Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.' - Attolia
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Tagged > What is pain
THREAD Doctor-Assisted Suicide
13 Posts • 3269 Views
Philosophy Forum
You obviously do care or you wouldn't have commented. Or what is it, you want to flex your philosophical muscle? Since you've commented, then, I'll humor you: don't you think that...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 16976 Views
Psychology Forum
the minority always suffers. there is a distinction between the relationship and the feeling of love. the love can continue even after the relationship has ended. and similarly there is a diffe...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 55526 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
there is a creature in this room a "thing" its not ticking its not poking its just fucking sitting there what is it even doing?..... i know what its doing. its always doing the same...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 12954 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
admitting you suck is the first step to not so quit your justification for i fear that she will stop right in her tracks, memories of wanting more elapsed hurting is not making cry, but letting a f...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 24224 Views
Religion Forum
mm.. this might answer some of ur doubts? If God is so good, why is there evil? The thrust of this charge is that evil's presence disproves God's power. But is the presence of evil con...
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 20703 Views
Religion Forum
God holds the ability to be logical or illogical as He sees fit. To be able to chose logic or not is greater than being forced to behave one way or the other. God exists because He wants to. For Him t...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 40991 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Actually a homework assignment for a course I'm taking...the style is called "sestina" or the format goes (Last word) 1,2,3,4,5, then 5,1,4,2,3, then 3,5,2,1,4, etc., etc. Quite fun....
THREAD PoetrySecret poems
21 Posts • 13138 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
daneen and renae you may want to post your poems on a general poetry thread, or start your own rather then post on this one, though i welcome any commentry. anyhow, i've been gone for some time....
THREAD General HealthIs Soul-loss is the main source of unhappiness in Western society?
4 Posts • 4103 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
The Soul is unconscious field of ‘feeling’ including all memories of your life. If you experience something unpleasant in a subjective sense is too crushing and the soul gets wounded. It happens e...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 40991 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I seem to understand you, Your tears seem all too familiar. Your pain and fears go right through me, I know what you are going through. Your fragments of illusion are magnified through my imag...
 29yrs • M
The value of all things is simply...nothing... Is then an EARLY and VOLUNTARY DEATH not always, absolutely justified?
25 Posts • 8042 Views
Philosophy Forum
i dont understand that some people wish they had never loved at all. I believe that it is much better to get hurt by things in life because if you never feel pain then how can you truly feel happiness...
THREAD Emotions & Feelingsare emotions what define human beings?
42 Posts • 23742 Views
Psychology Forum
Consider this: Physical pain is not suffering. Harsh words are not suffering. It's our aversion to them which is suffering. And we can make the aversion can go away, even aversion to physical pain. W...
THREAD Life & Deathwhy is death so scary for ppl
48 Posts • 20945 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think that sometimes not knowing what lies ahead causes the greatest fear among people. If we all had perfect knowledge, there would be nothing to fear. Nobody knows anything of after death because...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 55526 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Suppressed Memories, Suppressed... Many Things Lost in someone else's pain Not hiding Not running Not fighting Lost in someone else's pain I step into their grave A tolling accept...
THREAD RelationshipsWhen will the pain of heartache go away?
17 Posts • 24941 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
My husband left me a few weeeks ago, and realizes he doesn't love me anymore. He left while i was at work took all his stuff and left a note. I tried to go home to my family and he's telling...
THREAD Wishful Thinking
14 Posts • 2748 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
there isnt a page for songs/ ryhme type of things so i thought poetry is the closest thing to it :) so here it is my short verse called: 'Wishful Thinking' All these thoughts in my he...
THREAD Everyday the Pain Goes Away
1 Posts • 2402 Views
Talk Talk
Well, Found out my ex's b/f name...he's up in its a long didstance relationship...she's feeling all mopey about him...well...I say good for her...All the better, it helps me...
THREAD spiders
42 Posts • 8702 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Shiny Pain As you sit there and type how you feel it reflect others You make me tell you deep dark secrets of my world, I share with them with the world, as you are mine. I share my talent of un...
THREAD Society & SociologyRevenge
15 Posts • 4218 Views
Psychology Forum
Ah. much easier said then done my friend. Forgetting a girl is not an easy thing to do, nor is it a fun thing to do. It seems as though in my findings, revenge, is sweet. Yet revenge on someone I used...
THREAD Beauty Rides a Dragon
1 Posts • 1523 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Beauty rides a Dragon Her Tempest taming flowers... She hides immortal secrets, her body clocks the hours... She sometimes laughs through babies, for Joy is what she brings. Beauty rides a Dra...
THREAD A small Situation
6 Posts • 1753 Views
Talk Talk
Hey Zach, I think some good things to keep in mind are: 1) Is she someone you can take seriously after you've given some time to get to know her. Right now, it seems to me that you are w...
THREAD Life & Death*Making Life Pointless*
20 Posts • 5670 Views
Philosophy Forum
life is about duality-like you say where there is love there is pain. life in this world really is about having moments of sadness and happiness. they will come in meure to all but with different form...
THREAD suicide with heartbreak?
16 Posts • 10749 Views
Talk Talk
Your exactly right, if you were kind of talkign to me...i havent let my guard down ...hes used to me begging too much and i could go this hole semester with out talking bc i tried and he didnt want to...
THREAD Life & DeathYour outlook on life
9 Posts • 10538 Views
Philosophy Forum
We love people; we hate people. We get promoted; we lose $30,000 in the stock market. We want something because it will make us happy; we get it and are disappointed that it has not turned out as we&#...
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