Paranoids are not paranoid because they're paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, fucking idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations. - Thomas Pynchon
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Tagged > Strange
THREAD God in ReligionOkay...Why should I Fear God?
53 Posts • 8172 Views
Religion Forum
i see what your saying :) but it was just strange that you said...he still loves you even though you go to hell...if he loved you why would you go to hell??? you see? but yes i understand the choices...
THREAD Religion & HumanityYou cant handle the truth
51 Posts • 9337 Views
Religion Forum
im not calling anyone crazy, nor try to convince anyone of anything. i was just saying that people are rather strange in thinking that shortcuts like religons and other things just hinder human develo...
THREAD Vegetarian or No?
58 Posts • 10454 Views
Talk Talk
generally the public doesnt have problems with vegetarians. Sure there will always be some asshole that will say you dont eat meat well then your not human but hey thats a rarity depending on where yo...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 22560 Views
Religion Forum
i think you are dead on. the day the tsunami hit, i woke up with a fog over my head. this was before i had even heard what was going on. i had the same feeling the day Columbine was terrorized. st...
14 Posts • 2991 Views
Talk Talk
Yeah that does make sense. Hopefully counselling will empower me, and help me gain a little faith in security because at this point I don't think I can do it by myself. It will be strange getting...
THREAD Drugstrips (drugs)
54 Posts • 14251 Views
Psychology Forum
Did you forget that you said that or do you have a strange sense of humor? Well actually no, because air pressure (especially doors) variations has been (hoax) mistaken for ghost?
THREAD The Matrix Online
8 Posts • 3544 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
so, how is the game played? is everyone like a hero like neo or what? that would be kind of stupid because i mean, he's "the one," and not everyone in the world can have powers and such...
THREAD Random QuestionsTop 5 Artists
45 Posts • 7398 Views
Talk Talk
Nas, Eminem, Krs one, Will young, Damian Marley, Yeah Will young might seem slightly strange there amongst the rest, but I love the soft voiced boy.
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 32685 Views
Religion Forum
Well I find it strange that we should pay for the sins of our ancestors. It doesn't good or moral to me at all. Though God probably has the power to decide what is moral. 'Solving' mo...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionDrugs and how they screw you up
10 Posts • 6283 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
I've met some kids who've told me that they often soak their weed in LSD before smoking it. I don't know if that was the case but it's possible. Next time don't take drugs for...
THREAD BiologyEvolution
12 Posts • 2481 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Hmm...I guess I did...Strange how everything is a matter of "experience" around here.
THREAD Italian Hanger
21 Posts • 71248 Views
Talk Talk
spose it might, spose it prob would make her feel a bit strange after a while
THREAD War & Terrorismwhats going to happen in World War 3
106 Posts • 76292 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I've been getting these strange email messages with all kinds of doomsday prophesy probably due to my web sites. I think it is possible that we are in WW III, but I don't know for sure....
THREAD GovernmentThis Is The Reality
30 Posts • 5655 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
As I said, his comments were so gross and vile We are all human - we loose our temper. The proper thing is to say you're sorry. To say that my statement was gross and vile does not make i...
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligious views: are they really a reason for argument?
5 Posts • 1780 Views
Religion Forum
I went to bed early last night so about 1:30 AM, I woke from a dream . . . rather a nightmare? Strange stuff the elements of a dream. Some how I found myself some where? I didn't know how I came...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 54485 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
rancid, you believe sex is something everybody is allowed to do from a certain age. My belief is somewhat different. I feel that sex is something everybody is allowed to do when they have sorted out t...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 50658 Views
Religion Forum
Essentially, CT, I am the same...I advise the return to Christ. BUT, with some strange doctrines, their is inheret danger..and now my conscience is I gave my warni...
THREAD This sounds like a debate for... Super Hero Mania
161 Posts • 31324 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Kevin Spacey almost looks like a skinny Gene Hackmen. im so used to Micheal Rosenbaum as Lex now though, but i have yet to see Spacey in a bad role... i think it all seems a bit strange right now, but...
THREAD so where's the girl stuff?
66 Posts • 9072 Views
Talk Talk
you have a more than slightly strange sense of fun code warrior. I would agree that i'm fine talking to girls about most things (and my gf anything) but i wouldn't say some of the topics are...
THREAD DreamsDream Interpretation Thread
76 Posts • 19831 Views
Psychology Forum
its very strange how a single short event in a day can become part of a grandiose adventure in dreamland. just the other day i saw an old high school mate who i hadnt seen in about three years, that n...
THREAD The Matrix Online
8 Posts • 3544 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
haha yes that would be rather strange, which is why it wont be done in that mannor. contrary to popular belief the Wachowski brothers are not idiots. not a heck of a lot of information has been releas...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainStrange things with memory
11 Posts • 2776 Views
Psychology Forum
I dont know if any of you have experienced this but, Three days ago I was at a party. The next day I had problems remembering details (there wasnt any alchahol) such as, someone face. The next day I w...
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligious beliefs
48 Posts • 12721 Views
Religion Forum
Strange isn't it but most of these willingly accept: the existence of an atom with electrons & yet the electrons form (energy) electro-magnetic shells Which constitute a mostly empty void, a...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainWeird things you do when you stay up too late
11 Posts • 6815 Views
Psychology Forum
Play around with salt peter and flour since your friend convinced you it would be fun. Also start talking to your walls becouse you thought there was something there. Hey affter about 24 hours or so w...
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 76056 Views
Jokes & Games
pessemistic quote i may cry now lol :) hungry girl i think *grin* but cool and funny well come i can give u some cookie............... mmmmm but i think it will be finished...coz i eat everything h...
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