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Tagged > Strange
THREAD Life & DeathLife, Already Planned?
62 Posts • 20070 Views
Philosophy Forum
Martial: Strange when I was making my post (I had or perhaps after the post) made a post (dejavu, I think) which I told of an experience that virtually contradicts yours? *lol*
THREAD ComedyCome to my room...
1 Posts • 2144 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
This is very strange because I think I would, and it seems so would many of the women in the audience, go to his room... *my face hurts from grinning*
THREAD Physics & CosmologyWhat does it mean there are Four Dimensions?
57 Posts • 22906 Views
Science & Technology Forum
So then atoms & molecules form a projected image oflife as we comprehend it . . . just as it is written in ancient text. Strange coincedences, random chance that as mankind comes to (understand) s...
THREAD Gender PsychologyChicks and Fake Phone numbers
64 Posts • 39707 Views
Psychology Forum
HOW FUCKING SHALLOW CAN YOU BE!!!! WHAT A FUCKEN TOSSER!! You won't talk to a guy just because he's not the tight you would have sex with. So do you have sex with everyone you stay and t...
THREAD Hi kids
6 Posts • 2582 Views
Talk Talk
The weather has been awfully strange. Here in Oklahoma we should be in a droubt, but its 60 degrees and Texas is just overcoming a flood and we're crossing our fingers here. It has been a long...
THREAD to hate a parent
18 Posts • 4338 Views
Talk Talk
is paranoia still paranoia if its true? (im not saying that you are neccessarily either pearanoid or right to be, but its a question that jsut occured to me.) there does have to be work from both s...
THREAD GovernmentJohn kerry out of touch with UN
59 Posts • 11161 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Strange isn't it, America the land of democracy wants to discredit (denounce) the UN when it acts as a democracy by not supporting our position? Democracy?*lol* *lol* *sleepy* How does that son...
THREAD Paranormal & PseudoscienceDeja Vu-Theories
74 Posts • 35122 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Sometimes, I get the feeling that our lives are as repetitive as machines in an assembly line. We repeat things so often that in our sleep our minds can start regurgitating images and pictures and fac...
THREAD This sounds like a debate for... Super Hero Mania
161 Posts • 31359 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
i was gonna say it looks faintly interesting if not almost totally predictable. its the kind of thing you could watch when your ill and dont actually want any more mental stimulation than is provided...
THREAD Worst executed critical lines in a movie
0 Posts • 1570 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
LotR:TFotR Yeah, this line wasn't really all that dramatic, but it always sounds very strange to me. When The council is being held in Rivendell, and Aragorn says something along these lines:...
THREAD Disturbing mirrors
28 Posts • 6081 Views
Philosophy Forum
Fin, thank you for your help. Ill be sure to try it. Ill let you know if it works. The only thing for me is trying to be alone and quiet. My house is a little crazy... Anyways, isn't there differ...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe Uncanny
2 Posts • 2290 Views
Religion Forum
The other day a neighbour of mine was talking to me about UFO's. There has been nearly a century of studies on this subject with the theme "there is someone else out there besides us".....
THREAD LawJuveline Criminal - Parents or Kid?
0 Posts • 4363 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
this may be leading off topic but I read in this morning's paper about a 14 year old being charged as an adult for murder> strange society says 'No you don't have the rights of an ad...
THREAD SocietyThe Energy Non Crisis
7 Posts • 1518 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Strange how these websites appear neglected, created by amateurs. They both have that cookie cutter business website feel. And the overly positive spin they create is even a bit eerie. http://www....
THREAD Habits & BehaviorCrazy
19 Posts • 4840 Views
Psychology Forum
engimatic is correct, most people on this site are more free thinking than the average individual, and have no problem thinking about topics that are considered strange by society. i depends on whethe...
THREAD Primer.....
2 Posts • 2739 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
ive only seen about ten minutes of it. ive been wanting to watch the whole thing for a long time now, but it hasnt been playing anywhere close to here. from what i have seen, the cinematography is rea...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 54574 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I've been listening. But as I hear people rationalising all sorts of strange behaviour as part of my job, I can no longer acccept that there is any difference between paedophilia and homosexualit...
THREAD IslamIslam.
19 Posts • 5259 Views
Religion Forum
Just saw an interesting video on MNBC on an \"Islamic child\" having \"the writing of the Koran\" to appear on the skin? Strange, I wonder if it will be shown to be a hoax?
THREAD MIchael Jackson
0 Posts • 7487 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
there is a lot of pedophiles out there that are a little strange but "seem like a nice guy" ..... and i'm not saying he doesn't love kids - of course he does , maybe even a little...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyThe Whole World is in his hands
3 Posts • 2688 Views
Psychology Forum
I can't say that we get along the best. My father has died and I don't miss him, but it was strange, my older brother cried. My older brother used to get beat all the time.
THREAD Dreamsdreams
12 Posts • 2189 Views
Psychology Forum
yeah. my nightmares are extrememly realistic too, so they seem like there actually happening. same with my dreams. i haven't had a "strange" dream since before this summer. i guess when...
THREAD MIchael Jackson
0 Posts • 7487 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
He might be inocent in his own eyes, and i bet he is. There is a lot of pedophiles in this world, and i'm sure they all think they're inocent, just because they're different , they have...
THREAD Something you always wanted to do in public
28 Posts • 5035 Views
Talk Talk
What stops me from doing it is fear of humiliation. I might sing and dance in my room, or, if I'm drunk, in front of my friends, but I'm a very private and reserved person, so it's not...
THREAD so where's the girl stuff?
66 Posts • 9088 Views
Talk Talk
i think your right there, while it would be nice if everyone could be open with either gender you do have to cater for those who aren't happy to. It's strange how people are more willing...
THREAD how do you think of chinese
10 Posts • 1930 Views
Talk Talk
hm... well, there is some truth in you statment, but not really. It's just that they are strange to me, with their 7 children familys and living like they are in the 18-19 century. Not all of the...
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