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A Weird Concept on One Mathematic Savant Skill and Time

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 43yrs • M •
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A Weird Concept on One Mathematic Savant Skill and Time
You've heard of those guys, often kids, who can multiply many digit numbers, or recite 'Pi' to thousands of places...
I've thought of something interesting they could try their hand at...
Being able to automatically recite the roots to Quartic Equations (ones that have a leading term as a co-efficient of 'x' to the power of 4)...
Think of it, linear equations describe aptly one dimensional space.
Quadratic equations describe two dimensional space.
Cubic equations describe three dimensional space (like volume of cube of sides 'x' units long is 'x' cubed)
You get to Quartic equations, and you come to (a controversial but well regarded measure, that is) Time, the fourth dimension.

By being able to be so consumed, and in tune with this dimension, you may have some sort of special ability (possibly). This could be further aided by being able to quantify the variables 'x' and 'y' involved...

What do you think? Could being a 4-D savant give you an innate ability to remember events or promote fortune telling, or seeing past lives?

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A Weird Concept on One Mathematic Savant Skill and Time
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