Without light, there can be no darkness. But the darkness doesn't need the light to win. - Gaz Mitchell
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Tagged > Belief
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 37856 Views
Religion Forum
LOL kid, its not so much proving that god isn't there. Then just there is no reason to believe he is. No strong evidence leading to the belief that an omnipotent, omnibenelvent being exists... N...
THREAD God in ReligionA Few Questions about God...
30 Posts • 6294 Views
Religion Forum
in my opinion, atheists cant pray or they aren't atheists. praying requires the belief in a higher power.
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 37618 Views
Religion Forum
" U can't say that He is cruel or unjust, cuz thats just plain stuipid." I think it makes belief in an all good God stupid.
THREAD Christianitychristians?
110 Posts • 21266 Views
Religion Forum
what ever belief makes you happy, endulge in it Be cautious with this statement as a generality. It is only true sometimes.
THREAD BiologyIs the brain really big enough response
3 Posts • 1838 Views
Science & Technology Forum
responding to the above thread. There is the belief that memories can be stored in other organs other than the brain for example the heart!
THREAD ChristianityHow the Catholic Church evolved.
40 Posts • 16928 Views
Religion Forum
[because Catholic means universal.] ...And Orhtodox means 'correct belief'. The 2 terms weren't even used until the 4th century.
THREAD About You / IntroductionsWhat's In Your Name?
92 Posts • 24405 Views
Talk Talk
I chose my name because I have a firm belief in God, and i believe that everyone on earth is, in a way, an angel. And the fire part is somewhat from me being ridiculously obsessed with fire. Therefore...
THREAD At what age would you like to die?
35 Posts • 7873 Views
Philosophy Forum
I definitely think I will die with regrets, even though I'm more of an optimist then a pessimist. My regrets are based on the my belief that everything has a consequence that I will eventuall...
THREAD Christianitycommandments
68 Posts • 13371 Views
Religion Forum
we are back to the right and wrong stuff. Again, it is my belief there is no absolute right or wrong-just various levels of conciousness. As for stealing, the word itself is subjective.
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeNothing is fact?
20 Posts • 16759 Views
Philosophy Forum
For a statement to be fact, the statement must be true. Truth does not require belief as a prerequisite. The Earth was not flat even when many believed it was.
THREAD BuddhismChristianity and Buddhism
11 Posts • 4195 Views
Religion Forum
we all own each other therefore change is all there is; if there is individuality, stictly speaking, then it is belief-you can change things, for you are any
THREAD Life & DeathLife...
7 Posts • 2775 Views
Philosophy Forum
Think for yourself, question authority (authority=accepted belief) What is time without movement?
THREAD Leadership
3 Posts • 1832 Views
Talk Talk
Mistrust of leaders goes further back to the Vietnam war, and Water Gate just made it all worse. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there, but it is true that a lot of support for the gov has...
THREAD Religion & HumanityWhat is religion?
40 Posts • 9290 Views
Religion Forum
Religion is a belief system designed to make someone a better person, or a community a better place to live, however it has been corrupted to influence and control people, and is now used as a powerfu...
THREAD GovernmentJesus for President?
45 Posts • 8526 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Interesting concept Leftwood. Nowadays Jesus is too associated with Christianity so anyone non-Christian wouldn't be very happy. What about a modern day version that isn't supportive of o...
THREAD A new theory about why world peace won't happen
12 Posts • 2894 Views
Talk Talk
You tied what I said into belief. That's not the same thing. Everything I suggested you do is within everyone's power. It's something that will make small positive changes and give the...
THREAD ExistentialismExistentialism
47 Posts • 13336 Views
Philosophy Forum
I wonder how/if I can keep living without certaintly or a belief that displays the world in a positive light. Does anyone have something they find solace in that keeps them positive, or maybe some int...
THREAD Mental IllnessI am not exactly sure why I am writing here
9 Posts • 2876 Views
Psychology Forum
"Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. - Tom Krause" My belief with ever post I make here is long this vein thinking.
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional Spreading
98 Posts • 18034 Views
Psychology Forum
I have never heard the term born again in reference to any other religion. It's not about how many people that belief it is about what is right. If five billion people believe the world is flat d...
THREAD IslamWhat's Wrong With Islams Leaders?
85 Posts • 20463 Views
Religion Forum
I m a muslim, so if any one wants to ask anything regarding islam, don't hesitate to ask. How do you? your religious belief system define; soul, spirit, ghost?
THREAD The Hardest Question?
110 Posts • 40213 Views
Philosophy Forum
if there was any concrete evidence of a god than it wouldnt be hard for anyone to believe. that is why they call it belief. when you ask someone to prove god exists they reply with i cant i just belie...
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 90024 Views
Jokes & Games
for a person of younger age to acknoledge good points of an older person follows the belief that with age comes wisdom. so i can safely say that chiron is really old and still be respectful.
9 Posts • 3190 Views
Talk Talk
That depends whether your a person who reads books or a person who realises nature. Note the word realise-it is different from belief. Its like saying you know India without being there.
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionWhere did love come from?
5 Posts • 3200 Views
Philosophy Forum
if we think of ourselves as unknown, love is our mystery It is our nature to doubt but we are taught to have faith and believe. Then we by and by think we know ourselves.What is a belief-nothing mo...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismIs a forum for non-deists, atheists and agnostics necessary for equal consideration?
15 Posts • 3922 Views
Religion Forum
Typical theist statement, segregation. Non-theists say let's be a melting pot, learn from one another. Theists only continue to segregate and isolate those that don't share your opinion. I will say...
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