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The Edge of the Universe - Page 3

User Thread
 38yrs • M •
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Well as a mathematician I'm of the view there is no such thing as a meaningless abstraction. Consider the 3D manifold embedded in the 4D Euclidean space A = cos x cos y, B = sin x cos y, C = sin y, D = t. Which gives a metric
cos^2 y, 0, 0
0, 1, 0
0, 0, 1

This shape is essentially a 3D sphere extruded through the time dimension. It is a clear shape with a clear curvature which may be calculated Ether from the metric or directly from our original definition. Other manifolds may have the same metric and internally you can't tell the difference but externally it may have a different shape. There are different measures of curvature. Essentially when we say curvature we are talking about a generalisation of Gaussian curvature so rather than a single number we have a curvature tensor which reduces to a single number in the case of 3D surfaces.

The Gaussian curvature of a cylinder is 0 just the same as a flat sheet. Essentially an ant on a cylinder can not tell the cylinder from the sheet.

The properties of this metric are internal and to an ant only capable of seeing the 'surface' the space around the manifold appears to be non existent but that does not mean it does not exist. In fact the ekpyrotic theory of how the universe started relies on the space around the manifold not being empty.

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 32yrs • M
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A vacuum must have a point of focus where all matter it sucks in is sent and condensed to. Now, after a certain point wouldn't the force required to maintain the density of the singularity overcome the vacuum? When it overcomes the vacuum what happens?

Think of it this way. Imagine squeezing together lumps of clay, trying to condense it to its smallest possible form. What happens when your power reaches its maximum density? The clay escapes out the sides of your hands and spreads as far as it can. This theory would explain the beginning and end of the Big Bang... or rather, the endless cycle of it.

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The Edge of the Universe - Page 3
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