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User Thread
 48yrs • M •
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Do you think that space and void could be omnidimensional?

Surely matter is three dimensional and space and void omnidimensional, as omni- means all, of all things in all ways or places, what do you think.

How can we gain a new perspective without new descriptive words or terms?

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"Outside the loop of mind existence, a matterless vacuum zyxthanaspiance"
 69yrs • M •
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that space or void seems to be present relative to our existence and therefore multidimensional, would it be a bit of a leap of faith?
To imply that is omidimensional but admittedly close to it, as a principle the center is the common point where dimension give rise to space?
Black Holes
Would probably have to exist nearer to central core (gravimetric center) of mass of the universe to produce such pressure?


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