forum
Thanx for the compliment 730, but I have to admit that this idea of the subjectivity of space and time has been talked about for centuries, although only vaguely touched upon. Kant was closest when he...
THREAD AstronomyVoid
2 Posts • 3019 Views
Science & Technology Forum
that space or void seems to be present relative to our existence and therefore multidimensional, would it be a bit of a leap of faith? To imply that is omidimensional but admittedly close to it, as...
THREAD GodWhy did God create the universe
119 Posts • 32948 Views
Philosophy Forum
well this universe is just a plain of existance, an astral frequency,prehaps the creator wanted a realm, a place where spirts collectively can learn and heal inside of wandering around. I mean before...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyIs the atom filled with matter?
26 Posts • 7271 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Supposedly, the space between the electron shells and the nucleus of an atom (an atom is mostly "empty space") is occupied not by matter but by a substance which scientists cannot detect as...
THREAD Life & Deathwhat is your theory on life?
270 Posts • 42285 Views
Philosophy Forum
The 4th dimension is the discription I give to the phaase, or section of the universe is void of 'time space' but all potentials(what most people call Matter and Energy)are still represented...
THREAD Speed Of Time
64 Posts • 13433 Views
Philosophy Forum
Angel, I do not think you cease to exist if there is no time in the future, past, or present. What I do think is that each individual point in time is connected with a point in space. Time for a thoug...
THREAD Science vs ReligionScience is prooving the Bible
142 Posts • 28693 Views
Religion Forum
Science is not all accurate. When the scientists said that the earth was flat, most people believed that, but at the same time when the Bible said that the earth was round long before it was discovere...
THREAD FuturologyThe end of the universe
40 Posts • 15722 Views
Philosophy Forum
matter itself can neither be created nor destroyed, according to the laws of physics. i agree with Gemini that the answer is something that our minds are simply incapable of understanding. it is just...
THREAD AnimalsThe Gopher Who Lives (Lived?) Under A Launch Pad
1 Posts • 1279 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Firstly - who know there was a space launch pad in Kazakhstan? Indeed there is one and apparently it is leased by the Kazakh government to Russia. This footage was caught thanks to a camera guy who...
THREAD Expanding Universe?
11 Posts • 2138 Views
Philosophy Forum
Theoretically speaking, the universe is most likely not expanding. This is a misconception. The universe is more likely already infinitely huge, but the space within the universe is stretching apart....
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDoes Time Even Exist?
85 Posts • 25204 Views
Philosophy Forum
Ok, so theory goes. Sense time is a matter of perspective, gravity its self changes your perspective of time. The more you are affected by gravity, the slower you are in comparison with everyone else...
THREAD What I listened to today.
44 Posts • 6704 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I just did a check on this songs lyrics and for some reason, all of the copies of it have some incorrect lines (I'm pretty sure), which actually really gets on my nerves, so I'm just going t...
THREAD Alternative Beliefsreal or just a myth?
57 Posts • 15249 Views
Religion Forum
When i used to trip on acid, I would think of this universe having an infinate amount of space, and there were aliens that could travel to Earth, but just havent made it to us yet. Then I put a spin...
THREAD End Of The Universe?
12 Posts • 3708 Views
Philosophy Forum
Regarding elementals question, in other words it means that how could the big bang have taken place if there was no universe in which it could take place in. Well, the answer is that 'space'...
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 237190 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
While orbiting the planet during their June 1998 mission, the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery photographed this view of two moons of Earth. Thick storm clouds are visible in the lovely blue planet...
THREAD A Weird Concept on One Mathematic Savant Skill and Time
1 Posts • 1493 Views
Philosophy Forum
You've heard of those guys, often kids, who can multiply many digit numbers, or recite 'Pi' to thousands of places... I've thought of something interesting they could try their hand at......
THREAD Physics & CosmologyWhat does it mean there are Four Dimensions?
57 Posts • 23009 Views
Science & Technology Forum
No sir, I believe you are talking about a 2-particle system which has the basic 4-dimensional position in space-time, and some extra free variables due to the orbiting electron. There is an interes...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyThe Edge of the Universe
32 Posts • 7437 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Well as a mathematician I'm of the view there is no such thing as a meaningless abstraction. Consider the 3D manifold embedded in the 4D Euclidean space A = cos x cos y, B = sin x cos y, C = sin...
THREAD FuturologyThe next stage of Evolution?
36 Posts • 10645 Views
Philosophy Forum
Quote: "Manbible, please use common sense..." Quote: " We have evolved to become ever-frailer in body and stronger in mind over thousands of years. This process will continue until w...
THREAD God in Religionproof of the existence of God, maybe...
14 Posts • 2874 Views
Religion Forum
This is all just supposition, but... The smallest indivisible parts of matter (also for us) are elementary particles... The smallest indivisible part of space is a point... It may be possible to...
THREAD AstronomySugar Found In Space: A Sign of Life?
2 Posts • 1582 Views
Science & Technology Forum
simple sugar molecules floating in the gas around a star some 400 light-years away, suggesting the possibility of life on other planets. The molecules that the team detected in space are the simplest...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDoes Time Even Exist?
85 Posts • 25204 Views
Philosophy Forum
As for the person who said we havent proven our own existence... Having the ability to grasp the concept of existence, or easier,the concept of non-existence, presupposes their reality. I believe i...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsToward the most numerate…
4 Posts • 2019 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think what I was referring to was the mathematical concept that is used in equations where the answer is said to be towards infinity, like the ‘limit of an equation' (if I remember correctly… it...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDoes Time Even Exist?
85 Posts • 25204 Views
Philosophy Forum
Time to early humans was the course of the earth round the sun and the seasons,so is time not just distance, were the first clocks then regulated measured against the distance around the sun, is it no...
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