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Tagged > Songs that touch the heart
THREAD Music VideosSongs That Make You Cry
5 Posts • 3804 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent) For some reason, whenever I hear this song, it pulls at something in me; it connects to some deep emotion in me that ends up drawing a tear.
THREAD PoetryThoughts Unchained
40 Posts • 8731 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Our emotions in song. When I hear a touching song, it doesn't matter how many eons preceding me, it is one person feeling something, evaluating their feelings, feeling passion enough to sen...
 32yrs • F
new songs
 30yrs • F
i luv hillary movies and songs
THREAD what is music?
6 Posts • 3200 Views
Philosophy Forum
I love music because it brings out emotions. Music is incredibly powerful- as you said lastresort, it can make us happy, excited, sad, relaxed, pumped up, etc. Humans are sensitive to stimuli- sou...
THREAD Random QuestionsWhats your favorite song
81 Posts • 14805 Views
Talk Talk
Oh man, I love so many songs. But here's what's topping my ever-changing list: Tears for Fears - Pale Shelter Big Sugar - Cop A Plea Ted Nugent - Stranglehold Kanye West - Touch the Sk...
THREAD Music altering a person's mood
6 Posts • 3240 Views
Talk Talk
This is a repeat of my words from an already existing thread. Music provokes emotions. Music is incredibly powerful- as it can make us happy, excited, sad, relaxed, pumped up, etc. Humans are s...
THREAD Writing AdviceCan you guys please write me a song about being...
60 Posts • 23327 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Hey can you guys write me a song? About hurt, pain, and a broken heart? i love to sing and hopefully make it to the top someday i just have a really hard time writing songs.
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsMixed Emotions/Open Your Mind
16 Posts • 6584 Views
Psychology Forum
Caught inside, this storm rages on, he fights and screams while the battle is in his heart. Losing all sight of the light he has seen. Lost in sorrow, and on the edge worth, Yearning for somethin...
THREAD Random QuestionsBest Band.
20 Posts • 22620 Views
Talk Talk
THREAD Music VideosSongs That Make You Cry
5 Posts • 3804 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Andrula, that's really sad. I tend to associate certain songs with certain situations rather than feel emotions triggered by the songs themslves.
THREAD songs of praise and worship and those that inspire
63 Posts • 9581 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I would like to share my favourite songs of praise and worship and songs that inspire me from both Christian and popular music, anyone wanting to share theirs (whatever faith or not) I\\\'d love...
THREAD What did you do today?
31 Posts • 7872 Views
Talk Talk
I hung out with some really nice kids, Pat and Rachel, from Vermont who had hitch-hiked to Florida. They're in a band called Johnny Hobo and the Freight Train and are crashing at my friend Louis&...
THREAD Weird ThingsThree weird things you're grateful for.
33 Posts • 8362 Views
Talk Talk
My ipod touch though I tend to play gangster rap that makes me feel all gangsta, or sad songs that make me cry. So I am greatfull for the fact that I DO have feelings. For my Pit Bull though she to...
THREAD Writing AdviceCan anyone help me write a love song?
10 Posts • 3004 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
i wrote one once, but honestly using other peoples songs or poems doesn't work you have to use your heart for it and write what you truly feel about her, doesnt have to ryhme if your not good wit...
THREAD Unchained Melodies
24 Posts • 4947 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Ive wanted to do this thread ever since the Music for your Authentic Self thread was started. I felt that to me there are just so many songs I relate to and love. I cannot just limit it to one son...
4 Posts • 2734 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I'M, OH, SO CLOSE TO YOU by Robert Davidson. Crushing myself up to you In that intimate embrace, Up against the one holding me, Your lips touching my face. I'm, oh, so close to y...
THREAD Music VideosEndless Enya
8 Posts • 4487 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Orinoco Flow I think this is my all time favourite of all Enya's songs and I bet there are many other people who would say the same. I can listen to this song anytime. There have been times...
 41yrs • M
if it is wet don't touch it
THREAD Addicted
2 Posts • 1747 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Your love is like alcohol to my brain That distracts me from all the pain You shock every pulsate, electrifying my heart I knew I loved you right from the start As I drink in your potion You con...
THREAD spiders
42 Posts • 8524 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
to Josh, I love you and I hope you can see this from way Up there We made another, Mom killed it, You hurt too much I told you how and why she did, You hurt too much We broke our connection, Y...
THREAD drinking songs
2 Posts • 1176 Views
Talk Talk
what are a few of your favorite drinking songs? i'd say mine would be barroom hero by dropkick murphys or soon we'll be dead by leftover crack.
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyMusical Reminders
0 Posts • 3062 Views
Psychology Forum
Soft, breezing songs especially that one from Aerosmith: I don't want to miss a thing, reminds me so much of someone who was special to me but who I'll never see again. It reminds me of the...
THREAD What more do you want from me?
3 Posts • 2513 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
You don't love me, so don't lie. Stop trying to heal my wounds, when I want to die. Pull the fish-hook out of my back, that you constantly reel. Let my heart fade to black, so I can no lo...
 73yrs • F
God help us all
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