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Tagged > Father
THREAD Love Quotespolitically incorrect love!!!
2 Posts • 1598 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Is your father a terrorist? Because you're the bomb.
THREAD LawJuveline Criminal - Parents or Kid?
0 Posts • 4363 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I should clarify something. The two brothers had different fathers so by the time the younger brother came along, the father of the older brother was out of the picture.
THREAD Sexual PsychologySex and Emotions
4 Posts • 3748 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I have not lost my virginity yet, and am in no way ashamed of it. I always believed that I would wait till i was married but since I left my religion that does not seem so important to me anymore, esp...
THREAD Wish breaker
121 Posts • 23154 Views
Jokes & Games
if your father understood u really well, then he would basically know everything about u and u would not be able to hide things from him even the things u don't want him to know. i wish i had...
THREAD Why Teachers Go Crazy!
22 Posts • 5483 Views
Jokes & Games
TEACHER: Well, at least there's one thing I can say about your son. FATHER: What's that? TEACHER: With grades like these, he couldn't be cheating.
THREAD Don't drink and drive...
2 Posts • 1156 Views
Talk Talk
You're a really brave person to be able to stay logical in that situation. I hope the boy and his father rest in peace. Really scary story. Once again well done for being so brave.
THREAD Wish breaker
121 Posts • 23154 Views
Jokes & Games
(I'm scrolling through these and I can't stop laughing!) But your daughter's definition of "a good father" might be different from yours. I wish I could snap my 25 yea...
THREAD Homosexualityborn gay
182 Posts • 35668 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
My Father used to say, "Your freedom stops at the end of my nose"
THREAD Daddy by Sylvia Plath
3 Posts • 2480 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Sylvia Plath was criticized for this one because she used the Holocaust, one of those unspeakable horrors, to describe her relationship with her father. Like using 9/11 or something. But she does it w...
THREAD ChristianityClear Definition #1
0 Posts • 2363 Views
Religion Forum
You are unable to fathom a God that escapes the social, emotional, and intellectual vices and insecurities that humans succumb to. I already brought up the point that God does not necessarily act...
THREAD My life as I know it... or do I know it??
14 Posts • 3561 Views
Talk Talk
Are you sure steve does not have strong feelings but just can't express them? I thought Steve father'd your child- but you never had sex? Was there some sort of accident like putting on t...
THREAD Dave Barry's Philosophy
7 Posts • 3792 Views
Jokes & Games
Man that is too funny- Words to live by indeed- another couple I have learned- Never trust a man with a pony tail they are up to no good. If your know a woman is pregnant your second question should...
THREAD JokesMen vs. Women
4 Posts • 5206 Views
Jokes & Games
My advice to women - If he gets jealous of other men looking at you, run away. My advice to my brothers - If she does not like her father, there is a good chance she will not like you. I was mar...
THREAD Do we really exist?
31 Posts • 16767 Views
Philosophy Forum
ya, very intersesting thought wyote. I was made from a combination of my father and mother's sperm, and that sperm came from their fathes and mothers and so on... but we can on say that physicall...
THREAD HomosexualityWhy Condone Fruitless Deviant Behavior?
94 Posts • 21921 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
if it is a choice, there is no reason for it to be eliminated unless it is proven that it causes different (negative) effects than hetero sex does. as usual this ties in to a lot of other discussio...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionLoss of a loved one...
4 Posts • 2174 Views
Philosophy Forum
I have only lost two people 'close' to me, my mothers father and my father's mother... I didnt love either so when they died i went through a stage of guilt, that why didnt I feel a thi...
THREAD Emotions & Feelingsto what extent is apathy O.K?
2 Posts • 1725 Views
Psychology Forum
Look, can you change the entirety in one instance by your will alone? Please. The point is best said by Ghandi, you have to be the change you wish to see. The mother father stuff is a factor, while yo...
THREAD Letting Go
6 Posts • 2978 Views
Talk Talk
oh so the girl in question is your son's father's lady not your son's lady? I see that is a bit different
THREAD SocietyBody scanners
56 Posts • 30017 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
No it isn't cause there isn't a risk if you have a air marshal on every flight which is way cheaper than 200k body scanners that can see the tits and pussy of every woman and child that goes...
THREAD ChristianityTwo more Popes shall reign and the End is come
33 Posts • 12078 Views
Religion Forum
The way I understand it is that the world doesn't actually come to and end, but it's like ending - things are going very bad, and then Jesus comes and sets up his kingdom on earth as it is i...
THREAD ChristianityExcerpt: Gospel of Thomas
1 Posts • 1670 Views
Religion Forum
The Gospel of Thomas is considered Gnostic scripture, uncovered as a dead sea scroll. You might find it interesting: 22. Jesus saw some babies nursing. He said to his disciples, "These nurs...
THREAD Christianitychristians?
110 Posts • 18621 Views
Religion Forum
Jesus (The Son), The Father and the Holy Spirit are part of the God Head (the Trinity). It is through Jesus's sacrifice on the Cross that our relationship with God the Father is restored. When...
THREAD ChristianityThe time is NOW! IT is your choice.
50 Posts • 9913 Views
Religion Forum
'NO, I will not except false gods over the One and Only. NOR can I pretend to accept it.' Who said anything about accepting my Patron as your God? If your own Pope could respect non-Christians, a...
THREAD JokesYo' Mama Jokes?
163 Posts • 94555 Views
Jokes & Games
OMG I am DYING here on the hopscotch one!!! :D Yo' mamas is so poor, they ask for her I.D. when she pays cash. Yo' mamas so ugly, your father kisses her with a stuntman. Yo' m...
THREAD Its not Like TV - killing people is not an easy thing to do
3 Posts • 2134 Views
Philosophy Forum
kinda makes you step back and look at how desensitized we all are to violence, from watching television and movies. my father was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder when he came back from v...
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