The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was conving the world he didn't exist. - Verbal Kant
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Tagged > Songs that touch the heart
THREAD Grrrrrr
10 Posts • 3251 Views
Talk Talk
Do you have panic attacks? I want to share something with you. It's extremely cheesy, but hold some powerful meaning. Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing and is your voice caught wi...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 12498 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
"Your Heart Is An Empty Room" Burn it down till the embers smoke on the ground And start new when your heart is an empty room With walls of the deepest blue Home's face: how it...
THREAD What is Love
25 Posts • 5714 Views
Talk Talk
So i found this bulletin on my page on myspace and it caught my eye and got me thinking... WHAT IS LOVE? 1. Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing, And your voice caught within your c...
 30yrs • M
never give up on a wish
 29yrs • F
< no additional information provided >
THREAD PoetryFirst poem attempt
7 Posts • 2572 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
There is a great website that has an innovative and creative way to touch hearts. They help you to express yourself in the most meaningful way that will impress anyone. Please get in touch with: http:...
THREAD Music VideosEndless Enya
8 Posts • 4422 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
deadcitystreets - I do know Stay by Shakespears Sister (I think it was popular in the 90's), but no Enya wasn't part of that group nor did she write that song. It's a nice song though,...
THREAD Unchained Melodies
24 Posts • 4910 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
So anyway, when I come back from where I sometimes ascend I am able to describe it. Albeit, as a shadow of what it really is. Parabola is one of the greatest songs to me. It is great in its sound....
1 Posts • 2077 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
'YOUR HEART LIKE A WINTER NIGHT.' By Robert Davidson. You passed me by Didn't speak, didn't smile Going off with an angry head toss You left me 'neath the cold moon light Your heart like a w...
THREAD ekimups shit.
8 Posts • 3146 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
We could relate. i'd be a memorable name if I strategically placed sentences in rhythmic form If i explained a hurt so deep for you to comprehend, you couldnt ignore. i'll catch your at...
THREAD ArtworkThe Daydream Adventure Club
31 Posts • 9619 Views
Art Forum
I would like to add some of my daydreams at some point, but with writers block its often hard to get as many things as id like written when I finally do find myself able to write. For now though, t...
THREAD atmosphere - say hey there
6 Posts • 1554 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Really? Thats odd cause I don't look at it like that at all... I've been listening to him for a while, I suppose some of his are like that somewhat... but what rapper doesn't throw in a...
THREAD Aesthetics & BeautyThe Art of Zen
18 Posts • 6157 Views
Philosophy Forum
People can have the sensation of touch without feeling emotion. Touch and emotion may be related, yet not always directly. But surely every time you touch something, It would trigger some kind of t...
2 Posts • 2288 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
LOVE'S MASQUERADE by Robert Davidson I ran along the dark-shored lake as A magpie in a blue gum sang a mystic melody. But so afraid was I to unmask my heart And share with you my love�...
 40yrs • M
it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s just like real life only better...
 51yrs • F
Don't sweat the small stuff and don't touch the sweaty stuff
THREAD God in ReligionCan someone disprove this logic?
101 Posts • 15297 Views
Religion Forum
I have said this before but I will repeat it: Can god make a boulder so bifg he cannot lift it above his head? Is God the boulder? I liken it to the blind men touching the white elephant...the al...
THREAD touch my heart with the cross
4 Posts • 2792 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum hrono%20Cross/Disc%201/track1. mp3 What was the start of all this? When did the cogs of fate begin to turn? Perhaps it is impossible to grasp the answer now from dee...
1 Posts • 2531 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
LOVE'S MASQUERADE by Robert Davidson I ran along the dark-shored lake as A magpie in a blue gum sang a mystic melody. But so afraid was I to unmask my heart And share with you my lo...
THREAD Music from 'Where the Wild Things Are'
3 Posts • 1612 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Okay, so I found out that there is only one artist really, who did the music for this soundtrack. I think some of the songs like 'Igloo' and 'Rumpus' were actually made for the fil...
THREAD Unchained Melodies
24 Posts • 4910 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I never believed Jefferson Airplane were similar. But i went and checked out allot of their songs since you compared them. Still couldn't find similar songs to the last song. Could you please giv...
THREAD JokesCouple of dirty jokes
179 Posts • 53612 Views
Jokes & Games
Put Your Hand In My Pocket! Once upon a time there lived a king. The king had a very beautiful daughter who had one serious problem. Everything she came in contact with melted at her touch. Many we...
THREAD PoetryAdmired Poets and their Poems
12 Posts • 8850 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
looking into your eyes, still brings fire and passion and desire,i still feel my heart skips, when you touch me, a weakness only you can give back my strength by thee,so close that two becomes one,ent...
THREAD The Soul of My Heart
1 Posts • 1689 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Red liquid is pouring From my chest to my thirst Oh, if you only knew How much it hurts My heart is dehydrating From all the love it bleeds Say you'll take my soul And give it what it nee...
124 Posts • 26902 Views
Talk Talk
Commercials have killed music! I was listening to "Sweet Home Alabama," and all I could think about was KFC. The reason for this is that KFC uses the song to promote their chicken, which I s...
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