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Tagged > Songs that touch the heart
THREAD Free Will
60 Posts • 12213 Views
Philosophy Forum
What is free will? It is the idea as a human, even in the most degrading of situations, we still have a choice. Perhaps not major, perhaps not meager. But the fact remains, we do not have to speak...
 31yrs • F
Love, love is in the air, and I am breathing it all in.
THREAD Religion & HumanityAll Religions are paths to god
99 Posts • 16957 Views
Religion Forum
Correct me if i'm wrong but I think they are all based on good morals.Well actually no. While it is true Jesus did teach good moral values, that was not the prime reason for Him coming into the w...
THREAD Writing AdviceCan you guys please write me a song about being...
60 Posts • 23243 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Well, we don't. Whever we get mad at eachother or somebody else, we just right horrid, angry songs. Our music career has a lot to do with our emotions. So, no. We don't have any issues.
THREAD Random QuestionsWhats your favorite song
81 Posts • 14722 Views
Talk Talk
Lynnz I love all your fav songs- you have good music taste. It always seems to change for me as well usually depending on the mood.
THREAD Still Alive
5 Posts • 1709 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
By the wonderful talents of the Half Life 2: Portal: Evil A.I. By the way, one of my favorite songs ever.
11 Posts • 4094 Views
Talk Talk
Yeah, I'm a musician. I know it's hard to believe, but I have 12 stringed instruments in my home (including a bass guitar, mandolin, and banjo).....so I suppose that would leave 9 guitars...
THREAD Whats Your Myspace?
18 Posts • 4427 Views
Talk Talk
I know I used to hate myspace because these 2 people I hated with the utmost hatred of my heart were utterly in love with the website. So thus I hated it with all my heart. Albiet this is rather child...
THREAD God in ReligionProve the existence of god
52 Posts • 9704 Views
Religion Forum
Well being a very devout catholic i know where you're coming from when you say that all religions say everyone else is wrong. Although devout I don't believe that. I believe that bits and pi...
THREAD PoetryCrap?
8 Posts • 3706 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
another man art is another man crap or vice versa...... rules are meant to be broken and expresion of ones heart cannot be allow to follow rules but only to follow ones heart does this make sense or...
THREAD FuturologyLandau's Determinism
7 Posts • 3224 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Also, just because you can predict how your heart works doesn't mean anything special. Remember, your brain has no psychic effect on your body. controling your heart rate with the brain (mentally...
THREAD late nights
8 Posts • 1981 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
heres another section enjoy :D As find myself lost in the darkness once again, your touch still lingers and my body still trembles with every beat of my heart. The passion in which we shared keep...
THREAD Music That Makes You Happy!
13 Posts • 1999 Views
Talk Talk
I'm trying to burn a cd with some music that makes you feal happy in the summertime. I'm not talking bobby mcferrin of course that song makes everybody happy. Here's what I have so far....
THREAD SpiritualityI need absolute Proof
26 Posts • 8268 Views
Religion Forum
hey dreamer you're being closed minded yourself though.. you accept a half truth and base your life on it, the bible which you hold so dear to your heart was written by the hands of men...spiritu...
THREAD SocietyEye Witness Report From Louisiana
1 Posts • 2234 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Hello Again, I have never seen anything like this, gas stations are already beginning to run out and the local shelters are full to capacity. They are already requesting new shelters for the people...
THREAD What is Heart Break ?
5 Posts • 6798 Views
Talk Talk
It's all in your Mind. Think about it...your heart is just another organ in your body...when you have those feelings of "heartbreak," your heart isn't actually in any kind of pain....
THREAD StoriesChronicles from the Gutter.
22 Posts • 6758 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Does my story matter? why do i want to become a bedtime story anyway? I want to live in a world of images and impressions where woods are litten at night by insects of the afterworld, out of this rea...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
lol, ok, dylan had a shitty voice, but what i meant by musical talent is he could write a song that made you want to listen to it, despite the lyrics (and the voice). i think if you're a protest...
 33yrs • M
Missin Lover
THREAD Tribute to Poe
1 Posts • 1798 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Walking solemnly through forest thick and mangled, a beauty of dark green eyes behind dark hair entangled A youth with skin of pale complection, Only warmed by the moons reflection Curious of her lu...
THREAD Spellbound
1 Posts • 1769 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Lying here alone in our bed A lot of thoughts are going through my head You said you loved me with all your heart There's a pain in my soul Where you placed your dart How could you have been...
THREAD mp3 players!
3 Posts • 1458 Views
Talk Talk
What do you use? if you use one at all or Do you still whip out the now retro cdplayer, or do you enjoy putting thousands of songs in your pocket for a premium price?
THREAD PoetrySecurity in lies
33 Posts • 7114 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Facades and cracks in the side of your porcelain beauty Leave no trail of the nights scars that run through your hand The crawling black weave of your hair wisping accross your face Rain comes as s...
THREAD Army of Darkness(I R ME)
6 Posts • 3492 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Hey I R ME, my boyfriend just brought Army of Darkness on DVD and we watched it last night, I love that movie Ive seen it like 10 times when I was little. We want to get the others on DVD soon. My fav...
THREAD God in Religionwhich God do i follow?
31 Posts • 7842 Views
Religion Forum
i belive that whatever you belive in your heart and soul is what you should follow....if your brain is saying you should be christian because if not your going to hell, but your feeling is that the ot...
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