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Tagged > Strange
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 124448 Views
Talk Talk
this couch i bought at ikea has a strange scent about it
THREAD AstronomyStrange Astronomy Facts
4 Posts • 4760 Views
Science & Technology Forum
1) Saturn would float if you put it in a large enough body of water. Although Saturn is very large, as well as being the second largest planet in our Solar System, it is less dense than water because...
THREAD PoetryJust a poem i thought up last night
20 Posts • 5436 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Next time you have a strange dream, put it in a poem, you might be surpised of the masterpiece.
THREAD It is all in your head.
9 Posts • 2691 Views
Philosophy Forum
Nice thought. I'm afraid to touch anything now. It's all strange to me. Cool.
THREAD Dreamsdreams
12 Posts • 2189 Views
Psychology Forum
Have you ever woken up from a dream with a strange mindset/feeling? I've had a few occurrences now where I have very weird dreams and I wake up with this eerie kind of not-your-typical feeling. T...
THREAD the Dink above me
0 Posts • 2718 Views
Talk Talk
Voretx is a dink because he either has a speech impediment or some pretty strange taboos.
THREAD Mario goes crazy
7 Posts • 14575 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
This is one strange flash movie, hehe loved the simpson joke though.
THREAD worldwide Geoglyphs - crop circles etc.
6 Posts • 1864 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
this is a very strange video, can't work out if it is really based on real pictures and evidence or not? What do you think?
THREAD ConspiracyExcerp: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
214 Posts • 48864 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
a friend and i were talking about the tsunami bomb just days before this tragedy. very strange...
THREAD Nightmare City Catastrophe
5 Posts • 3560 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
its one of the most well made flashs ive seen in a while. plus 403 Forbiddena rocks :) most of their stuff anyway... >.> then again, i like strange music heh.
112 Posts • 20694 Views
Talk Talk
anyone try this new Mountain Dew: Pitch Black ? ... its very strange.... if you like grape soda youll probably love it!
THREAD PerceptionConcieveing Certain Things
16 Posts • 4683 Views
Psychology Forum
hmm...well there are colors at higher and lower frequencies that we humans are not able to see...that's pretty strange to think about also.*cool*
THREAD Random QuestionsFirst kiss.
37 Posts • 6775 Views
Talk Talk
its not strange.you will have your moment.god,i feel old saying that.lol.and the only Halley Berry movie i have actually watched all the way through is Catwoman.lol.so.....
THREAD ChristianityHow did Jesus get in the Psalms?
3 Posts • 1835 Views
Religion Forum
Your sites you post look like the people that made them are trying to infect your mind with bad information. They put everything up in a strange way.
THREAD Relationships & LoveYour dream girl (or guy)
109 Posts • 25947 Views
Psychology Forum
Bad? No, no just different, and a bit strange cause most girls I know are more into big meaty older men. Cool to see all the interesting folk there is on these gorums :)
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 65916 Views
Psychology Forum
Sure. I make my living making films about strange characters and Poser is one of the strangest. Of course, I know him by another name or two.
THREAD DreamsImagination/Dream theory
14 Posts • 6957 Views
Psychology Forum
When I close my eyes I often see this rapidly unulating pattern of green lights it is so strange. it feels like a tunnel of sorts that is undulating it is odd. But I think I have seen the particle...
THREAD Twisted Fairy Tales
15 Posts • 2774 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
are there very many common guys on this site? i thought most of us classed as fairly strange. hows the writing going, got much further with it?
THREAD FuturologyTheory of Predictibility of Evolution
36 Posts • 8891 Views
Philosophy Forum
Just had a strange thought of my own though (assuming you're right). Maybe deja vu is you remembering that something happened because it did the last time the Big Bang occurred.
THREAD Marijuana Legalized In Canada?
52 Posts • 17461 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
wesdawgy - yeah i get really paranoyed, i know it's supposed to go away with the time but it doesn't work that way for me... strange.... i wish i could really enjoy it though :(
THREAD Physics & CosmologyOrigin of space
12 Posts • 6628 Views
Science & Technology Forum
So Strange that in all the Choas, it is where life forms that give its substance to form? Organism contiain order?
THREAD return of the story teller!
18 Posts • 3997 Views
Talk Talk
bee and mr.bunny quickly became inquisitively interested in this strange looking animal, and decided to curiouisly watch it behind the bushes.
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 124448 Views
Talk Talk
Lol. niice.. That sounds amazing hmmm... I have a Very stong/strange attraction to the scent of any kind of Vanilla.
THREAD PedophiliaSex and Masturbation
4 Posts • 3736 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I saw a couple more clips and I find it a bit strange that all her possessors have an English accent... lol. Either way it's still an interesting view on sex and masturbation.
THREAD Leadership
3 Posts • 1453 Views
Talk Talk
Strange, you talk about leading for a just cause and a week later, without any knowledge that you wrote this, I produced something similar, albeit more specific. Perhaps it's something in the air...
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