Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting. - Christopher Morley
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Tagged > Powers
THREAD Genetic engineering
40 Posts • 15916 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I see a third of the world is under liberal democracies. I see that a third of the world no longer lives under "god-graced" Kings and despots. I see that a third of the world lives in obscen...
THREAD How do we know?
60 Posts • 13209 Views
Philosophy Forum
Ok not a bad idea but you expressed it wrong "a letter be a letter" or a bus be a bus. A bus is a *bus* because your relating two things which in a small context can be confirmed. A bus...
THREAD God in ReligionIf god exist why doesn't he show himself to the world?
145 Posts • 25665 Views
Religion Forum
okay I promised myself I wont talk about such big stuff cuz it makes my head boil and my thoughts get in my way, but... I dont believe in god. I believe in myself, in what I can do. You could say that...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 33261 Views
Religion Forum
be30mple - how can you believe in an omnibenevolent, omnipotent and omniscient being when there's so much evil around you? Decius, please tell 11 million holocaust victims that they are incon...
THREAD GovernmentIt Will Be Hard Work, But He Will Be You Impeached
24 Posts • 6154 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The Framers of the United States Constitution drafted Article II, Section 4 to ensure that the people of the United States, through their representatives in the United States Congress, could hold a Pr...
THREAD ChristianityA New Church
30 Posts • 7347 Views
Religion Forum
" The Sioux religious leader Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa) has stated: peace . . . comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its power...
THREAD War & TerrorismChaos in Lahore-Pakistan
2 Posts • 2160 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
hey everybody Well, many of you already must know what the cartoons have done in the muslim countries. I live in Pakistan, and in my city of Lahore mobs etc have started to create serious trouble....
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 50174 Views
Religion Forum
The funny thing here that religons are also theroys. Most of the "God" faring religons have only really been told to us through books. As you should know books can lie, i.e. science fiction,...
THREAD ChristianityEnd of Christianity?
4 Posts • 1808 Views
Religion Forum =KxhcWUSoE4Y If it were proven true, would all Christians deny it?- Or would they embrace it?- and lose all sense of moral, as if they no longer need to do good in l...
THREAD Science vs ReligionScience is prooving the Bible
142 Posts • 28932 Views
Religion Forum
St Mark 13, 2 And Jesus said to him, "Dost thou see all these great buildings? There will not be one stone upon another that will not be thrown down." St Luke 21, 25 "And there wil...
THREAD ChristianityChristian Crimes against Humanity
0 Posts • 51326 Views
Religion Forum
There is another quote in Ephesians 3: 4whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ) 5 which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now...
THREAD SocietyUF student tazed
6 Posts • 2524 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
police officers really do make me sick. They find the tiniest reasons to relate one's actions to a infraction on the law. Inciting a riot? bull shit is what that is. like he said he was informing...
16 Posts • 5035 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
These are some possibilities that come to mind: 1. As you think, so shall it be. Generations of religious belief are finally manifesting into material reality. Therefore the bible actually contains...
THREAD TechnologySolar Panels Several Thousand Dollars? I don't think so...
18 Posts • 4229 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I personally feel geothermal will be the way to go in the future. A MIT report estimated that there was enough energy in hard rocks 10 km below the United States to supply all the world's current...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Powell is leaving because Bush won't allow diplomacy I watched the events on his leaving, most commonly extented that at the offering of the position, Powell made it clear he would do so for the...
THREAD War & TerrorismIraq War Alternatives
12 Posts • 3275 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"westernizing" Iraq with our technology and allowing the oppressed people to see the better system we employ so they will rise up and their current political powers will lose their power....
THREAD GodWhy say 'life doesnt matter' without god
19 Posts • 7019 Views
Philosophy Forum
Dear Patape. More or less........yeah your right. Simply though is to say, that all these things that I have listed (with or without God's existence), are the things that are the accumulati...
THREAD God in Religionwhy do you believe in god?
253 Posts • 108370 Views
Religion Forum
"he uses no energy, never dies, never gets old, can create what he wants when he wants, etc. this is not the definition of something existing in our universe." But it 'might' exis...
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligious beliefs
48 Posts • 12887 Views
Religion Forum
Inktomi; the Lakota trickster, who in the process of naming all things in the world and thus fixing their identity in perpetuity, is himself amorphous, without specific appellation. Comprehending or...
THREAD War & TerrorismTerrorism
9 Posts • 3669 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
We Americans have been terrorizing (re-read your definition of terrorism) for more than a year. How far are we willing to go? Well, we 'shocked and awed' them. Is that far enough? We removed...
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 34074 Views
Religion Forum
THREAD Religion & HumanityWorld Religions:
4 Posts • 2473 Views
Religion Forum
IF God original plan was the creation of the world and the first MAn and Woman, then he did give the knowledge of Him to all the people because out of those two came the whole world. If i give you s...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 51136 Views
Religion Forum
Better medical is bad?? Is an education bad?? NOT fearing for their lives constantly at the hands of that bad?? Patrish - DO YOU LOOK TWORDS IRAQ AND JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PR...
THREAD God in ReligionProblems with God
55 Posts • 8837 Views
Religion Forum
I can fully appreciate and understand the feelings that come out of discussions like this, it is easy to become defensive and emotional when talking about matters of Faith. Firangel's faith is no...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes it add up??
46 Posts • 10300 Views
Religion Forum
God could see into the future, but it doesn't mean he always does. That would contradict the all seeing, all knowing GOD. When Satan challenged God, he wasn't challenging His powers, but he...
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